Lun Umbra

Lun Um Bra. What did that mean again?


“They seem to be a fringe organization, much like the Rebel Alliance, and they are interested in freedom from oppression. All of their traceable activities are through proxy groups and never from the same region of the Outer Rim, but their activity does not seem to venture much past the Expansion Rim. That’s if the sources can be trusted. A lot of myth and rumor. Who is really to say how large the group is or with whom they truly operate. For all I can tell, they could be a cover for some other group to throw off anyone trying to get close enough to figure them out.” — Dall Oktra’lon


“… about a year ago… before I worked for Teemo, I was approached by this group of believers who tried to recruit me into their clan." — Captain Raymus Ardellian

“… a pretty female trying her best to encourage me to stay and help. She tried everything (and I mean everything) to get me to help them… but something just didn’t seem right. I have my suspicions about people that eager…" — Captain Raymus Ardellian


“… they definitely would be outgunned and out classed in a real fight.”_ — Captain Raymus Ardellian


Possibly near the Smuggler’s Run, located along the Corellian Run in the Outer Rim:

Dall detects a large capital ship listing through the region, and it still has residual heat. From the emissions, the Bothan believes it has been used as an impromptu space station rather than a recently attacked ship. During a barrel roll maneuver alongside the vessel, he observes a logo or a name … Lun Umbra

Lun Umbra

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