On the Edge of the Empire

Memory log compilation 222.1014-222.1016

*Delivered to the Rebel Alliance*

We jump away from a imperial star destroyer and into a energy net I tell the pilot just a little to late he strains the ship barley making it free just to get caught and drawn into a space station that looks half destroyed we find some sings of combat on. The station it self it is run by drones of some sort speaking in a ancient digital language I manage to decipher it and I find out that this station belongs to a ancient race called the builders wants to speak with me I goto the core and find out that I have dealt with this entity before it is part of the rakatan empire the last time I was deactivated the meatbag I accompanied did make it out alive shortly after he succumbed to the core the caves on tatooine collapsed trapping me till a meatbag reactivated me claiming to be part of the rebal alliance and that I’m now in the service of the rebals I manage to wage a cyber war with the core and manage to disable the core and take control of the station


deeahchur deeahchur

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