Rise of the Empire

Imperial City – Coruscant

Additional military aid arrived from a mysterious source in the form of Sith Knights, a sect of Force-users perceived to be similar to the Jedi Bendu. Their skill in warfare dominated conflicts and proved to further reduce threats from insurgent groups and malcontent clones alike. After the Republic Chancellor was assassinated, the Sith Knights offered fealty to the office to prevent further attempts.

Senator Palpatine, from the Empress Teta System, rose to power and influence within the political arena, and he ultimately accepted the nomination and vote to succeed as Chancellor.

Evidence surfaced that the Jedi Bendu Order and sympathizers were involved. The Order was summoned to appear before the Republic court for the crime. Some of the Jedi appealed to trial to attempt to state the case and innocence of the Order. Further evidence, presented as indisputable proof, to the court that not only did the Jedi knowingly and willingly assassinate the Chancellor, but that the Order had designs to take over as the ruling force of the Galactic Republic itself. The Jedi Bendu were decreed to disband. Many of the Jedi Knights fled to the outer territories of the Republic, while the Jedi Council chose to remain behind and accepted imprisonment.

Palpatine initiated a task force to enforce the decree. The Sith Knights were then enlisted to hunt down the survivors who had not been arrested and executed. Thus began the Jedi Purge. Though the Jedi eventually tried to regroup they were ultimately all but completely destroyed.

Rise of the Empire

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