Plot Arc 005

Mercenaries oriented arc series.

Not limited to just the wide variety of career-oriented individuals just trying to get by in the galaxy, Force-sensitive options are available, ranging from exiled Jedi Bendu to rogue Sith Knights. Available backgrounds and affiliations are a broad spectrum with this assortment, including, but not limited to, Rebel sympathizers, criminal sycophants, and secret Imperial agents.

Characters starting in this campaign will utilize a total of 465 XP for character building, this includes:

  • Species starting
  • Obligation
  • Duty
  • Morality
  • Bonus starting

The team consists of …

Roles still needed … (if not filled by PCs will be accommodated by bare minimum NPCs)

  • Medic
  • Mechanic
  • Slicer

Possible starting points

Where the team chooses to begin their journey for the arc series helps pave the way for their adventures together. Have they already gathered or were they recently summoned by someone for a purpose they will soon discover? Whatever the case, consider the following options and weigh in on a preference. Perhaps an option will spark some inspiration for a character concept!

Purgatory colony

The option to begin at Purgatory lends the option to be affiliated with Lun Umbra, possibly frequenting the locale or just passing through.


Everyone’s favorite hive of scum and villainy, any of the Mos cities are options, including Mos Shuuta and have affiliation with the Rebels or secret Black Sun operatives.

Hutt Space

If sufficient Hutt obligation exists, an easy choice to begin is on one of the many Hutt-controlled planets.

Orzon Sector

With the influx of industry and trade to the system at the end of the Perlemian Trade Route, opportunities abound for a group looking for work for a variety of jobs.


This option poses an immediate encounter, much like KotOR, and an attack, though the aggressors may be contingent upon chosen backgrounds.

Plot Arc 005

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