On the Edge of the Empire

Session 018

That new base smell ...

Escaping the onslaught at Ventar III to the next Rebel base location on Jagomir, the crew of the Mjölnir, most of the Rebel officers, and some base staff engage a series of hyperspace jumps. The engines took a blast from an ISD, and with each jump the propulsion systems are further and further taxed to their limit. Kid Kessel knows that even with his death-defying piloting skills, the landing is will be less than pleasant. In preparation, the each of the four escape pods are loaded with essential equipment, and assigned passengers, with the intention to launch as close as possible to the intended base camp.

Pod 1 Pod 2 Pod 3 Pod 4
Setenna Hase Gen Ran Niall Cmd Danel Qurno Leia Organa
Var Narek Major Yalor Dr Lorren Morrick Organa Agent 1
Slade Urel Haydon Tychus Organa Agent 2
Cmd Hadrik Clik Stims Organa Agent 3
(Comm Supplies) (Cmd Supplies) (Med Supplies) (Supplies)
(Supplies) (Supplies) (Supplies) (Supplies)

Remaining on board
Kid Kessel

Crashed the Mjolnir, ejecting 2 escape pods along the river and 2 close to Resolute base.
Evarrian swarm encounter at crash site, and Kyler shows up to help, having spotted their crash-in-progress.
Bosco attempts to influence the ones breaking through the bridge into thinking Kid Kessel was a female to compete and preen over.
Kyler gets poisoned from the Evarrian; used a Destiny point for some Kelari flowers to be at the base and not require gathering.
Aolen experiences flashes of something watching them from afar; insert eye of Sauron imagery, but shadowy instead of flamey.
Kyler experiences some Dark Side flashes that convince him his lead on a temple site is correct.
They went with the team to the pirate base ruins to see if there was a stronger read on the Force site.
Anyone who was there was dead a long time ago. blaster-like marks (but not quite lightsaber marks) indicate some conflict that occurred. Vines grown over and through a lot of the structure.
Bossco got a decent view to believe caves are behind the shimmering falls.


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