Rebel Alliance

Luke Skywalker — “You know of the Rebellion against the Empire?”

Since the fall of the Galactic Republic, a small group has worked in the shadows, slowly growing to become a rebellion against the Empire!

Various Rebel cells exist across the galaxy, some right under the nose of the Galactic Empire. From their hidden enclaves they stage strikes against the human-centric oppressive government to restore freedom to the galaxy.

There exists a cell on Tatooine underneath the Reb’s Well cantina set in the slums of the Mos Shuuta settlement. Captain Raymus Antilles took up a leadership position amonsgt them after the Tantive IV crashed on the planet while attempting to escape the Star Destroyer Devastator. The status of this cell is currently unknown, as communication with them was lost shortly after Princess Leia managed to escape Tatooine.

The planet Alderaan was once home of the Organa family, great supporters and forerunners for the plight of Rebel Alliance. Even after the Emperor decreed the disbanding of the Jedi Bendu, in secret was kept a small Jedi Praxeum, hidden deep within one of the ancient Killik nesting holes. Shortly after Princess Leia managed to return home, Darth Vader arrived to deliver the news that the Galactic Senate was dissolved and attempted to arrest the Organa family as traitors to the Empire. Several key members of the noble House escaped, along with a handful of the Jedi. The planet, however, suffered destruction by the Empire’s Death Star!

Escaping the fate of Alderaan, the Organa survivors fled to the Rebel Alliance secret base on Yavin IV. Taking refuge in an ancient Massassi temple, the Rebellion busily analyzed a weakness in the destructive battle station. The relocated Jedi Praxeum began formal training under the tutelage of General and Jedi Bendu Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Even after the Death Star was destroyed, all was not safe. Darth Vader crashed on Yavin IV and located the Rebel base, along with the recently formed Praxeum. Imperial squadrons entered the system, and a fierce battle waged within the debris field and on the planet. The Rebels and a healthy amount of the Praxeum managed to escape.

They split up to make tracking them more difficult.

Over the following few years, various bases were established, located by the Empire and destroyed, and survivors escaping to start anew. The most recent bases included Ventar III and Jagomir. Rebel command established a base where they currently reside alongside the Praxeum on Dantooine.

An opportunity has recently been presented by Unit: Visage and Unit: Fivez to establish a new more secret, more remote location in the Unknown Regions …

Rebel Alliance

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