On the Edge of the Empire

CREDITORs Collection Series - Armored Transport

Armored Transport

Job: Armored Transport
Priority: High
Location: From Muunilist to Ord Mantell

The CREDITORs task the crew with collecting and transporting the winnings for a high stakes competition and then deposit to the bank appropriately afterward. Due to the amount of credits involved, the route and finer details are kept classified and on a need-to-know basis. Upon confirmation of taking the job, the crew of the Solace will receive direction to Muunilist.

There they receive an encoded authenticator, with instructions that the receiver at the competition will decode and confirm the delivery, and later the the Banker will decode and confirm the deposit. They load the haul, Ji’Ar pushing his boundaries while experimenting with his talents with the Force. They quickly load up the smuggling compartments with the primary cargo and the external cargo pods with regular supplies.

With everything in order, they embark to Ord Mantell. Since delivering the cargo to its destination requires maintaining a low profile and discretion, Raymus charts an obscure course off of the main hyperspace routes, and Dall masks the ship’s IFF as an Imperial surveying vessel named the Lewenclar. The crew abides by the directive to make no unauthorized transmissions while en route.

Arriving on time at the Lady Fate casino, the crew delivers and authenticates the prize. Convinced that none of the winnings have been compromised, the hostess of the casino announces the prize with great fanfare at the start of the gambling competition. The crew is reminded that their contract prohibits participating in or wagering against the outcome of the event, instead relegated to ensuring the winnings remain secure during public display.

Dall runs a background check on the participants and notable observers, sharing his findings with the troupe. They identify several troublesome targets, requiring some strategic intimidation and demonstration of skill by Ji’Ar and Senton. All other attempts to undermine the winning pool meet with apt deterrence.

Upon completion of the event, the winner of the competition and the haul receive discreet escort by the Solace to a preregistered authorized bank in another Outer Rim system. With Ardellian and Solo plotting an obscure course through primarily unconfirmed hyperspace routes, the venture proves successful and uncontested, though not without a few close calls.

At the destination, the funds are deposited via a separate encoded authenticator. Captain Ardellian negotiates payment and debt management. The agent agrees to a 5% processing fee from the winnings, yielding 500,000 cr. The credits are further divided amongst the crew and ship, 71,000 cr for each of the crew and 74,000 cr for the Solace. The credits are partially encoded to each of the authenticators, requiring the crew to return them to CREDITORs on Muun to process the payment.

With everything complete, the crew receives the next assignment …


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