On the Edge of the Empire

Senton Blacktear lounges in the cantina of Teemo’s Palace leaning back in the chair with one boot up on the table and his rifle leaning up against the wall in the corner he sits in. The music is loud but Senton seems to be lost in thought, not even hearing the notes from the band. Senton holds in his hand his beloved puzzle game which he often plays with when he is bored. It is very much like a Rubbiks Cube and just as hard. Senton is determined to figure this thing out one day but he has never even gotten close to at this point.

His mind wanders to his lost love, Asa and times past when they were together and happy on Cathar. Before their lives were turned upside down by her Father, one of the village elders who didn’t agree with their relationship. His memories turned from sweet to bitter as his mind now wanders back to him and Asa fleeing the hunters that her father had sent after them and Asa being captured. He whispers to himself, “I will find you my love” when his mind is abruptly brought back to the present as someone kicks the table Sentons foot is resting on.

One of Teemos Gamorrean thugs is standing there before Senton.

“Da Boss wants ta see ya’s”, he says to Senton.

Senton puts his puzzle game back in his coat and grabs his rifle and leaves his drink behind. He flips the bartender a credit as he passes by and gestures with a friendly nod.

Entering Teemo’s chamber he sighs, wondering how much longer he will be stuck on his rock and what Teemo wants from him now. As long as it pays good it doesn’t much matter. The only thing that does is getting his love back, wherever she may be.

Teemo gives Senton a bounty on a smuggler by the name of Han Solo. Jabba the Hutt wants this smuggler pretty bad and Teemo is hoping to use him as a bargaining chip to make some slimy deal with Jabba. Senton takes the job but is concerned because of Han’s reputation. He is known to hang out with a Wookie by the name of Chewbacca that is known to rip peoples arms off. Han is pretty good with a blaster too and is known to be really quick on the draw.

Senton comes up with an idea to drug him so things don’t get too messy. He teams up with the groups Doctor and they head off to Mos Eisley to locate this sneaky smuggler. They find him in a booth in the local cantina spending time with a young lady enjoying drinks and conversation. Thankfully, the Wookie is no where to be seen.

Senton notices the lady order a drink for Han on a dare and he takes the opportunity to stop the waitress enroute to their table and distract her while the Gand pours some tranquilizer drug into Hans already powerful concoction. Before too long, Han is out cold on the table and Senton moves in on his bounty. Pushing the panicked woman aside, Senton lifts Han over his shoulder and makes haste out of the cantina with him before any of the patrons take too much notice.

Ducking into the back alley, Senton applies his wrist binders to Han and tosses him into their waiting speeder. On the trip back to Mos Shuuta, Senton and the Gand laugh and celebrate their victory and talk about how to spend the money. 10,000 credits! Senton dreams about having some nice armor or a better rifle while the Doc thinks maybe a medical bay on the ship would be a great idea.

Pulling up to Teemo’s Palace, Senton grabs the sleeping Han and slings him over his shoulder. Gamorrean guards make way for the bounty hunter and hold open the doors escorting him to the audience chamber of Teemo the Hutt.

As Senton strolls in with the smuggler draped over his back, Teemo begins to chuckle with glee.

“What do we have here?”, the Hutt says in Huttese with a large obnoxious grin on his ugly face.

Senton replies, “Who do you think it is, Teemo? I’m here to collect my bounty and I expect to be well paid for it.” The bounty hunter lays Han across one of the tables.

Teemo laughs loudly with joy and proclaims, “Oh Senton, no need to worry. Teemo makes good on his deals and this one will be very profitable for us both.” He motions for one of his servants to go get a box of metal slips and he scammers away quickly.

“I’m gonna take a little vacation with this money Teemo. I wont be around for a bit but you know how to find me”, exclaims Senton the Bounty Hunter.

“Be sure to come back bounty hunter. I like your work”, Teemo says.

Senton nods in agreement as he turns to leave the room but mumbles under his breath, “We’ll have to see about that. We’ll just have to see.”


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