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Events pertaining to the specifics of the Clone Wars and the Rise of the Empire are different from canon as we know it, more in line with the references of the Clone Wars from the Thrawn trilogy. What is public history is the development of cloning technology, rampant use for various purposes – some altruistic and others more selfish or nefarious. Clones revolted when they felt their rights were exploited. The Jedi Bendu lent their aid as defenders of peace and justice in the galaxy. What made matters worse were clones of Jedi, who experienced a severe form of clone madness. Then another group emerged, the Sith Knights. During the struggle of the Clone Wars, warriors from both traditions were blurred together to be perceived as the same. The human-centric Sith took power within the instability, and the Galactic Republic fell to the Empire. Jedi Bendu and other strong Force users were hunted down and purged from the galaxy at large. Since the fall of the Galactic Republic, a small group has worked in the shadows, slowly growing to become a rebellion against the Empire!