Jaxo Kor

Human pilot and gunslinger

Armored flight suit

Droid companion Q7-D7


Jaxo Kor has a history with the Hutts. He’s not fond of the Galactic Empire, which lead him to collaborate with a Rebel cell. Just a couple problems, he had lost the ship he was loaned by the Hutts and is considered a wanted criminal by the Empire. Despite this series of unfortunate events, opportunity presented itself when a Toydarian, Bith, and a blind human walk into a bar …
Jaxo assisted with infiltrating the Imperial Star Destroyer Revenant to rescue Rebel Commander Setenna Hase and warn the Jagomir cell of an imminent attack by the Galactic Empire. For his efforts, he received a commendation, captaincy of the ship Apparition, and membership of Unit: Visage.

Jaxo Kor

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