On the Edge of the Empire

An agent reports that an imperial outpost is operating on Taris, establishing one of the few truly civilized settlements on the ruined world. The outpost is poised as a launch point for troops in the surrounding systems, including Dantooine.

Kyler walks into the briefing chamber, where Unit: Fivez, now including the Chiss agent, receives instruction for a mission.

“Kyler, good timing.” Moss Ral’bek directs at the soldier, “We could use your skills on our mission to Taris. Interested?”

Rolling his shoulders Kyler looks to Moss with a slight hint of humor," The skills of recklessness? Or the knowledge aspect?"

“Your skills as a combatant, and expertise in Imperial matters.” the Bothan chuckles.

“I wouldn’t say I am an expert in Imperial matters. Just very knowledgeable. But what is the full mission?”

“We are going to Taris to assess the threat level of an Imperial outpost. With its proximity to Dantooine, they could be poised to strike. We need to ascertain if they know of our presence here and take preventative countermeasures.”
The team must infiltrate the settlement to assess its threat level and then take action if necessary.
Passive action: hack communications and plant an encoded relay that will send information to the Rebels
Aggressive action: sabotage or even destroy the garrison
Preventative measures: Do not get caught or be identified as Rebel agents.

Kyler rubs his chin and nods his head," Sure. The rest of the team I work with are still doing their own thing."

“Great! We’ll take our ship. We’ll head out in an hour.”

“Sure. I would of used this time to talk to Obiwan, but I think Bossco and him are busy. I will just get some basic infiltration supplies.” Kyler then requisitions a computer spike kit, containing 2 spikes.

They chart a course to approach on the opposite side of the planet from the coordinates of the base, and then angle to draw closer but land sufficiently away from the outpost. Safe landing. No harm and no foul.

“We’re going to need our survival gear to handle the terrain. Suit up!” Moss commands.

Kyler will pick through any of the spare gear, ginding a suitable one for himself," Who will be on point?"

J-355-13 exits the ship first to scan the terrain, her cyborg body ready to handle the noxious environment. The Ithorian follows behind Areht, then Moss and Risa.

Kyler takes stride behind J-355-13, following her," We get fired at, I will switch to the front to block for you."
Even through her mechanized vocabulator, Kyler detects a snort of derision.

The outpost is barely visible in the distance through the haze, ruined towers, and foliage overgrowth.

The team presses on through the debris and vegetation. Soon they encounter a pack of Ferrazid hounds patrolling their territory. The beasts are fierce and deliver several bites before finally perishing. The wounds are superficial, easily disinfected, and patch by the Ithorian medic.

They encounter a swarm of Bogstalkers as the group ventures through one of the ruined superstructures. Through coordinated maneuvers, the bugs soon become nothing more than paste. Then they clear the nest just for good measure.

While attempting to circumvent an Imperial patrol, the team encounters a starving Tarsarian devourer. The beast chases after them with dogged determination, which they use to their advantage to corral into a dead end. They laboriously subdue and ultimately fell the beast.

After a noxious mist clears, stirred up from the scuffle, Kyler stumbles out with a festering horn wound. They take shelter in one of the abandoned buildings across the toxic lake from the Imperial outpost. Luckily, the Imperials are not alerted to their presence.

Nuogg takes the moment of calm to patch up Kyler. He urges rest through the night to allow the bacta time to do its work.

Through fitful nightmares, fighting through droves of strange, savage, eyeless creatures, Kyler finally stands victorious above, holding his sabers aloft and feeling like he could take on the whole Empire. Though there is a nagging whisper in the back of his mind that all this could come crashing down. He shakes it off and wakes feeling refreshed and healed. Only the hint of a bruise remains on his skin, tinged a slight sickly yellow-green. Nuogg’s scan shows Kyler is good health.

Kyler shake his head to rid himself of the nightmares then looks to the group," Shall we continue and try to see what we are dealing with?"

3 possible entry points, but they each pose a unique challenge.
the first and most obvious is across the toxic lake. No one would expect that approach, but traversing the lake will require vehicular assistance or resourcefulness.
The second is through one of the sewer tubes and tunnels, which are spewing waste.
The third is a more open bridge, with high likelihood of being spotted by Imperials, stopped, and questioned.

Kyler looks to the group, curious on their thoughts," So, we have a toxic lake to cross, sewers to craw through, or An open bridge?"

“Without a vehicle, the lake is a death trap. The sewers, while disgusting and dangerous, might work with our repelling gear. The bridge is counter-intuitive to our mission.”
Areht talks through the logic.

“Split up and look for other options elsewhere around the base, but that will take up valuable time and increase our chances of discovery.” Risa mentions

The others generally nod in agreement.

“Lets try the sewers….worst case scenario, we deal with rakghouls.

“Gruesome creatures.” Nuogg hums

“Very much so….” Kyler agrees

A maintenance droid is alerted to their presence, which the team chases through the disease-ridden sludge. A pack of scavenging rakghouls attacks the interlopers. By the end of it all, the droid is in pieces, the creatures are slain, and the Ithorian medic suffers from an infected laceration. Kyler groans with a quip about their sour luck.

Then Unit: Fivez and Kyler exit the sewer and find a hiding spot on the outskirts of the outpost. An imperial training patrol nears their location, which the team assesses to either engage or relocate.

Kyler turns to the group, “Ok, can we take them out quick or should we try to keep what stealth we have?”

Moss advises stealth, since a full patrol is likely to draw more attention, even if they look to be only trainees. Areht agrees. Risa and Jessie scout ahead. Kyler nods, remains out of sight, and awaits the scout report.

Jessie locates an unoccupied bunker, which also has an access tunnel in the basement. Might be maintenance, which might lead to a location closer to a command tower.
Risa locates a communications tower nearby, though a regiment stationed there otherwise guards the main entry.

The team agrees to relocate to the bunker, and while not the quietest of traversals, the unit reaches the structure before the patrol spots them.

Checking out the bunker, it is meant for maintenance, most notably to the sewer system the team used to enter the base. It looks like the staff there is less than adequate, what with the place littered with refuse and exhibiting signs of chaos. Snack ration wrappers litter the floor near and overflowing from a waste bin in the corner, while the workbench area has scattered parts and chemicals spills all over. The tools seem to be in some kind of order, though it would take a master cryptographer to figure out the organizational structure.

Kyler raises an eyebrow as he scans the scene, “Well….I can tell you this isn’t standard Imperial protocol.”

Jessie balks, hesitant to jack into the system. Upon the active computer console is a blatant non-regulation bawdy non-busy screen.

Kyler looks at the computer, “Definitely not up to regulation. Lets see what useful things we can find in this Ug-sty. After an arduous search, he locates only one object of significant use: a code cylinder. Kyler gives a chuckle and holds up the cylinder,” Seems we have a sloppy major."

Risa scouts the connected tunnel and reports: the passage is also a mess … and has an organic obstruction … a half-eaten body. There are signs of rodent-like creature infestation, but that was chewed up and purged prior to the body of the maintenance worker. Looks to be no more than three days old. The tunnel exits behind the comm tower, but not near a rear entrance of any sort. There is an opening that leads out to the lake on another side.

The comms panel suddenly lights up and starts a non-imperial melodic tone. This continues for about a minute before stopping.

Kyler looks at the comms then to the crew, “This is one screwed up Imperial outpost. I am tempted to see what it was but also thinking we go and make an entrance into the comm tower.”

They navigate the tunnel, which is not only more difficult than expected, due to slimy, slippery surfaces, but also the smell seems worse in here than the larger sewer tunnel … then a swarm of rodent creatures surge through. Risa calls ahead and starts opening fire with her muffled blaster rifle. Jessie kneels, hissing a moment, then sniping what she can that gets past Risa. Areht takes up position next to Jessie.
glowy beady eyes surge through the tunnel

Kyler positions himself to be the first defense for the others and draws his Dragoon standard length blade. He deftly handles a solid wave, dealing his fair share of kills without letting any pass him. Then stepping forawrd, he aids the group to catch up to Risa without further hassle.

The team exits the tunnel, with Jessie scanning ahead to find the best course to reach cover. The cyborg identifies a series of structures without rear entrances set up next to the comm tower. From their vantage point, the only way into the comm tower is from the front, which is still guarded by the regiment. Areht notices an officer in the distance heading in the direction of the maintenance bunker, of which he informs the rest of the team.

Kyler helps with going to look for the best cover to make an entrance to the comms tower while concealing such entry, though he realizes without knowing what is on the interior of those structures, there’s no telling what would be a safe fabricated entry. He voices his concerns to the team, " I am thinking of making a doorway. I am just not sure what could be on the other side. If there was a way to find out I am open for suggestions."

Jessie states the durasteel is difficult to penetrate with the sensors on hand. Something more powerful, like AT-AT targeting systems would work, but that’s not a readily viable option. Moss offers to scout ahead and see what he can find. Everyone else should take cover behind one of the structures anyway, to stay out of the tunnel and keep out of direct sight of any normal patrols.

Two of unit are spotted by a patrol; however, the team has the advantage, which they use to strike first. Jessie takes cover and snipes. Areht targets the leader of the patrol. Kyler draws upon the Force, leaping to the next closest target and then manipulates the Force to bind the patrol in place.

The team manages to prevent further observation and makes it to a safe spot near the comm tower. Moss returns and announces he has found a side entrance, but states the entry will require the code cylinder.

“Lead the way.”

Kyler offers the device, which the Bothan uses to open the door. On the other side is a crew of Imperial comms operators. They quickly realize the individuals are neither Imperial nor authorized personnel.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to be in here! Sound the alarm!”


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