On the Edge of the Empire

Unit: Visage escorts Unit: Fivez to Dantooine, and they collectively deliver a report. Aggril and Jaxo feel confident in the Jedi to report events and instead remain in the hangar bay to fuel up the Apparition and run a few post-encounter diagnostics. HK-8H jacks into the mainframe to deliver a report, then requests to instead report to maintenance and receives leave to proceed.

Bossco leads the report to Rebel Command, informing of the Imperial ambush, being chased into the Unknown Regions, and subsequently encountering a starship trap that turned out to be an ancient Czerka site. The units recount the experience against the drones, commanding AI, and Imperials attempting to take over the station; however, the Anomid contact who met with Fivez did not survive. Aggril and 8H were successful in overriding the programming; as a result, the station is now viable for use by the Rebel Alliance. Furthermore, the cargo, which may contain in stasis an individual from the Builders species, brought by the Anomid is still on board the station and can be retrieved at any time.

After the report, the command team adjourns for a private meeting to discuss the opportunity. Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler convene to the Praxeum to commence with their training.

Bossco explores the archives for any information on the Builders.

Kyler embarks on a personal trial to the crystal caverns in his efforts to finally construct his own lightsabers.


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