The Solace is a heavily modified YT-1300, using the base frame utilizing the interior control deck, instead of the exterior-attached cockpit pod; however, one of the modifications includes adapting the Freight-loading external rover (aka the F-LER).

Raymus Ardellian owes his sponsorship to Teemo the Hutt from Tatooine, and as a result, the gangster has a fairly exclusive contract on the Human smuggler. Teemo agrees to cover the cost of repairs, which adds to the already sizable debt.

Elements of construction

YT-1300 base frame
Cargo Pods (external modification)
F-LER as detachable cockpit

Base Stats

Silhouette 4
Main Hyperdrive Class II
Backup Hyperdrive Class XII
Dual Navigation F-LER Cockpit replacement module and interior nav console
Sensors Medium
Crew 6
Cargo Hold 250 encumbrance
Speed 3
Armor 3
Shields 1/1
Handling -1
Hull Threshold 23
System Strain Threshold 15
Customization Hard Points 7
Weapon F-LER Blaster Cannon (light; 60 degree arc)
Weapon One Dorsal Turret Mounted Medium Laser Cannon
Weapon One Ventral Turret Mounted Medium Ion Cannon
Weapon Concussion Missile Launcher (Payload: 3)
Estimated Base Value 130,000 credits


  • Cockpit (detachable F-LER)
  • Internal Navigation Console (secondary cockpit)


  • Captain’s cabin
  • capt fresher
  • 2 crew cabins
  • crew half freshers
  • secure weapons locker
  • 1 passenger suite
  • 1 passenger cabin
  • passenger half fresher (no shower)
  • med bay w/ bacta tank and 1 in-patient bed

Social Zones

  • lounge
  • dejerik table and couches
  • extra benches (w/ emergency escape gear)
  • galley (adjacent to lounge)
  • communal fresher
  • Passenger escape pod
  • workshop (in enhine room)

Weapon Systems

  • forward blaster cannon (light; 60 degree arc)
  • consussion missle launcher (payload 3)
  • dorsal quad-laser gunner station w/ 360 rotation arc
  • ventral ion gunner station w/ 360 rotation arc


F-LER is busted up like a badass mofo threw it at a Sith Knight.


Cargo and Gear

  • 2 minor bridge components for repairs
  • 1 month of food rations
  • 1 crate of grenades (18 ion)
  • 3 ion mines


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