Aggril Tafan discovered this starship half-crashed and buried in ice on the planet Jagomir, while his Force-sensitive comrades Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler Kerand investigated a nearby Massassi temple. The Bith mechanic managed to ignite the engines and channel heat through the hull to melt enough of the surrounding ice to free the ship. After returning to the nearby Rebel base, they assessed the condition of the ship and sought signs of the previous owners.

The Apparition, a VCX-100 light freighter belonged to a small troupe of Jedi Bendu escaping the Purge. With the hyperdrive failing, they took refuge on the swampy planet roughly 10 years earlier. On board was left a datacron containing the recording of a message by Obi-Wan Kenobi, warning to stay away from Coruscant and the Sith coup d’etat, an incident which occurred a little more than 20 years earlier. No further sign of the crew has presented itself.

Travel Log
The ship’s most recent course log began at Dantooine, noting a stop at Ord Mantell on its way back toward Coruscant. A received transmission affected a course correction, with the next stop at Ithor. There were several minor course changes before a decided stop at Ossus. An abrupt departure recorded Imperial Inquisitors arriving on Ossus, and they were unable to be shaken during a stop on Felucia. The log relayed a reluctant command for overclocking the hyperdrive, which subsequently burned out upon approach of the world now denoted as Jagomir.
Shee’na Ven’s Log
She recounts sneaking out from the (Massassi) temple (on Jagomir) and hiding some artifacts. She expressed deep concern that the others would get a hold of them for nefarious reasons. She recounted receiving a terrible wound during a scuffle between the others, managing to escape to the ship. Her log stops there, without indication of returning to the temple or preparing for her death on board.

System Stats

Base stats available from the Star Wars Rebels RPG SOurcebook hosted by d20radio on page 52

Hyperdrive x3; Backup x12
Increased to Long-range sensors
Parts to install two small blaster cannons


The vessel is currently operated by a crew with strong ties to the Rebel Alliance.

Aggril Tafan
Dr Orson Danks
Jaxo Kor
Kyler Kerand
(Jaxo’s Q7)

Former crew of Jedi Bendu exiles

O-Ren Cerean
Kasso Nautolan
Ta’az Bandur Mirialan
Venniq Human
Shee’na Ven Twi’lek
Duusk Kha Sylphe


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