On the Edge of the Empire

Negotiation presented Bossco using the cover company of Acquisitions Inc employing the crew of the Apparition. They are pursuing a cloakshape named Rogue Dragoon that was stolen from Kyler. The salvagers agree to grappler dock the (masked IFF Apparition) and piggyback, and assistance for the cost of 20k cr.

They track the cloakshape to a station outside the Jaga Cluster … Port Nowhere. However, the Imperial Star Destroyer Revenant is present. The salvagers go their separate ways, desiring no Imperial entanglements of their own.

The Apparition reveals their IFF genuinely (which the salvagers note for later use), then they accept docking protocol. During the process, they locate the Rogue Dragoon, which has an Imperial escort in a hangar across the way. Aolen feels an oppressive sensation of claustrophobia. They lock down the ship.

Kyler and the medic seek the status of the cloakshape. They observe the claokshape with 2 escort TIE fighters, 12 stormtroopers, and 2 officers interacting with Var Narek and a sedated Setenna Hase. They will soon transfer her to the ISD.

Meanwhile Bossco, Aolen, and Aggril head to the nearby cantina to discern the reason for the Imperial presence. 2 Imperial officers and 2 Stormtroopers enter the cantina. Eavesdropping and conversing, the party learns that the Revenant has arrived at the shadowport for a few reasons:
1) repairs of a faulty engine part (which has been subjected to sabotage)
2) collection of Var Narek and his prisoner, Rebel commander Setenna Hase
3) to strike at a Rebel cell located on a nearby planet

The party convenes near the ship and discusses plans. They decide to follow the cantina Imperial guests to incapacitate and disguise as to delay the required repairs (since the tech is assigned to the job of locating and acquiring the engine part and then leading the repair duty) and gain disguised access to the ISD. Once on board, they plan to escape with Hase without the rest of the Imperials being any the wiser. At least, that’s the plan.

Bossco successfully influences the stormtroopers to investigate a room for Rebels, in which they encounter Aolen, who knocks them out and strips them of their gear and armor. Then Bossco convinces the techs they are more inebriated than they thought and should sleep it off. Then they relieve them of their uniforms and gear.

They collect:
2 laminate armor sets (not quite the right sizes)
2 Imperial Navy Tech Officer uniforms (not quite the right sizes)
2 code cylinders
2 blaster pistols
2 E11 blaster rifles
4 handheld comms

The human pilot/gunslinger Jaxo Kor and his Q7 droid companion observed the interactions in the cantina and followed the Imperials, only to witness the party incapacitate the techs and troopers while discussing their plan. he will then swoop in touting his prideful skills with piloting. “Sounds like you require the services of a skilled pilot. Look no further!”

As the crew of the Apparition acquired a new pilot of great skill, Jaxo, they decided to land upon the imperial star destroyer. Jaxo proved his worth and expertly landed upon the ship with no issues. From there the crew donned space suits and made their way to a service airlock while keeping a sense of their surroundings.

Aggril provided skills in opening and closing the airlock without setting off any warnings. Though before they group could get the stolen uniforms on, they heard the footsteps of some stormtroopers coming. Thinking quickly, they ducked back into the hatch to hide, with Bossco almost sneezing.

Once the coast was clear, Aggril again provided his skills and provided two different paths to take. Once Aggril was done, Kyler looked for a way to possibly shut down systems in case of an emergency. Weighing in the options with the rest of the crew, he decided to return the computer to it’s normal standby set up and tried his best to conceal their presence.

Before they made their way, Kyler made mention that there might be an odd man out to take the walk back. Bossco rejects the idea of attempting to acquire an extra ship. They then decided to take the elevator and with some help with Bossco and well played false movements, trick the three men at the entrance to believe that the transfer was legit.

With the disguised Jaxo and Aolen ‘escorting’ Bossco with a guard to let them in, Kyler tries to play out a natural inspection of the systems to get him and Aggril time to turn off the cameras. The remaining guard doesn’t buy it and as he is asking for identification, Bossco, Aolen, and Jaxo make their own attempt to create a distraction with an ‘attempted escape’ that disables the original guard with them.

The suspicious guard thinks Bossco is a bigger threat than the impostor imperials and rushes to help with the other two guards further down leaving the commander of the brig alone with Aggril and Kyler. Deciding to try to give Aggril time, Kyler attempts to talk the man into helping but fails as he is determined ot call for help. Aggril at the time tries to get to the computer, knocking the man’s hand away and in a position for Kyler to use the force to influence it to fall on the camera switch to turn them off.

Aolen and Jaxo together disable the three remaining guards with a rifle butt and a sweeping stun baton strike. The men couldn’t control Bossco and they fell unconscious. With the camera’s off, Kyler pistol whips the commander in the back of the head but unfortunately knocks the man out and onto the comm to call for help. Trying to play off as an accidental hit of the switch, Kyler then fails to turn comms off without signalling something is wrong. Aggril takes control of the computers, releasing the prisoners while Kyler puts on the commander’s uniform, having it a bit more tight fitting to his discomfort.

Once the prisoners all come out, Kyler sees red as he identifies the man who stole his ship. First aiming to shoot the guy, Bossco talks some sense into Kyler, who instead punches him. The man is more disoriented and simply assumes it is more Imperial harassment instead of impostor sending on a rescue mission. They then placed the guards and captain in cells.

After sorting out the unconscious guards, the two prisoners introduced themselves as Yox, a female Pyke, and Baxtyn (pronounced Bastion), a human. After some searching on the computer as well as Bossco talking, the group discovered that Baxtyn was the saboteur who disabled the engines, and Yox accused of being a Rebal sympathizer and tortured. Using the remaining limited time before the investigation squad would arrive the group decided to appear as if they were finally getting everything under control.

After getting situated, the officer and fifteen stormtroopers came. With some subtle manipulation and assistance from the Force through Bossco, the officer left, but left six stormtroopers just in case. While the infiltrators tried to figure out how to deal with these new issues silently, there was a tapping sound coming from down the prisoner corridor. Taking action, Kyler, pretending to be the detention center commander, ordered the troopers to escort Bossco and Yox down separate cell corridors. Motioning to the disguised Aggril to take over, Kyler himself went down the middle corridor, allowing one of the troopers to take point.

With Bossco, Aolen, and Baxtyn, the troopers were dealt with by simple Force persuasion and Aolen forcing the unaffected one into the opened cell. Aggril simply sealed the door behind them. Blaster fire from one of the other cell blocks encouraged their return main hub. Meanwhile, down the middle corridor, Kyler made quick work of the unsuspecting trooper with a quick slash of his saber. Everyone soon learned that Jaxo, Hase and Yox gunned down the two guards with them with only poor blaster fire dealt in return.

Gathering together, they got to work adjusting their disguises and additional ones for their new comrades. As they were about to leave, Aggril tried to seal off the detention block on a timer to cover their tracks, but instead set off an emergency protocol. Barely escaping the detention blocks via the maintenance shafts, the group took the time to decide the next plans for buying the Rebel base more time. It was voiced that Baxtyn, Aggril, and Yox could go rig the hyperdrive in engineering, essentially finishing the job the human had started, their aim to enter a hyperspace jump that would set them off course. Jaxo, Kyler, and Aolen voiced interest to check the hanger for Kyler’s cloakshape, as well as a secondary ship in case of an emergency. Bossco and Hase agreed on the need to visit the communications tower, their intention to send a coded message to the Rebel base and warn them to evacuate. The group then assessed their three benchmark goals.

Together they decided to first move to the comms tower, then maintenance, and finally the hangar. Shortly after asserting their Imperial cover and gaining access to a discreet comm terminal, they ran into HK-8H, though the droid was elusive on how and why it arrived on the ISD. After some computer work, Agril and 8H succeeded with encoding and sending a message to the rebel base on Jagomir.

Location compromised. ISD Revenant inbound. Evacuate. Attempting to delay.

After completing the message the group sent Hase and Yox to lie low on board the Apparition, while the rest made their way to engineering. Once there, Baxtyn led the way and helped Bossco find a gonk droid to hide him in and control. Baxtyn nearly raised the alarm with a crew member recognizing him from his previous attempt at sabotage, but Bossco made the man confused through some persuasion, then HK delivers a single fatal percussive blow to his head.

Aggril and Baxtyn worked together to rig the hyperdrive to first send the ship to Klatooine, then to burn out the primary hyperdrive. This would then resort the star destroyer to rely upon the back up hyperdrive to reach the command crew’s intended destination, buying even more time for the Rebels to evacuate.

The crew of the Apparition followed Kyler’s intuition of his cloakshape, Rogue Dragoon, was on the ISD Revenant. Kyler himself used the force to feel the pull of the holocron in the hidden storage of his ship. With the location of the forward part of the rear hanger bay, the crew made their way toward the hanger, hoping to be closer to escaping the Imperial assault cruiser.

Continuing to be disguised as Imperial officers and stormtroopers, the group located the hangar bay command deck and used the acquired code cylinders to gain access. They agreed to eliminate the crew stationed there prior to accessing the hangar. Aolen, Kyler and Bossco initiated the neutralization of the seven men in there with two saber strikes and slamming two together. It dropped the group in charge of the command center to two left. HK-8H, Aggril, and Jaxo killed those left living after a brief return fire to Aolen and Kyler. Kyler was able to successfully in disabling the alarm console.

After securing the command center, Aolen and Kyler felt something sinister as they reached out to access the Force to sense more of what was going on in the hanger; Bossco just had a bad feeling, choosing to not reach through the darkness. Together, though, they determined that the ship was an illusion and the holocron was being activated by someone … someone familiar with the Force.

Aolen and Jaxo descended to the floor of the hangar while Aggril, HK, and Kyler worked the consoles to send the thirty troopers out of the hangar with a diversion, then lock the blast doors behind them, and finally rig the command center to blow. They also sent loading droids out to attack those in the hangar who remained. The combined effort dropped the threats from thirty-nine to just four, discounting the droids. Feeling that all was done, Those that remained in the command center left for the floor of the hangar to aid Aolen and Jaxo.

On the floor, Jaxo reached the Lambda shuttle. HK took aim at the remaining officer, taking a solid shot and killing him. Bossco called upon the Force and wrested the holocron from the grip of the Force user within the illusion Afterwards, the image faded, revealing him to all. Aolen leapt across the at the guy, presenting himself to duel.

“So the rumors are true. The Dragoon has gone off to form his own band of followers, and joined the Rebellion as well. Such a pity.”

While the force users prepared for a fight, Aggril, Jaxo, and Baxtyn make their way to the shuttle. HK stayed put above in a sniper position, ready to provide cover. Bossco secured his place and the holocron. Kyler descended from the console trellis while Aolen paced around the Force user. The Inquisitor presented the offer of returning to the Sith order, which they summarily refused.

Continued from Aolen’s perspective


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