Orzon Sector

A ragtag crew of misfits working for Teemo the Hutt assisted with establishing the basis for import and export agreements along the spacer trade route. (Reference: Session 007)

Orzon Sector is located at the end of the line of the Perlemian Trade Route, on the very edge of the galactic disc.


The world is set in twilight most of the time, and while there is a dark star at the center of the system, temperatures generated on the habitable planet Obsida is usually temperate and comfortable year round, mostly due to natural thermal vents. The native residents are sensitive to bright, high UV light.


  • Cosmetic agents
  • Exotic flora
  • Exotic foodstuffs
  • Ores and minerals


  • Commercial services
  • General foodstuffs
  • Luxury goods

Orzon Sector

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