On the Edge of the Empire

CREDITORs Collection Series - Armored Transport
Armored Transport

Job: Armored Transport
Priority: High
Location: From Muunilist to Ord Mantell

The CREDITORs task the crew with collecting and transporting the winnings for a high stakes competition and then deposit to the bank appropriately afterward. Due to the amount of credits involved, the route and finer details are kept classified and on a need-to-know basis. Upon confirmation of taking the job, the crew of the Solace will receive direction to Muunilist.

There they receive an encoded authenticator, with instructions that the receiver at the competition will decode and confirm the delivery, and later the the Banker will decode and confirm the deposit. They load the haul, Ji’Ar pushing his boundaries while experimenting with his talents with the Force. They quickly load up the smuggling compartments with the primary cargo and the external cargo pods with regular supplies.

With everything in order, they embark to Ord Mantell. Since delivering the cargo to its destination requires maintaining a low profile and discretion, Raymus charts an obscure course off of the main hyperspace routes, and Dall masks the ship’s IFF as an Imperial surveying vessel named the Lewenclar. The crew abides by the directive to make no unauthorized transmissions while en route.

Arriving on time at the Lady Fate casino, the crew delivers and authenticates the prize. Convinced that none of the winnings have been compromised, the hostess of the casino announces the prize with great fanfare at the start of the gambling competition. The crew is reminded that their contract prohibits participating in or wagering against the outcome of the event, instead relegated to ensuring the winnings remain secure during public display.

Dall runs a background check on the participants and notable observers, sharing his findings with the troupe. They identify several troublesome targets, requiring some strategic intimidation and demonstration of skill by Ji’Ar and Senton. All other attempts to undermine the winning pool meet with apt deterrence.

Upon completion of the event, the winner of the competition and the haul receive discreet escort by the Solace to a preregistered authorized bank in another Outer Rim system. With Ardellian and Solo plotting an obscure course through primarily unconfirmed hyperspace routes, the venture proves successful and uncontested, though not without a few close calls.

At the destination, the funds are deposited via a separate encoded authenticator. Captain Ardellian negotiates payment and debt management. The agent agrees to a 5% processing fee from the winnings, yielding 500,000 cr. The credits are further divided amongst the crew and ship, 71,000 cr for each of the crew and 74,000 cr for the Solace. The credits are partially encoded to each of the authenticators, requiring the crew to return them to CREDITORs on Muun to process the payment.

With everything complete, the crew receives the next assignment …

Casino Royale
The House Always Wins

On our way to Cato Nemoidia to collect the money due to the CREDITORS we stopped off at Corellia for supplies and repairs – there were also some extra goods we found and sold.

Senton and Dall were able to find out that there was an old bounty out on me that was recently updated. 50kCr. Seems a might insulting to be so little.

While there we checked around to see if there were any extra opportunities to make some credits. We found a small amount of goods we could transport to Cato Nemoidia to help cover the costs of the repairs and supplies. As an extra opportunity, I agreed to transport Zoha, an Imperial diplomat and the uncle of the groom, to the wedding. Although no credits were exchanged for this, I felt this would be an opportunity to get some good favor of the Empire, which could come in handy later.

We spent a day in port getting the repairs completed and then loaded up the supplies and the passengers. Not all of the crew agreed with or wanted to the Imperials on board, but I know it was the right thing… especially after Dall didn’t find anything tying the bounty to the Imperials.

We lifted off and set course for Cato Nemoidia, but then the Zoha requested an audience of me in which he impressed the importance of making a side-stop on the way to Cato Nemoidia, for a task he needed to take care of. Figuring we would still have time I agreed. No sense rocking the boat now.

We landed and met up with a group of local traders with whom Zoha was working with to negotiate the purchase of some surplus uniform. I got the feeling this was a bit of theater for the crew’s benefit more than anything else. Based on the words used during this ‘theater’ led several of us to believe that the locals were really members of the Rebel Alliance and that Zoha knew this and was therefore a sympathizer… if not more. Due to this it made the rest of the crew feel much more at ease that we took on the passengers.

I was able to plot in some new course details and found a shortcut that made up the lost time.

We arrived at Cato Nemoidia, unloaded the cargo and dropped off our passengers. With plans made for Dall and Sa’fran to go to the costume ball dressed in Imperial costumes, Ji’Ar posing as a member of the catering staff with Senton and I posing as hotel staff we arrived a day before the wedding. With time to kill Senton, Dall and I went off to the casino. Senton avoided actually gambling… I think it’s either a Cathar thing or a Bounty Hunter thing. Dall did a little gambling and I was playing at the tables.

I began doing well at the tables when suddenly I was rudely invited into the back office and where I found myself being accused of cheating. Ridiculous. Had I been cheating they wouldn’t have had a clue about it. Some little tick began trying to flex his muscle but I was having none of that, demanding to see his boss, who naturally ended up being his uncle. Not surprising, Sa’fran had already made her way into the whelp’s good graces and kept him from killing me on the spot. I supposed I should appreciate that, but I think I was handling myself well. Senton, being well behaved and keeping his cool, was also brought into the room with me. Dall was there too.

Working my special magic, I was able to get an audience with “uncle” so that I could try to find out who he worked for. With a few well-placed insults we got kicked up the chain to his uncle finally, who tried to lean on us and impress us with his power. Again, with some well placed insults I was able to provoke him into a mistake, forcing him to tip his hand. At that moment Senton, Dall and I made our moves. Initially, since we were outnumbered, we let them think they were doing well for a while before we then showed them who was really in charge. Senton was able to take out the three guards on him and I subdued the uncle, binding him and getting him to talk, although it was mostly useless information, only that whomever we really wanted was impossible to get to in the lower levels of the hotel and that it wasn’t the original owners. Senton put him in binders and took him back to the ship while Dall looked into how we could get down to the lower levels of the hotel. With evidence that more heavies were coming to the office, I sat down behind the desk to stall them.

A group of seven figures entered the room. I have to admit, without anyone else there with me, I realized my plan wasn’t going exactly as planned. All I could do was stall… buy time until Senton and Dall returned with Ji’Ar to help. Doing my best to both provoke mistakes and get information, I waited… and waited… and waited. I confirmed that they were with Lun Um Bra and that I was to be framed for robbing the casino. There was also a lot of talk about how they did not fear the Empire’s laws or justice. Luckily, I had my COMMLINK open the entire time and Dall was recording the conversation, so we gathered enough evidence on Lun Um Bra and their crime here that not only could we clear the name of the crew of the Solace but also make sure the Empire had them on their radar. That was the easy part.

Finally, it came down to where there was no options left, as the droid in charge ordered that I be taken captive along with the crew. I pulled the blaster left behind by “uncle” and immediately shot the droid, sending it out into the hall. From there, things went downhill fast. Soon I found myself lying on the floor of the Solace looking up at Sa’fran, who wasn’t looking her best. As I looked around the rest of the crew was laid out except for Dall who was getting us away from the landing bay. We got away from the hotel and he was able to transmit the information he had to the Empire, giving credit to Zoha, while suggesting that this had all happened under the nose of Hadrik, who also happened to be there for the wedding.

We headed back out to the black for some R&R and to work off a bit more credits from our debts to the CREDITORS.

Session 012
What's your costume supposed to be ... ?

Raymus Ardellian, “Seems we could use some credits and something to do. What have you got for us?”

“Excellent. Excellent.” he confers with his datapad, nodding a few times while reviewing the files. “I see two opportunities already available to you, and there are a couple of additional opportunities. We shall review …”

Job: Investment Collection
Priority: High
Location: Hotel/Casino on Cato Nemoidia
Job: Armored Transport
Priority: High
Location: From Muunilist to Ord Mantell
Job: Asset Return
Priority: Moderate
Location: From Taris to Carida
Job: Resource collection and property claim
Priority: Low
Location: Mining Station off from the Corellian Run

“Which of these interests you most?”

“Seems the job on Cato Nemoidia seems straight forward enough. What are the details and what information are available in regards to what we should watch out for… or who? I figure after we go there we can swing by the Mining Station to collect there on the way back.”

“Teemo had an investment in a hotel and casino property named Nok Tomi on Cato Nemoidia, and as such received a cut of the profits. With the Hutt deceased, those profits are set to be redistributed. The CREDITORS claim has been ignored, and so the shares must be collected in-person.”

He connects his datapad to the central console, types in a few commands, and the tabletop screen presents an image of the bridge structure containing the establishment. The steward points to one of the hanging towers to identify which is the target. The hotel boasts a descendingly taller form than any others there, and various starship landing pads extend from the central spire to allow for private and public parking; furthermore, a designated hangar bay is present at the dorsal base within the bridge structure itself.

“There are two methods for accomplishing the assignment. The first is to simply visit without booking a room, presenting our case directly to the account manager, and collect the appropriate bonds. The second is to attend one of the various conventions or events hosted, and utilize such as a distraction in order to alternately acquire the appropriate bonds. The former is, of course, preferable. The latter may require suitable resources beyond your crew, estimating a need of eleven assets to accomplish the job.”

The crew discusses the options with the steward, “In the short-term, there is only one small-scale event occurring at Nok Tomi; however, in a few weeks there will be a more extravagant convention.”

“The small-scale event is a costume party and marriage celebration for an Imperial Official’s son. The event will last only three days, including visitor gathering on the first day, the event itself on the second day, and departure on the third day. There are still many available rooms and parking.”

“The large-scale convention is already booked full; however, access can still be procured via the CREDITORs or with some alternative methods. The nature of the convention is a week-long summit for members from the former Imperial Senate. Security is slated to be increased and supported by the Galactic Empire.”

The crew opts for the marriage celebration and states they will work out their way in on their own, but first, they have some loot to sell to some contacts on Corellia.

En route to Corellia and with the loot bin inventoried …

“Dall, check around to see if you can find out information about this Imperial officer who is getting married, his bride, both their families and close friends. See if there is a guest list so we can get on it.” Before the Bothan can begin the task, the Captain adds, “Maybe we can also find out something about the caterer; get a couple of us on that list to spread our resources out. Also, let’s see if there is any indication from some of their finances if there have been any costume rentals or purchases, so we know what the theme is and the like. We need to start working on getting some costumes together and figure out a plan of action so we can fit in.”

Raymus settles into the F-Ler cockpit and reviews his debt to the CREDITORS while monitoring flight progress. Ji’Ar absconds with one of the datapads from the loot bin, kicks back in the lounge, and starts reading through several files. Senton wanders over while Asa whips up a snack. Han sets into the secondary pilot console within the ship proper, with Sa’fran taking a seat at the nearby secondary console, striking up chit chat with the smuggler. Dall is typing away at a ship console with a furrow on his brow as he works to fulfill the Captain’s request.

After a little while the Bothan calls everyone together in the lounge, “Alright, here is what I could gather with current resources. The Imperial groom is a youth named Bastion Zoha recently graduated from the Academy on Carida. He majored as a tactician. His father, Kain Zoha, is an Imperial Security Services Officer assigned to the Colonies. The bride is Rivoche Tarkin, daughter of Brigadier Gideon Tarkin, and niece of the recently late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. As a display in Imperial patriotism, all attendees of the wedding are required to be dressed as Imperial and Sith Knight personages, with some allowances for creativity.” he pauses a moment to let the information settle. “We can acquire or craft the costumes prior to arrival; however, there will be a costumer on-site. A modest rental fee will be charged. For those in the service of the wedding as crew, the fee will be deducted from the event wage.”

Raymus chimes in with a blunt thought, “And remind me again why we’re bothering with the theatrics? Aren’t we just going there to collect a fee from the hotel/casino that is owed to the CREDITORS? I don’t understand why we have to sneak into the party.”

Sa’fran chimes in with her thoughts, “We don’t have to attend the marriage ceremony, but wouldn’t it be interesting? Besides, if we go in costume, we’ll blend in with everyone else there.”

After some discussion the crew agrees to arrive earlier than the marriage ceremony and scope the place and determine if the direct approach will suffice or subterfuge required.

On Correllia the crew splits up to make the most of their needs. Raymus, Sa’fran, and Ji’Ar fence the goods. Asa and Senton checks in with the bounty hunter guild for available jobs, and in the process learns the bounty on Raymus has been updated with possible ties to the scoundrels past and the Galactic Empire. Han has the ship checked for maintenance, learning that there are more than a few screws loose. Dall meets with a representative of the Alderaanian noble Fa-Ron Rysh for delivery of the requested crate, and he includes a note that the whole crew aided in its acquisition, which has not been tampered with.

Asa receives a message from her Commander, summoning her back. The urgency is high, so she needs to depart immediately. She encourages Senton to stay with the crew and help them with their job and promises to return as soon as she can. With her cut of the credits from the fenced goods, the female Cathar states transport will be easy enough for her to acquire, so she doesn’t require any further assistance.

The Imperial station on Corellia requests transport of goods to the event on Cato Nemoidia, for which the crew will be paid; however, a dignitary and his entourage from the Koha side of the celebration requires pro bono shuttle service. The crew relents to the request for both, and Raymus promises on-time delivery. In the meantime, Dall reviews the guest list, recognizing more than a few Rebel nom de guars.

During departure, dignitary Gren-Devin Koha states he fires requires a stopover on Bellassa. The captain grumbles, knowing he’ll lose some time with the goods delivery and the possible bonus, but yet accommodates the diversion. While there, the crew maintains distance; however, they witness crates of stolen Imperial uniforms, acceptance by Gren for use by other … operatives? The parting of the affair confirms the crews suspicions that this diversion masked a meeting of undercover Rebellion sympathizers. Furthermore, they may be housing a former Jedi Bendu.

Raymus and Han chart a course to shave off time and manage to arrive a few hours ahead of schedule, one day before guests are expected to arrive for the event. They first drop off Gren-Devin and his … gift … to the groom. Then they offload the goods to the wedding staff, yielding a slight bonus on credits for the delivery. Ji’Ar shuffles himself amongst the kitchen staff during the unloading process, intent on providing intell from there. The crew learns that weapons are strictly prohibited, except by authorized staff, which the crew certainly is not.

Some guests arrive early to beat the crowd. Dall spots Biggs Darklighter sporting a TIE pilot uniform, winks, and nods ever so slightly to acknowledge camaraderie. The rebel agents continue in their separate directions for their respective missions.

Raymus, Dall, and Senton proceed to the casino floor to scope out the establishment and discern what they can learn without a direct approach. Han states he will stake out the cantina for loose lips. Sa’fran states she will … mingle … and charm her way to learning information.

Captain Ardellian draws more than a little attention with a solid winning streak, which results in an involuntary invitation to meet the sub-manager. A pair of finely dressed bouncers guide the scoundrel to an office located just off the floor. Senton discretely follows, attempting to act in similar capacity to the bouncers.

The sub-manager, who identifies himself as the nephew to the current manager, and Ardellian extrapolates that neither have been in charge of Nok Tomi for very long, yet enough to ignore any claims by the CREDITORs. Shortly thereafter, Sa’fran arrives on the scene, insinuating herself into the conversation, clearly demonstrating that she has charmed her way into the inner circle when she wraps around Uncle’s arm. With some choice insults by the scoundrel and the Twi’lek’s smooth-talking, the nephew escalates the meeting to his Uncle instead, escorting him several levels lower in the hanging tower. Senton follows and manages to slip behind them and takes up position in a shadowy blind spot. Sa’fran departs with the nephew to keep him distracted.

The gangster boss changes tack from his nephew’s approach, instead complimenting the Captain and his crew on their respective skills; however, noting all as obvious since arrival. He reveals the money the crew seeks to collect for the CREDITORs has already been emptied from the establishment coffers, along with all other pertinent finances, leaving only the bare minimum required for daily operations and recycling credits provided by visitors. He presents Ardellian with an opportunity to join their operation and reap the rewards.

Considering the collect a bust, the scoundrel signals to Senton, and they both incapacitate a guard and Uncle. Someone attempts to enter the office during the fray, their shot missing Raymus and Senton, but vaporizing the other guard. The bounty hunter confirms a similar condition to two guards outside the door, now only piles of dust. The captain comments to having heard that sound before, during the civil war on his home world years ago. The scoundrel decides to play Uncle and wait for the arrival of any backup. In the meantime, he requests Uncle to be escorted quietly back to the ship and secured there. He discretely places Uncle’s blaster pistol on the desk, sets down comfortably, and calls for the others to report in with their status.

Dall reports that he is approaching their level and has been slicing his way lower in the tower, with intentions to reach the main office and find out what is really going on in Nok Tomi.
Han reports no unusual activity in the cantina, though there have been some scuffles between members both sides of the wedding party.
Ji’Ar reports that the kitchen crew is too busy with the marriage festivities to be involved in any coup; however, his Bantha Bites and marinated Dewback steaks are going to knock the party’s socks off!
Sa’fran reports that the nephew will be out with a nap for several hours, and if there is any gain to be made, they should act fast.

Soon a group of five arrives at the office to confront Ardellian, who certainly is not in charge. Quick to act, the scoundrel blasts the leader, both surprised by the power of the pistol to knock his target back into the hall. The voice from the figure changes, sounding more digital, ordering the rest to incapacitate the upstart. Senton arrives as quickly as able, bringing his heavy blaster cannon as backup.

Raymus and Senton manage to take out one of the guards and deal some serious damage to the droid Dall identifies as Mid-B0$$. Despite his attempts to dodge, Ardellian is no match for the number of remaining guards and is stunned into unconsciousness. The bounty hunter puts up a good fight but is ultimately incapacitated by a handful of stun grenades.

Dall finally slices into a large dark office using an encrypted key card previously acquired, and there the Bothan interfaces with the primary computer. He manages to escape with his life and makes his way back to the ship. There he finds everyone in a heap in the lounge and the Uncle missing. Knowing they have outlived their welcome, Dall secures the Solace, dares his skills to pilot from the internal console, and departs from Cato Nemoidia without looking back.

After rousing the crew, the infiltrator recounts some information he learned from accessing the primary computer.

  • A group of 13 are planning to take the wedding party hostage after the reception
  • Lun Umbra is involved in some capacity
  • They intend to demo the establishment with everyone inside
  • The Rebel Alliance will be framed for the job

The crew discusses the situation and decides to leak the intel to the Galactic Empire and Rebellion each in limited capacity. Raymus weighs in to put one over on Commander Hadrik in the process, considering he is on the guest list. The final draft of the Imperial report leaves out the Commander’s implication, bearing in mind that the last thing the crew of the Solace needs is further ire and attention from a Star Destroyer Commander, especially that belonging to the Devastator. Dall sends both reports anonymously to the respective parties.

Then they report to the CREDITORs about the change in ownership of Nok Tomi, providing what they know of the liquidation and laundering of the assets. The collection is written off as a loss. The crew receives compensation for time and effort, enough for fuel and lodging; however, no credit is applied towards debts.

Dall surprises the crew by informing Han that he has a solid lead on the location of the Millenium Falcon. The Bothan taps a few times on his datapad before handing it over. The displaced scoundrel reviews the file, reacting with a lamenting sigh, “Calrissian.”

Two days later …

Reporting from the Imperial News Network, the story breaks that following the reception of the Tarkin-Zoha wedding on Cato Neimoidia. Apparently a band of Rebel terrorists assaulted the Nok Tomi hotel/casino, taking everyone hostage and making obscene demands. While there were several casualties and significant property damage, the plot was ultimately foiled. The hero of the day was an off-duty Stormtrooper identified as JQ-421, who coordinated with the outside via Commander Hadrik of the ISD Devastator.
That Was Close
Things happened so fast I'm not sure what happened

On our way back from Raxus Prime we accepted a contract to repo three of Teemo’s yachts. It figured to be a fairly easy task. We had access cards and locations to pick up a few ships along with the authority to do so.

It seemed to go quite swimmingly at first… well, at least until we got to our first stop on Naboo.

We arrived and docked without issue. We split up to do reconnaissance on the Silver Morning and her security and ran into an unwelcome surprise. Apparently a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers and Imperial Inquisitor Szhi’xok were there and scheduled to take the ship. This wasn’t a quick snatch and grab like had been advertised.

Dall continued to slice the computers to get more information and discovered the daughter of a Naboo dignitary, Sibo Jhade. Apparently his daughter Maera is being escorted by Imperial Inquisitor Szhi’xok to Coruscant to be trained in the old religion. I wanted none of it… it would just bring trouble on our head but I had a mutiny on my hands with everyone pushing to kidnap the girl and turn her over to the Rebel Alliance so they could manipulate her talents. I hate politics.

I agreed so long as they followed my plan, which involved a little theatrics from Sa’fran and I and some subterfuge with the others. Sa’fran and I provided the distraction while Dall requisitioned a getaway vehicle. This allowed Senton and Asa to grab the girl. Meanwhile, Ji’air was supposed to knock out the power but I don’t know what he did. It sounded like an earthquake, but it got the job done.

The plan worked. They got the girl, jumped onto the Morning Star and got a rendezvous with Obi-Wan Kenobi arranged to transfer her to the Rebel Alliance. Sa’fran and I continued our part of the distraction and had the misfortune of meeting Imperial Inquisitor Szhi’xok, but I think we got away with our rouse.

We made the jump to hyperspace and met up with the rest of the crew before heading off to Geonosis to grab the Delight Tah’Guva. I was hoping to see Ji’Ar Wyn show off his skills in a gladiator match, but he did not want to go back into that world, which I understand. Still, I’d like to have seen his so-called prowess in combat against another gladiator.

Han Solo and Sa’fran dropped us off at the arena and provided cover as the rest of us charged in, grabbed the ship and got out of there, dropping it off for collection by the CREDITORS.

All seemed to be going well at that point, which is why I should have known something was wrong but I didn’t see it coming. We got to Kor Akijiic where the Lox’s Legend was located. After the usual recon we found that another repo team was there. This is the one that Fa-Ron Rysh left a crate of valuables on.

Using some local contacts I helped arrange the acquisition of some cleaning crew uniforms for Ji’Ar Wyn, Senton, Asa and Dall Oktra’lon so they could get onto the ship with little notice. The Idents didn’t match up with the crew. Obviously, someone else had the same idea. Ji’Ar Wyn did say that the contact mentioned that fringe group I ran into a year or so ago, Lun Um Bra.

Once the area was secured, Han Solo and the rest of the team made it to the Lox’s Legend and prepared to take off with the Solace providing cover. As the engines roared, communications seemed to go dark from the others. Apparently they picked up an unwanted passenger who had control over the docking clamps, demanding passage for releasing of the ship. It seemed better to accept her offer than to get caught, so Han Solo lifted the Lox’s Legend off and headed for the black.

As we prepared to lift off the Solace Dall found another ship in nearby that was appearing to follow our lead. Dall Oktra’lon, Sa’fran and I began targeting the ship, eventually knocking it off course with a few well placed shots by the Ion Cannon. Han and I took off in different directions, as we coordinated previously with code words, with the goal ultimately to meet up again before dropping off the Lox’s Legend for payment.

We made our way off planet and as the Solace dropped out of hyperspace at the predetermined rendezvous location. As we dropped out the Lox’s Legend was under attack and trying to evade in a junk field. Again the skeleton crew of the Solace jumped into the fight and were able to get the bogeys off of both the Solace and the Legend.

I don’t like surprises like that. Especially ones so dangerous.

All ships have been turned over to the CREDITORS for payment. Now, to regroup and make our next move. Lun Um Bra. I really wish I could remember more about them.

Session 011
It's like taking candy from a baby ...

Operation: Repomen

Starship reposession COLLECTION DEGREE: Moderate
LOCATION: Variable
OPPORTUNITY: Access keycards

The three keycards provide initial data on each vessel, including make/model and visual of the ship, basic GPS, and identity of the last known loaner. Dall reviews the data, informing the crew of each prospect. The ships are located on Kor Akijiic in Hutt space, Geonosis, and Naboo respectively. After a brief discussion, they decide to proceed to Naboo first, Geonosis second, and Kor Akijiic third.

Silver Morning VALUED @ 2mcr (new)

The Solace is registered to a landing hangar on the opposite end of the portage district. Dall slices into the network to acquire some basic information on the vessel of interest, with the intention to continue slicing live while the others acquire additional information. Asa and Senton are sent on recon and scope out the hangar from a distance. Raymus and Ji’Ar decide to play tourist and attempt an up-close-and-personal view of the ship. Meanwhile, Sa’fran states she will mosey with the nobles to acquire useful information.

Senton utilizes his macrobinoculars to peer through the windows and open hangar sections. He observes the presence of a dozen Imperial Stormtroopers as a detail to … Imperial Inquisitor Szhi’xok … who pauses a discussion for a moment, turns, and seems to look directly at Senton. A chill runs down the Cathar’s spine and tail until the Inquisitor waves off the feeling and resumes his oration. Asa focuses on the structural points, entrances and exits, and blind spots. She provides instruction for Team Tourist to enter with minimal hassle. They warn of what to expect inside.

Wanting to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and sleek Naboo barge, Team Tourist soon encounters the Stormtrooper guards, halting further progress. The duo play it off, still surveying the ship, noting its orientation, tech attendants, and visible cargo. The Inquisitor approaches, though remains several strides behind the line of troopers. He reprimands the civilians for trespassing, allows only one further moment to look upon the ship while visibly scrutinizing them, and then corrals them out of the hangar.

Meanwhile, Dall utilizes the acquired information and observations to slice deeper, learning that the intended passengers are Naboo dignitaries from House Jhade. The Inquisitor is apparently escorting the passengers to Coruscant, specifically the daughter, Maera Jhade to the Sith Academy. The Bothan shares this information with the crew, adding some encouragement to sway the others in favor of diverting the teenage girl from what he believes to be certain doom and that dignitary Sibo Jhade will ultimately be grateful.

Dall – “He’s worth his weight in gold in favors.”

Raymus highly encourages a well-thought out plan prior to proceeding. They agree that acquiring the girl will benefit stealing the ship, if for no other purpose than to present an enticing diversion that will lure Szhi’xok from the hangar bay. Using the added information of dinner arrangements at dignitary Jhade’s palatial residence, the crew devises a three-part plan.

Part I Raymus and Sa’fran will cause a distraction at the speeder arrival zone, in order for Dall to slip in and masquerade as a valet, for the purpose of securing the getaway vehicle.
Part II Asa and Senton will covertly gain entry to the palatial estate, convince (or coerce) Maera Jhade to accompany them, and navigate to the getaway vehicle.
Part III Ji’Ar will find a way to knock out the local power grid, at least temporarily, which should allow the getaway to occur and for Han to slip inside the hangar and prep for takeoff.

The Human and Twi’Lek imbibe a few drinks for their cover story and then proceed to the festivities in boisterous fashion. They cause enough of a scene to warrant attention and threat of removal by law enforcement. The duo depart after ensuring the Bothan moves into place, complete with receiving a monetary tip and piloting a speeder to the parking zone. The commotion is sufficient for the Cathars to gain entry via trellis and balcony.

Asa and Senton navigate the maintenance system up to the personal chambers, where they locate Maera Jhade amidst very thoughtful apparel considerations. She presents herself as headstrong and unafraid, yet naïve. With some additional cajoling she relents to her ignorance of her fate and agrees to at least meet with an alternative prospect for training in the ways of the Force.

Upon their signal, Ji’Ar initiates Operation Blackout. The former gladiator reaches into the core of his being and focuses on the power transmitter nearby. He reaches out to try to pull it out of the ground, instead causing a series of shakes. A thrill of adrenaline fills him as the shakes continue, and the power in the region disrupts … resulting in a blackout.

The extractors weave a tangled course through the city to throw off their scent before meeting up at the hangar. Raymus and Sa’fran settle in a stopover across the street from where the Solace is parked to establish their alibi. The Captain advises the extraction crew to take their guest on board the repossessed Silver Morning, stating quite plainly he doesn’t want the noble’s daughter on his ship, so drop her off somewhere else.

The Inquisitor imposes an audience upon Raymus and Sa’fran, though they obviously have not left their lodgings all night. The freighter captain states his crew have their own reasons to be on Naboo, and he didn’t ask for details. Even with his mystical methods, Szhi’xok is unable to glean the location of his charge, though he warns the ship and its compliment are on his radar henceforth.

They set a course for a rendezvous at Mon Gazza. There the others recount delivering Maera to some mutual acquaintances. Senton adds that a Gand named Zaab accompanied the group and sent along well wishes from previous adventures.

The CREDITORS representative connects with the crew. He logs the delivery and initial condition of the Silver Morning. Reviewing the conditions for credits against the debts, the Muun informing them payment for the job is on hold pending delivery of all three vessels.

The crew boards the Solace and sets course for Geonosis …

Delight Tah’Guva VALUED @ 35kcr

With Dall gathering information on the mark, the crew prepares for the forthcoming challenge. The property is locked down as a prize giftable to the victor of gladiatorial bouts, purchasable via redeeming bet claim tokens, or purchasable with sufficient monetary compensation. The arena currently favors a contestant named Trehn, who has been quite successful and made a considerable name and reputation. He’s popular on what exists of the holonet. He is known for his brutality, despite using shockgloves in combat.

Ji’Ar – “If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer to not go back into the arena. I’m an independent now.”

With the former gladiator’s position known, they opt for a direct blast and grab of the vessel. They figure with the majority of the attention set upon the arena, the hangar will yield minimal opposition. Han agrees to stay back on board the Solace with Sa’fran while the rest complete the acquisition.

They take in the sight of the arena flying by in preparation to land. Han takes controls of the ship after dropping the party at the secured entrance.

Ji’Ar leads the charge into the venting door tunnels and hangar corridors, drawing the attention of active guards and engaging in melee as necessary. Senton and Asa position themselves in the middle ground, blasting the guards as they cluster. Raymus takes some potshots and follows Dall as he trailblazes along the wall. Ji’Ar encounters some unexpected opposition, and desperately draws upon the mystical Force for resolution, filling himself with pumping adrenal and nearly collapsing the corridor on top of them in the process. Dall and Ardellian prep the solar sailor as the trio mops up behind them.

Lox’s Legend is tracked to Kor Akijiic, the throneworld for Teemo’s clan. The crate that was left in the ship by Fa-ron Rysh is presumably still on board the Hutt yacht. The vessel has remained unused for the past two weeks and is sitting in a ship compound for the clan.

Lox’s Legend VALUED @ 350kcr

However, another repo agency is hot on the trail of the vessel as well.

Setting a course to the Hutt throneworld proves no problem. Drawing upon his experience working for Teemo, Ardellian remembers a shortcut through a backdoor hyperspace trail known only to a select handful. He warns the crew, however, that simply using this particular trajectory is likely to draw some attention, and if Teemo were alive, one of his usual cover stories would have been sufficient … now, though, he’s not as certain.

“We must be cautious.”

Ji’Ar finishes preparing a delectable pickled space worms spiced with Bantha Tartare for this evening’s dining. As the crew sits to discuss their plans he brings up the plan for the third repossession. The following questions are brought up:

How good is the security at the compound? Should we observe for a while and point out flaws in processes in how they keep an eye on the ships in the compound? Any sign of the competing repo agency once we get there? The distract and grab method seems to be our forte. I’m all for continuing along those lines.

Raymus inserts his opinion as a captain and de facto leader of the troupe, “I agree about possibly needing the distraction. First, Asa and Senton will scope out the grounds and security. Dall and I will glean information about security access codes and scheduled flights about the ship itself as much as we can. If we can find any information about any competing crews, all the better. Perhaps we can find a way to sabotage their ship and throw the eye of doubt onto them and take the blame when we snatch and grab…if that is the way we decide to go.”

Parking the Solace upon an outlying mesa, running sensor sweeps and sending in the Cathar recon team, the compound appears remarkably secure, and there is no apparent activity from a rival repo team. The vantage point overlooking the high-walled and guarded port yard is excellent for observing the activity within.

There are several shifts of guards walking the boundaries, and several roving the lower grounds. Engineers and maintenance techs work upon various vessels, moving them to maintenance bay for the repairs. The vessels are checked in and out for use and general status. A detailing crew roves among the vessels, washing and polishing the exterior and interior, and each team has a trash rover following them for discard of refuse. Some of the detailing teams seems more work-oriented than others.

One of the more relaxed detailing teams appears to spend more time inside the nicer vessels. Occasionally their refuse bags seem more full from those same ships. At the end of such jobs, they deposit their trash at a different receptacle. As of yet, that container has not been collected by a refuse droid.

Raymus remembers hearing about a cleaning facility located nearby, and with a little … incentive … some uniforms can be deemed unfit to clean and sent off to the “incinerator”. He makes a discrete call to arrange a pickup. Ji’Ar accepts the task to be a supply delivery courier with a package (of compensation), picking up the duffel at the arranged location.

Bringing back the goods to the Solace, included with the uniforms are ident cards and a current itinerary for the guard shift, good for the next two days. The ident cards, however, do not visually match any of the Solace crew.

“I think they mistook us for someone else.” Ji’Ar shrugs.

Dall examines the idents, heads to his quarters to research them, and then calls the crew to attention, "Gentlemen, I have run a quick check of the individuals on the ID’s and as expected they are all criminals, as far as I can tell. They are currently working as pirates on the fringe. They have worked for the Hutts, Rebels, and even the Empire on one occasion, but that didn’t go so well… I suspect they are the rival salvage crew we that was assigned to our task… but that’s speculation.

The crew is composed of Luma Udaal, Joq,Vera Nox, Keedo, and Zewawa.

I can try to modify the ID’s to mach us, but given that they are already forged ID’s I’m not confident on the outcome, I would suggest trying something else first, any ideas?"

“Dall,” Raymus interjects, “Let’s check the computers again for any records of ships in dock or anyone we recognize. Let’s get Han in on this too so he can look over the names of ships and people for anyone he recognizes too that might be here as a competing interest. Plus, let’s see if there is anyone known associates of the contact that I made a discrete call to who might be in the repo job business. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Before departing they sit down to another well-prepared meal. Ji’Ar reveals something he remembered from his errand, “During the exchange, the contact stated, ‘This is the last favor I can do for you lot. Any more and it’ll be suspicious.’ Then he whispered ‘Lun Um Bra’. Anyone know that phrase?”

Sitting around the table eating dinner, the rest of the conversation eludes Raymus as he is deep in thought. Suddenly, the captain slaps his hand on the table and shouts, “That’s it!”

“When Ji’Ar mispronounced the phrase he heard, I couldn’t place it… then later I clarified with him and instead of “Lub Al Bum” he heard “Lun Um Bra.” Still, it wasn’t anything I could place. I just remembered… about a year ago… before I worked for Teemo, I was approached by this group of believers who tried to recruit me into their clan. I can’t remember exactly what they were all about, but I didn’t have time for them. I had a load of cargo I had to get off world before the Imperials showed up. I made a quick hop, accidentally losing my cargo, and narrowly escaped the long arm of the Emperor and then got the Hell out of there and wound up on Tatooine."

Raymus looks around at everyone staring back at him for more details.

“I can’t remember which planet it was now… it was a small job and not worth mentioning, really. I just remember a pretty female trying her best to encourage me to stay and help. She tried everything (and I mean everything) to get me to help them… but something just didn’t seem right. I have my suspicions about people that eager. I do remember that they definitely would be outgunned and out classed in a real fight. What did that mean again? Lun Um Bra. I wish I could remember the planet’s name, but even that escapes my memory.”

From the combined efforts of Senton, Asa, Han, and Ji’Ar sneaking their way into the shipyard as last-minute replacement temp detailers, the trio feeds tidbits of information back to the Solace.

Han groaningly recognizes the name of a ship, Infinity, and its registered pilot, BoShek … the one who beat out his score on the Kessel Run. He’s pretty sure the guy cheated, but at the same time, he’s wanted by the Empire for shooting up some TIEs that surprised him at the end of the run.

There are several ships present which Raymus is familiar with from serving as a smuggler for Teemo. Most of those ships; however, are recent arrivals and are checking in for extended stays. It almost seems like a kind of homecoming.

Furthermore, several smaller single and dual operator starships seem to receive extra detailing and maintenance in preparation for an event of some kind, possibly a race.

Notable vessels in the yard:

  • All-1-Anz
  • Crimson Dworph
  • Infinity, BoShek’s vessel that beat Han Solo’s Kessel Run record
  • Jewel of Straits
  • Krayt’s Bane
  • Mudder’s Milk
  • Rim Reaver
  • Saren 1TY

Dall manages to slice really deep and gain the identities of the suspicious detailing crew. They have a long line of dealings with various criminal syndicates and fringe groups, mostly for coin and profit, though always seeming to barely scrape by in the end. They have had their fair share of Imperial encounters and lost several ships during their time together … could be they’re looking for their next ship.

Bu Itlon, an Arcona spice dealer
Chedon De Soluga, a Duros pilot
Kay Lee, a Weequay engineer
Kaz Lo, a Zabrak tech specialist
Zuttu, a Toydarian information broker

Furthermore, there is talk in the yard regarding a recent hierarchy change due in part to the death of Teemo. Many of the household seem to be vying for power, and there is as yet no agreement. With all the uncertainty, the House seems ripe for being usurped or eliminated outright.
“Dall, could you scan communications in the area to see if you can intercept any transmissions by this other suspicious group?”

Dall looks up from his console. “ I’ve manage to slice into a couple of the communications channels. One is the security channel, they seem to be more distracted with some race going on. The other channel is the one the detailing crew is using, they seem to be opportunistic looters and have targeted a bunch ships including the Lox’s Legend. As we assumed correctly they are using the bin to store their ill gotten gains, which a refuse bot will take tonight. They plan to make their getaway by hijacking either the Mudder’s Milk or Jewel of Straits."

The Bothan pauses a moment before continuing.

“I also dug up some information on the ‘Lun Um Bra’, now that I have their name right. They seem to be a fringe organization, much like the Rebel Alliance, and they are interested in freedom from oppression. All of their traceable activities are through proxy groups and never from the same region of the Outer Rim, but their activity does not seem to venture much past the Expansion Rim. That’s if the sources can be trusted. A lot of myth and rumor. Who is really to say how large the group is or with whom they truly operate. For all I can tell, they could be a cover for some other group to throw off anyone trying to get close enough to figure them out.”

“Also I think another party that is present in the area, is interested specifically in the mysterious box that is on the ship… so stay vigilant…”

“Is there a way we can remotely disable the Mudder and Jewel of Straits so they can’t make their get-away?” Ardellian inquires, “Perhaps plant some evidence of their crimes on the way out to keep the local Hutt security teams busy?”

“Oh! one more thing," Dall announces, "Around the time the bot is supposed to pick up the bin, those ships will be marked as contaminated with Space Ebola… that should pretty much scuttle the cleaning crew’s plans for escape… and make them easy stooges for whatever dastardly plan we come up with. So what now? Grab the bin and hijack the ship?”

“Excellent, Dall. Ji’Ar, you and Asa grab the bin and roll it up onto the ship to Han and Senton, who will proceed with securing the ship.” the Captain orchestrates the plan, “Han get the ship ready for departure.”

Senton and Han enter the Lox’s legend for detailing, with the Cathar lowering the cargo lift to … “air out the cargo hold” … while Asa and Ji’Ar collect the “refuse bin”, making sure to secure the “spare bins”. Han starts up the vessel, awaiting the “all clear” for when the docking locks are released.

Asa collects a normal bin as Ji’Ar approachs the “refuse bin” with the hidden loot haul. He applies a remote slicer onto the nearby collection droid, then taps a signal on his comm to alert Dall that he can activate when ready.

“What’a ya thinka yah doin’?” a Toydarian in a detailing uniform flutters into their path and eyes them suspiciously, “Thisa is ma bin.”

Ji’Ar eyes the toydarian mustering his best tired expression. “The boss says get this moved and I get this moved..if you’re having a problem with that I suggest you take it up with the boss” pointing towards the most logical area an office might be located. Without missing a beat, if the toydarian is armed Ji’ar will try to disarm him physically if close should he look towards the feint.

The Toydarian flutters up real close, practically pushing his nose against Ji’Ar’s. “Thisa isn’t ova … buddy.”

As he starts to hover back … THUNK

“No time for small talk.” Asa nods to Ji’Ar as they secure the alien in the bin she brought over. They set it over by where the other bin was set. “That should hold him for a while.”

They stroll over to Lox’s Legend, spotting a shadow slipping on board. Wait. None of the detailing crew is wearing a duster. Who was that masked individual?! They continue a little faster, trying to look like they’re late for their shift task.

On board the Hutt yacht, Han calls back to Senton, informing him the ship is warmed up and ready for liftoff.

“Then you won’t mind if I take us out of here,” a helmeted and synthed voice inquires from behind.

Senton runs back to Han when he hears the other voice behind him to engage the possible threat.

“Easy there, kitty,” the helmeted and synthed individual states as Senton enters the corridor leading to the bridge. “This doesn’t have to get ugly. You’re heading off-world, and I could use a lift.” The glowing red eye sockets on the mask stare blankly underneath a wide-brimmed crimson hat. The alien’s posture is relaxed, yet alert beneath the worn russet leather overcoat, with a casual arms dangling near the bulges of a set of concealed, but easily withdrawn blaster pistols.

“What’s going on down there? Ji’Ar, Senton, Asa, Han…. somebody talk to me!” Ardellian sends through the comms.

“We got company.” Senton speaks into the comm, then turns to their … guest, “Who or what are you?” he says to the alien standing before him in the duster. His claws start to flex down by his side, preparing to strike.

The aliens shifts its center of gravity with a slight shift of the hips, “Do you lot have anyone in the control tower to release the docking locks? No? I do. We leave on my say so. Your best option is to cooperate.”

Ji’Ar strides up behind Senton and assesses their possible opponent. He acquiesces; however, keeping his eyes on every movement.

“Solace come in .. Solace come in .. do you read? This is Senton Blacktear reporting in from Lox’s Legend. Ground crew has brought aboard the container and secured it in place. Docking clamps are still attached. I repeat, we can not lift off, docking clamps are still in place. Some alien found her way into the cockpit of the ship and seems to have us at a disadvantage currently but says she has someone in the control tower to release the clamps. Hopefully we will be up and away shortly.”

The Captain turns to the Bothan, “Dall, do me a favor, please. Before we take off, run a perimeter scan to make sure we’re clear to lift off.”

Dall translates the scan, “The skies are clear, save for a distant storm, activity so far seems calm on the ground. oh, and there’s another heat signature on another mesa. Probably a ship of some sort.”

The Solace lifts off and begins to make its way to sub-orbit, watching for any surface to air attacks, focusing shields.

While lifting off and heading to sub-orbit, the heat signature detected from another mesa begins to follow. Dall jams signals, while sending another to the security tower.

Sa’fran climbs into the ventral turret to control the ion cannon. She takes a shot! The blast grazes the flank of the ship, including one of their engines. The ship begins to list and then careen to the ground. It crashes into a nearby supply depot.

An alert sounds, stating a quarantine is in effect in the yard. Then Dall can be heard laughing over the private channel.

Ji’Ar smiles and states, “Sounds like credits.”

The masked figure within Lox’s Legend gives the group a thumbs up. “All right fly boy, take us up.”

Han hears the clunk as the clamps release, activates lifting thrusters, adjusts the yaw, then punches the engines into full!

The Solace takes a direct tact over to where the Lox is lifting off, scanners searching for anything above or below them that needs to be dealt with.

“Han… head to ‘Miranda.’ Repeat, head to ‘Miranda.’ Do you copy?” Ardellian directs. Lox flashes forward illumination in confirmation.

“So lady, what’s your angle. Where do you want dropped?” Ji’Ar directs to the unidentified alien.

“Nowhere special. Just needed a quick exit. Thanks boys, and girl. Now to freshen up. By the way, nice work with that bin.”

“Who does this woman think she is cashing in on this repo? Is she the other repo agency that we heard about?” Senton chimes in about their … guest …“I saw a brief description of her on the bounty boards but no actual contracts for her or credits. Was wondering how much she is worth .. if anything at all currently. Seems almost like a bet kind of thing.”

“Is anyone else at least a bit curious what’s in the bin?”

Checking out the haul in the bin, the repo team finds it filled with little treasures … datapads of various sizes, recording and listening devices of various models, jewelry, trinkets, toys, currency holders and credit chips (though no direct currency), and even some clothing items. On the black market, they estimate all items combined would probably yield upwards to 15k credits, though they know that’s being optimistic.

Ji’Ar, still holding one of the datapads from the haul, looks up “Is that woman still freshening up?” he strides over to the fresher and places his ear against the door. “The shower is on, so maybe.”

She exits a little while later wearing the same gear, but at least generally cleaner. She’s still sporting the mask, so she’s keen not to show her face. She states she’s going to get some shut eye for the rest of the trip and picks one of the suites, which she locks behind her.

Lox’s Legend suddenly shudders and exits hyperspace prematurely, followed soon thereafter by bangs and thuds against the hull. Han calls back saying they must have miscalculated and entered an uncharted asteroid field. A moment later he adds that they’re not alone, that it looks like a veritable floating starship graveyard out in the black. At least the Solace is here, too …

“Dall, scan for hostiles.”

“Beginning evasive maneuvers.” Ardellian leaps into the bridge seat and grabs the joystick. “Han, what’s your status?”

“uh oh .. any hostiles out there Han?” Senton calls to the pilot.

“I’ll go find out.” Ji’Ar heads to the cockpit to see the proximity of the asteroids nearest the ship. “Whats the plan fellas? Let’s get out of here quickly, is my vote”

On board the Hutt Yacht, Senton and Asa strap in for the bumpy ride. The stranger exits the suite, only to navigate to the docking tube. “Thanks for the lift, but this is my stop.” She enters the decompression section and ejects herself into space.

Han opens a channel to the Solace, “Operations are fine, but we’ve got a bogey on our tail and no blasters. I’m entering the debris field to shake ‘em off. Ji’Ar, strap in and monitor those bogeys. We’ll push through to the other side and engage the hyperdrive!”

Dall detects several other active ships in the region, and one of them is bearing on the location of Lox’s Legend. Raymus easily avoids chase by two straighter class ships, weaving the Solace on a course through the wreckage. Sa’fran attempts to blast them with the ion turret; however, she is unable to lock on to either target, each exhibiting better maneuverability than her aim.

Dall detects a large capital ship listing through the region, and it still has residual heat. From the emissions, the Bothan believes it has been used as an impromptu space station rather than a recently attacked ship. During a barrel roll maneuver alongside the vessel, he observes a logo or a name … Lun Umbra

“Dall, help Sa’fran by hopping in the dorsal turret. Let’s take out that capital ship first. I’ll maneuver into position to target the bridge and then try to take out the bridge windows with my cannons… just like we always do. Use the ion cannon to target their systems. Perhaps we can take two chances at disabling it and then we’ll take on those two smaller ships.”

“Han, time to be a leaf on the wind until we can get these bogeys off you.”

Senton hops into the co-pilot seat to assist Han with piloting, and in the process jokes about how this might end up being a real short trip.

More starfighter class ships engage in the chase, seemingly from the debris field itself; however, despite their size and maneuverability, the Solace presents the more capable pilot. Ardellian leads the chase into and literally through a series of listing and ruined ships, all while attempting to lock a solid shot upon the typical bridge location of the capital ship emanating residual heat. All of the laser blasts from the forward F-Ler cockpit graze the hull, barely delivering any damage and certainly nothing breaching the armor plating, though several small defense blasters that activate are destroyed by the strafing maneuver.

Dall hops into the dorsal blaster turret to take pot shots at the corralling starfighters, while Sa’fran continues her attempts with the ion turret below. Finally one of the ion blasts strikes one of the starfighters, which veers off-course, forcing two others to engage in evasive maneuvers and break off the pursuit.

Meanwhile, two starfighters accelerate to flank Lox’s Legend with strafing fire along the hull, and moments later what appears to be a chunk of debris breaks off from Hutt yacht.

Suddenly a small asteroid changes course, drifting at first, then hurtling into a drifting ship, which then slowly begins a yaw and pitch rotation away from the path of the Lox and Solace.

Han, with Senton assisting navigation, follows Raymus into a twin spiral maneuver, increasing evasion and potentially trapping aggressors between the engaged vessels. Ji’Ar asserts his will upon small debris along their trajectory, intent on pushing the obstacles out of their path. Raymus assists with the FLer’s forward blasters. Dall and Sa’fran continue their support on the turrets, blasting at pursuing starfighters.

The Lox and Solace bank hard to avoid several large ruined vessels. The ion cannon hits one ship, causing its inertia to propel the craft to crash into the hulk. Dall blasts another ship to bits, but three more dart through the blaze in pursuit!

The two scoundrels coordinate a crossover maneuver that lines up the followers for a destructive end. The turrets swivel to ensure the space in clear. With the way clear, the vessels break through to clear space. Ji’Ar exhales roughly, closes his eyes, and begins to snore. The two ships engage their hyperdrives!

“Yes! We did it! We did it! Yahooo,” Senton exclaims joyfully.

“Dont celebrate too soon,” Dall warns, “That’s a lot of effort to expend for a simple repo job. Something else is going on”

“ZzZzz…” ::Pulls his clothing closer to his neck:: “zzzzzZzz” a faint smile of victory adorns Ji’Ar’s face quickly followed by a hint of drool.

Arriving at the designated coordinates, Miranda station looks beautiful cast against the colorful gaseous nebula known as Re’Var. A banking clan vessel is docked at one of the pylons. Both vessels are hailed and instructed to switch to thrusters and allow guidance via tractor beam.

“Be ready for trouble. Initiating docking procedures. Dall, standby on the Ion Cannon. Han, you go first and see if you can spot anything. Senton, keep a keen eye out. If your senses tell you something’s wrong, get out of there.”

The banking clan ship looms large as the ships are tractored into the hangar. Emblazoned upon the hull is the name Devils Due. Upon the deck of immense hangar rest the Silver Morning, Delight Tah’Guva, and at least a dozen other vessels of various makeup. The Lox’s Legend is guided to rest next to the other two collected by the crew of the Solace, while Ardellian’s ship is set near a gathering of Muun with datapads. Attendants are seen inspecting each vessel, calling out reports to an aid, who inputs the information into their own datapad.

“Attention! Attention! Attention!” one of the Muuns calls out, his voice reverberating throughout the hangar via the intercom speakers. “Gather at the dias to receive compensation for services rendered!”

The crew of the Solace and the Lox’s Legend repo team converge and approach the indicated dias. Asa waves the others on, instead transporting the bin from the Hutt ship to the Captain’s freighter. En route they observe several other groups following suit. Each group varies in its complement of species.

“Greetings and good dealings. Jobs well done, indeed, and on behalf of the CREDITORS, we thank you for delivering what was owed.” the pale Muun speaks again, this time utilizing a localized voice enhancer, “Bursar Jinn Oran is how you all should acknowledge me, for I am in charge of each and every one of your transactions today. You can count on me for a fair wage for services rendered. Should your services be deemed profitable, and you agree to continue your services, an account manager present will be assigned to draft the contract. Now then, does anyone have any questions?”

Everyone looks around not wanting to be the first to speak up, and before a brash voice fills the silence, Oran continues, “Good. Each ship delivered is undergoing a thorough inspection to ascertain its current asset value, compared to new value and cross-referenced with current market value. Based upon this criterion, each responsible team will receive a wage. Prior to distribution of credits, each team may converse in private to determine allocation of payment. Inspection will be complete in half an hour. Please enjoy our hospitality.”

With that, the bursar gestures to a long table behind the nearest attendants. Servers begin lifting lids and tapping canisters, revealing a buffet of mouth-watering sustenance. Several teams descend upon the lavish provisions, not even bothering to select a plate or picking up eating utensils.

Ardellian signals the crew back to the ship, instead of partaking in the ravenous behavior. Dall slinks off to check on something.

“Now that we’re alone, I recognized some of those guys from the other repo teams.” he lets the others settle into the lounge.
“The green hued Duros is a smuggler named Drazden Mox and one of the Sullustans is named Treno Nung. Both of them stood out to me from the crowd.”

“Drazden had worked for Teemo on a few occasions, but he always changed up his crew for each job, never becoming close with anyone for longer than a haul. One of those jobs prior to me acquiring the Solace I worked with the Duros. He was cautious and deliberate with the operation; however, his temper flared when things didn’t follow the plan.

“Treno was another story. We were competitors for a few tasks set upon Teemo. We were both directed to deliver supplies without question to a series of drop locations. The Sullustan liked to play games, which was evident in the sabotage of my ship early on. His antics were more of an annoyance, though, not enough to keep me out of the job. I came in second, which bothered me, though Teemo seemed amused by the whole affair.

“So what’s in common, at least, is Teemo had something on them most like. Probably a safe assessment that most gathered here, or at least those in charge of the crews, are indebted to the Hutt in some way.”

Dall and Sa’fran return once the chime sounds, signalling completion of the inspection, her arm slipped in with his. She sports a handkerchief to clean her hands. She laughs at a jest from the Bothan in her direction.

“Dall! You dirty dog!” Ji’Ar says with mock accusation.

“Where have you two been?” Raymus directs at Dall and Sa’fran, “We’ve been hailing you on the comm link.”

In response to Raymus’ query to Dall and Sa’fran and not responding to their hail, to the group out of earshot of the attendants, the Bothan states, “Safran was with me. We were investigating the box everyone has seemed to have forgotten about. Radio silence was necessary. Unfortunately the contents were already pillaged.”

“Attention! Attention! Attention!” Jinn calls the teams together as a soothing chime sounds. “Inspection complete and wages estimated. Each team will receive a calculator for discussing wage distribution. Please follow your assigned steward.”

The attendants spread amongst the teams, distributing a basic datapad, provide instructing to review the wage, and adjust values to team members. Each steward concludes the demonstration by escorting their team to a private discussion chamber down a hallway adjacent to the hangar bay.

Proceeding down the hallway, a few teams funnel into the designated rooms and shut the door. Muffled blaster fire sound moments later. Two other groups halt their entry.

The door opens again. Two step out, a Nikto and a Zabrak. “We have agreed. Fifty-Fifty. Now pay up!”

“Clean up in chamber two!” Cleaning droids drop down from a portal in the ceiling, enter the chamber, and begin purging the room.

“Payment Games,” your steward confides, “Not everyone agrees to the terms. Keep it clean.”

The crew of the Solace enters their chamber, closes the door, and sets the calculator on the table in the middle of the room. The pad first reads each member of the crew: Asa Gildstripes Blacktear. Dall Oktra’lon. Han Solo. Ji’Ar Wyn. Raymus Ardellian. Sa’fran Ta’lou. Senton Blacktear. Then the pad reads the total wage: 117,005, calculated to be 16,715 each.

“Almost 17,000! This could really save my neck.” Han practically whistles at the amount.

“Slow down there, cow poke. We split the credits, but the ship gets one share for repairs and maintenance. It doesn’t keep itself up. 14,625 each to the crew, and one cut balance to the ship.”

Han relents to the lesser value and acknowledges the logic. Without further contestation of the arrangement, the eight slot is added for the Solace, and the wage of 117,000cr split evenly amongst all. The attendant reviews the arrangement, applies his thumb to the scanner, and locks in the payment.

“Congratulations, team Solace.” he nods once and continues, “While some of you still have debts to repay to Teemo the Hutt’s account, as a crew you have the unique opportunity to continue receiving assignments from the CREDITORs with notably more significant profit. Of course a percentage will be subtracted towards the debts.”

He allows a moment for the information to sink in and then continues, “Do you wish to proceed or be released as freelancers?”

“Seems we could use some credits and something to do. What have you got for us?” Ardellian answers for the crew.

A Clear and Present Danger
We'd better get more kitty litter.

It was supposed to be an easy job. Aren’t they all? Go in, negotiate with a war lord, get out… what could go wrong?

Well, the Cathar couldn’t be dissuaded to do anything other than go looking for his mate or kill the man responsible for her capture. Regardless of what the rest of the crew wanted, he made it clear what we were going to do, so we were heading for Raxus Prime.

We took on a few new crew members for this job. It seemed simple enough. Along the way we decided to stop by Orzon Sector and follow up on our partnership with the mine to make sure things were rolling along since we had not received any payments yet. We met up with the attache Parna-chia who was responsible for taking care of our investment interests. She explained that there was a problem and feared for he life, so we convinced her that we would keep her safe until we got the contracts finalized and for some protection after. She explained we had to go to to Raxus Prime so she could finalize contracts with Fa-Ron Rysh, which would secure our interests. Two birds with one blaster. After a few quick calculations on the nav we jumped over to Raxus Prime’s atmosphere.

We arrived at Raxus Prime and while Han and Sa’Fra guarded the Solace with Parna-chia, the rest of us set off to look for this Jhanus Koran character. There was a request made that we either get him to join the rebellion, the syndicate or have the bounty claimed on him. We found his hideout and as Black Jack and I made our way through the air vents – do yourself a favor, never get into a closed air vent with a Jawa; the smells are indescribable – while the others clanked down the halls.

Black Jack and I stumbled across a group of his Jawa brethren who were thought to be lost and dead out in the wastes of Raxus Prime, but apparently from all the gleeful chirping and hand signals they all seemed to be quite happy where they were. Meanwhile, Senton, Rutak Basnan, Ji’Ar Wyn and Dall Oktra’lon talked their way out of a fight. I guess that was a good thing after finding out we were outgunned by a lot. Both Dall Oktra’lon and Rutak Basnan made pitches for their causes, it was Senton who carried the day, negotiating with Jahnuus Koran to join the Rebel Alliance.

On a side note, apparently Senton‘s mate, Asa, was working for Jahnuus Koran as his second in command. Kind of surprising and curious with all this responsibility and what-not that she couldn’t even bother to send a note to her mate letting him know she was alive and okay and where to find her. Awful suspicious to me. She’s with us now, and the big cat seems to be much happier.

Jekk De’li was with us just a short while before joining up with his fellow Jawa to go off on his own adventures in babysitting.

Regardless, with a second Cathar on board, we’re gonna need more kitty litter and a bigger box.

Session 010
What is junk to some is treasure to others ...

OUR HEROES returned to the den of TEEMO the HUTT, only to instigate a coup d’etat! The EMPIRE troopers were driven from MOS SHUUTA by the REBEL ALLIANCE, freeing the settlement from tyranny! Some of the crew of the Solace are missing, some have chosen alternative paths, and others have chosen to remain aboard. Now with a safe harbor on TATOOINE, new adventures await!

With Teemo the Hutt dead, the gangster’s accounts have been deferred to the banking clans and the CREDITORS have assigned an agent to handle acquisition of his debts, including sub-accounts pertaining to Raymus Ardellian and Jekk De’li. News of Teemo’s death has spread throughout the Hutt territories and criminal underworld.

A busted and broken one-man starship lands roughly upon the grounds in front of what used to be Teemo’s Palace, forcing several groups to scatter quickly or else be crushed. A Bothan wearily crawls out from the cockpit and rolls down to the ground in a heap. He is brought into the palace, where the Rebels tend to his wounds, during which he mutters a few names. A scout runs off to find at least one of them.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Raymus Ardellian and Senton arrive, and they quickly begin interrogating Rutak where he has been and what happened to the frigate. The Bothan recounts an ambush of some sort, being stranded on a planet and forces to fight for survival. He and Demetrius were separated, and when he found an opportunity to escape, he took it without remorse. He reluctantly accept his tale, though retain more than a little skepticism.

A CREDITOR agent contacts several parties enveloped in the debt that belonged to Teemo the Hutt, defining terms and conditions of their accounts. Considering the nature of his debt to the Hutt, the agent provides Captain Ardellian … and his crew … an opportunity: the Solace was property of Teemo the Hutt, loaned to the Human for completion of tasks, and percentages of the profit were directed towards paying off the initial cost of the ship; however, the contract detailed a series of further sponsorship that would keep the captain in service by the gangster. The agent proposes full transference of vessel ownership to Raymus Ardellian, with the caveat of paying down the remaining balance by assisting in the collection of Teemo’s debts. The agent makes it clear that failure to collect will result in debt transference to the crew, with associated consequences.

The agent provides three collection tasks specifically associated with Teemo’s former accounts. Order of collection is not specified; however, certain opportunities are available that may ease the collection process. Ardellian states he and his crew will review the collections and determine their course of action.

Hotel & Casino shares COLLECTION DEGREE: High
LOCATION: Cato Nemoidia
OPPORTUNITY: Date/Time dependent gala invitation
Starship reposession COLLECTION DEGREE: Moderate
LOCATION: Variable
OPPORTUNITY: Access keycards
LOCATION: Mining Station in the Outer Rim

After reviewing the collection options, Senton offers an additional task for the docket. Apparently Teemo summoned the bounty hunter Zellroth Krayton for the express purpose of collecting a Mandalorian named Jahnuus Koran, who was last known to be on the inhospitable junk planet Raxus Prime. Turning in the bounty could reward up to 75k credits. He admits he has a personal agenda by following this lead, for the possibility that it will help him locate his mate.

An intense debate ensues, during which the realization occurs that investments from the Orzon Sector deal may be diverted from their pockets to the CREDITORS instead. The crew agrees to head to Raxus Prime for what may amount to a fool’s errand. First, however, they intend to stop in at the end of the line on the Perlemian Trade Route.

Sending a message ahead, the crew of the Solace receives an immediate response from attaché Parna-chia, whom they left behind to manage the accounts. They meet with her directly upon arrival at Obsida. She informs the crew she has not completed the procedure for the investments due to the death of Teemo the Hutt, in whose name the contract is associated. The only way she can correct the discrepancy is by assigning all of the rights from Teemo instead to the secondary backer, Fa-Ron Rysh, a task which must be completed in-person.

Furthermore, Batooda the Hutt has taken an interest in the Orzon accord. The rival gangster is not pleased, since the crew of the Solace, seemingly under the auspices of Teemo the Hutt, was responsible for not only eliminating his agent from the negotiations, but also to wheedle the attaché’s employment from him. On a professional level, her career may soon be ruined. On a personal level, she fears for her life.

Attache requests ensured security before finalizing the paperwork. She demands to temporarily join the crew until the matter is resolved. She adds, half commentary and half request, further security will be appreciated. Raymus states he’ll make some calls.

Without further delay, they proceed to Raxus Prime …
Upon arrival at the junk refinery planet, the security waystation in orbit processes the visiting craft and crew. They state their intention as scrounging for spare parts for the freighter. The check-in includes confirming the crew possesses sufficient protective gear against the noxious environs. After a quick scan, directions are sent for a particular area of the planet, where the crew is likely to locate complimentary components. Ardellian sets the Solace down at a factory settlement identified as Krae-Z-J.

Han Solo, Sa’fran, and Parna-chia are tasked with guarding the ship and contacting Fa-ron Rysh to coordinate a meeting to sign the investment documents.

The crew dons their hazard gear and split up to gather information from the locals. The majority come up with scant rumors and warnings. The Jawa, however, discovers more than he could have bargained for; an old tale from Tatooine that was passed down through the ages told of a tribe, the Meeknu clan, that disappeared from Tatooine during the Clone Wars. Their descendants remain alive, and for the most part well, here on the junk planet.

One of their number, Joh-Joh shares further insightful information, through implying meaning instead of directly answering. Several members of the tribe are missing, presumably lost to the hazards in the Wastes, an outright dangerous place to venture for any reason. Aside from the noxious atmosphere, the Wastes are known to to be inhabited by Junkers, rogue droids, and … shadows … that hunt anything that manages to survive and wander too close. No one has returned to confirm or deny any of the stories.

The crew believes that information to be sufficient, believing these shadows are the Mandalorians Senton referred to, and if he’s right, the most dangerous place on the planet is where they would feel most at home.

Considering the dangers, flying the Solace into the Wastes is unwise; however, taking just the F-Ler module may be possible. Everyone crams into the cargo loader, straps in as best they can, and brace themselves as Raymus takes the controls. Black Jack provides the guidance to the Wastes. Soon, rogue droids fire upon the craft; however, the majority of the shots are avoided by some fancy flying. Several of the hostile droids explode apart, though not by the F-Ler.

The ruined hull of a capital ship soon looms into view within a debris crater, a veritable bastion within the turmoil. Raymus calls out for everyone to brace themselves for “impact”, and he proceeds to make the vessel seem to crash, even landing the F-Ler upside down inside the crater.

The Cathar and ex-gladiator leap out first, scanning the area for immediate hostiles. The Bothan and Jawa seek cover, soon locating a hole in a bulkhead. The Captain locks their transportation and then follows as everyone files in through the bulkhead. Senton nods in agreement to continue in that direction, and the two flank everyone until they are inside.

While the others examine the dark corridor, Black Jack locates a loose ventilation grate and slips inside. Even separated, they equally identify a loose panel and junction corridor beyond. Before the Jawa calls out through the grating, however, Senton rests a hand upon Ji’Ar’s shoulder and states his observation of a trap. Then he signals to proceed down another corridor.

Jekk crawls through the ventilation system, catching the scent of something … familiar … something like kin. Chittering sounds begin to echo through the confined tube. He pops out to join two Jawa singing while they work on an open console, wires pulled out at all angles around them.

Dink dink lost Meeknu dink! Not lost. Like it here. Not going back. Have cause!

While the Jawa chitter amongst themselves, the rest of the group encounters a pair of patrolmen. Ji’Ar approaches them as a warrior. Following up, the Bothan presents their case and believes he has adequately convinced them they are here legitimately for business with their leader, Jahnuus Koran. They are provided directions to reach the mess hall, where they can meet their leader.

Black Jack thanks his fellow Jawas for their assistance, and returns to the ventilation system, navigating his way into the depths, while the others proceed through the corridors. The deeper in they proceed, the more assembled and active the structure seems. They pass a point where a connecting corridor utilizes a port entry.

Scouting ahead, the engineer observes the welcoming party arranged in the mess hall more like an ambush. Two tripod-mounted cannons are set up behind barricades of crates. Reinforced hull-plate tables are turned on their sides in defensive positions, with various cobbled-armored warriors poised to blast anyone who enters. Clearly these are veteran warriors with a highly strategic mindset … or are at lead lead by one with those qualities.

Dall and Rutak concoct a plan for negotiation, tear off a swath of light-colored material, and append to the end of a pipe they picked up along the way. Then they wave the makeshift flag into the mess hall, attempting to waylay any initial hostility. Allowed to proceed without threat of imminent death, the Bothans state whom they represent and ply their case for recruitment.

Dall – “We represent the Syndicate and want to hire you!”

Rutak – “We represent the Rebel Alliance and wish for you to join our cause!”

They continue with lengthy reasons to support their individual causes. To bring the Mandalorians out of exile, instead serving to better the galaxy. To right the injustices in the galaxy brought upon by the Galactic Empire. To seek vengeance upon the Empire for being left to die on this junk planet.

Then Senton steps forward, boldly stating his purpose …

“I am the bounty hunter Senton Blacktear. There is a bounty for the return of your leader, Jahnuus Koran. I appeal to his sense of honor.”

The scene remains quiet for a long moment after one of the the warriors holds up a closed fist. A signal is heard from his helmets, and a gruff voice emanates from a speaker, “Send in the bounty hunter. I will speak with him personally.”

Jekk De’li maneuvers through the vent to a back chamber serving at the Mandalorian’s office. The Jawa sets up his rifle to blast anyone if Senton is threatened. His sight targets the biggest, baddest one in there first.

“You’ve got guts coming in here with a statement like that. I like your spirit, kit. But why shouldn’t I just shoot you here and be done with this matter?”

Appealing to the myth of Mandalorian Honor, Senton continues. He briefly recounts his tale of how he became a bounty hunter and is searching for his mate. Then he states the bounty hunter who was intended to receive the job, Zellroth Krayton, whom the Cathar believes took his mate. He also regales a rumor that the bounty hunter was once a member of Koran’s squad many years ago but betrayed them. Concluding, the offer to join the Rebel Alliance stands, supporting a just and noble cause; he is willing to accept the bounty payment as a finders and recruitment fee.

The Mandalorian briefly contemplates the matter and turns to his second.

“Stripes, let’s show him who we are.”

“Asa … " Senton breathes.

He allows the Cathars a few moments to catch up while reviewing status for departure. The other Mandalorians are signaled to collect the F-Ler. The crew of the Solace receives an escort to a viewport, where they watch as the rubble and debris fall away with a tumultuous … rise out from the junk pile … in a functional ship.

A message is sent to Han Solo to lift off and rendezvous in orbit. Jekk intercedes, stating a need to return to the factory and check in with the Meeknu clan. Raymus agrees to take him back, advising for the others to proceed with the plan. Dall tags along to check in at the settlement, as well.

Jekk locates Joh-Joh and tells him the missing Meeknu were not dead; however, they chose a new life. He passes on the invitation to join them. Tempting as it is, the junk tech declines, stating he’s at home with his own. He announces he will happily tell the tale of their nomad brothers. Not lost; have cause!

Upon return, Parna-chia and Sa’fran report a communication from Fa-ron Rysh arrived, stating he will meet the crew on the base station in orbit of Obsida. There he will sign the appropriate forms and ensure the investment proceeds as intended. In return, he will present a private favor he wishes to be completed.

The Mandalorian junk cruiser Blood Oath ferries the Solace to the edge of the galactic disc, delivering its charge to the Orzon Sector. As promised, the displaced Alderaanian businessman applies his signage and overrides the current contract, thereby making himself, Fa-ron Rysh, the credited party for transactions through the Orzon Accord; he accepts the clause stating failure to comply with the terms will result in financial repercussions, requiring monetary compensation for associated losses. A few addenda are applied to compensate for the nature and current status of the Solace crew complement. The contract is deemed complete and investments processing. Approved by the CREDITORS, their debts decrease by 2%.

Rysh presents the private favor he wishes for the crew to complete. Through the holonet, he has learned the captain and crew have received a job to repossess some of Teemo’s loaned starships. On one of them, the Hutt yacht Lox’s Legend, he stashed a crate in a hidden compartment and neglected to remove it when the party concluded. Even though a month has passed, he believes the contents remain undiscovered. Return of the crate will be greatly appreciated and amply rewarded.

Just before they depart, Fa-ron entrusts a small package to Captain Raymus, with explicit instructions only to open it in his personal quarters, alone, and while in hyperspace.

Dall attempts to contact the Rebels on Yavin; however, he receives a warning message instead:

“If you are receiving this message, do not return to Yavin. The Empire is upon us, and we must evacuate the planet. May the Force be with us.”

The Bothan locates an encrypted message within the message, which provides clues to locating the Rebels. He provides the necessary instructions to locate the closest Rebel cell.

Jekk De’li spends travel time with the nomad Jawa on board the Korandalorian vessel. After some deep contemplation, Black Jack informs the crew of the Solace that he has decided to go with them to help liberate other enslaved Jawa around the galaxy. The crew wish him well on his mission … hoping the curse of ship engineer does not continue longer.

Convening with a small fleet, the Korandalorians merge with them, and Janus allows Asa some time with her mate and will send a message when he needs her.

After the fleet jumps to hyperspace, the crew of the Solace review their next job for the CREDITORS

Sudden but inevitable betrayal
I aim to misbehave

I got to say that I feel the sudden but inevitable betrayal by Gavin to strike out on his own once he was freed from the bonds of servitude to Teemo certainly damaged my calm. He’s promised to help if we really need him with repairs, but he no longer has a desire to float through the ‘verse with us. Well, as I always say, you’re part of the crew ‘til you’re not.

Happily a Jawa with some unpronounceable name that goes by the handle of Black Jack asked to be part of the team. He helped Gavin get the hyper-drive fixed and after Gavin left he tweaked a few things and helped get the ship shiny.

I found out that my debt was sold to another and am awaiting contact still. One communication wave I’m not looking forward to.

In the meantime Senton and I kicked around the planet helping some of the locals sort out some domestic issues with Teemo’s former employees who were acting a might uncivilized and started raiding some local folk. In particular, there was a widow and her son that were trying to get their harvest to market but some no-accounts were harassing them and demanding part of their crops for protection. We setup an ambush and were able to thwart their unwanted advances. The widow couldn’t pay much, but it wasn’t about the money. She did compensate us in other ways though. She served up some fresh milk and served a delicious pie. I must say, after seeing Senton work with his trusty rifle with cat-like reflexes and stealth, my days of not taking him seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the Solace but am still reluctant until I can get out from this debt, but surely with more opportunities I can get out from under. For now, she’s in my control and so long as I draw breath, have my trusty blaster Vera by my side and a crew to help, I’ll keep the Solace in the black.

I have a sense of dread about. I suppose after being poisoned that might do things to a man to make him think. Something ain’t right about things though. Too quiet lately. I never like quiet. It’s always quiet before the storm.

Speaking of storms, Sa’fran seems to be getting a little too attached. She is very clingy and seems to think there is something more between us than simply ship’s captain and nurse. I get that she’s grateful, but she almost seems to act like she belongs to me, like I’m her new master. She told me of how her former master used to abuse her – beatings and requiring sexual favors. Normally I’d leave her at the next space port but she seems a bit emotionally fragile right now and I can’t leave her like that for the next abuser to take advantage of her. I’ve gotta think on it a might more.

For now, I’ll be in my bunk.

Mos Shuuta Rebellion
Freedom for the people ...

Approximately a month passes …

During that time, Mos Shuuta is freed from the majority of Teemo’s influence. Minor skirmishes still occur with loyalists and other power mongers; however, the Rebel Alliance and allies hold the palace and allow other businesses to operate independently within the settlement. The Galactic Empire seems to either not have the immediate resources to contend with the territory, not care, or not yet care. The CREDITORS are now in control of Teemo’s financial accounts and make various arrangements with those previously in the Hutt’s debt or employ.

In exchange for delivery off-planet, one of the evacuation clients bequeaths one of his Twi’Lek slave girls, Sa’fran, to the ailing captain, with the advisement that she has exceptional bedside manner. She helps Raymus regain his health, showing a particular talent for medical practices. As a result she becomes a member of the crew, and she actually seems accepting with the arrangement.

A Jawa, with the unpronounceable name Jekk De’li, going instead by the moniker Black Jack assists Gavin to repair the hyperdrive regulator and IFF transponder. Gavin feels responsible for setting back the Captain further in financial woes, and decides his place is best off the Solace. The engineer sets up shop in Mos Shuuta, taking the loader droid with him. He promises loyalty to the crew and states he may join them in the future for an adventure or two should they be in the area and welcome him. The CREDITORS establish a contractual stipulation in the engineer’s Mos Shuuta property and will receive a percentage of profits, which will be directed towards paying off the Klatooinian’s previous debt to the Hutt.

The Jawa outlaw tech practically jumps at the chance to be his replacement. Having proven himself capable, even able to deactivate slave collars, such as the one preventing Han Solo’ from escaping, the rodent is accepted to the crew roster. Besides, the CREDITORS have a file on him as well …

With the assistance of Dall Oktra’lon, the Rebel Alliance secures the Hutt’s computer network throughout Mos Shuuta. They arrange a conversation with the mercenaries to ensure further cooperation. The hired guns negotiate a base camp on the Mesa and several sections of the palace as an ops center.

Senton … inherits … several other bounties left active by the late Hutt. The Cathar uses this to gain access to Teemo’s unpublished bounty board and gleans information regarding rival bounty hunter Zellroth Krayton. Looking through the history, the bounty hunter sold a target to the Hutt as a gladiator.

In appreciation for helping usurp the Hutt slug and freeing him from his binds, gladiator Ji’Ar Wyn promises to lend his skills and strength to the crew of the Solace, filling the role of the recently departed Wen Digo. Besides, the Human wishes to not remain on Tatooine, yet knows nowhere else he can afford to go …

Han Solo agrees to sign onto the crew of the Solace until they are able to locate and reunite him with his cohort Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon.

Still there remains no word from Demetrius or Rutak … What could have happened to them? Where could they be?

Well that sucked
I've been shot and the crew wrecks my ship

Waking up with the feeling of fire in my veins and someone sitting on my chest, looking up at the ugly face of a Bothan who’s breath smelled like kitty litter, was not my idea of celebrating a pay day. The last thing I remember was negotiating a contract and heading back to the ship. I struggled to get off the table and disconnect myself so I could make it back to the Solace and get some comfortable rest in the privacy of my cabin. It was then that I looked over and saw this disgusting blob of flesh and blood laying on a table hooked up to all kinds of life support gizmos. As my eyes focused I realized it was Teemo, all but completely deteriorated away.

Choosing not to exact any cruel revenge I let him live, and reminded him of that fact before making my way up through the halls and stairs to the main audience chamber… where I saw Teemo in full figure barking out orders. This Bothan, who calls himself Dall Oktra’lon, directed me up to the palace docks and suggested that I put my clothes back on before heading up.

You can imagine my confusion and wondering if I was still under some hallucinogen, but I kept making my way up and out to the loading dock of Teemo’s palace to find the Solace under guard. I made my way on board and called out for the crew to report. I found that Senton was in the palace doing some bounty hunter stuff and Gavin was off trying to find parts. Apparently in their earnest attempts to keep me alive Gavin overclocked the hyper-drive. He and the crew burned up the primary and so now he’s off looking for a replacement. I can only imagine how much more this will put me in debt.

Still no word from Demetrius Qal-aca or Rutak Basnan … or any word about the freighter they left on.

After getting a little sleep I noticed that Senton had been trying to reach me several times. Apparently Teemo’s palace was being overrun by Imperial Stormtroopers. There was a major battle waging, and it caused a flood of some of Mos Shuuta’s “finer” citizens offering payment or the promise of payment to get them to safety. Some across the planet, some across the universe. Who am I to turn down credits? Perhaps a few more than they would normally pay… but these weren’t normal circumstances.

As payment from one “noble” I have tried to acquire the freedom of one of their slaves. She’s very entertaining and very talented… not to mention flexible. I’m going to let her stay in my cabin with me to help me tend to my wounds. At least until I feel better. She might be of good use around here. I might let her stay on for a bit if she likes.

On a side note, I tried to get Teemo – or at least the pathetic life form that looked like Teemo in the basement – onto the Solace and get him to safety, figuring that him owing me a favor might help get rid of some of the debt I owed him, but he didn’t make it to the ship. Now I’ve got some other ‘benefactor’ that I owe. I can’t wait to see what this one demands. That’s for another day.


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