On the Edge of the Empire

Session 013
Wanted ... dead or aliiive ...

Senton receives a recommendation sent directly to him via the Bounty Board:

Three targets, Starstriker, Flameseeker, and Shepherd, are wanted dead or alive. They have warrants from several systems for acts arson, demolition, larceny, and murder. They are fugitives from The Sanctuary, and should be considered hostile and very dangerous. Your tracking skills have been recommended in high esteem.

Crime Reports
The locations of their acts range far and wide, seemingly without connection to each other or without a pattern. They are highly volatile when accomplished. Chaos through and through. Most of their acts have been in the Outer Rim, though a handful delve into the even the Expansion Rim.

Prison Breakout
Approximately a year ago the three broke out during at riot from the Mid Rim penal colony called The Sanctuary, located in a region of space formerly controlled by the Hutts. The title misinforms the local populace from the truth about the “wildlife sanctuary”. The penal colony is a series of islands located in an area of treacherous waters filled with dangerous marine life and the cliffs inhabited by aviaryphibians.

Shipjack Reported
A YV-929 Light Freighter identified as the Mudder’s Milk was recently reported as stolen from a docking bay on Tatooine. sightings following a known spicer trade route along the Outer Rim.

Analyzing Data
The crew pools and analyzes the gathered intel. Together, they are able to plot a general flight path and extrapolate the expected next stops. Raymus sets a course just past the planet Gamorr, where they intend to set a trap.

Catching Up
They set up and wait for their target, with Sa’fran in the dorsal laser turret and Senton in the ventral ion turret. The ship exits hyperspace near where they were expected. With a little maneuvering, Raymus lines up the ship. Sa’fran blasts the engines, and Senton’s ion blast strikes true, the collective effort disabling the Mudder’s Milk.

However, before the Solace can lock on to board, an Imperial Customs Frigate identified as the Kath Hound arrives on the scene. Customs Officer Baj’dar commands the Solace to stand down and withdraw. Raymus recoils at the voice and name of the commanding officer. Thankfully before he responds, Dall interjects with an overriding Imperial identification, Basil “Thunderfist” Castillian and supporting Imperial code, denying the Customs claim instead as interfering with an on-going investigation.

Bajder presents a counter-proposal to simultaneously board the freighter, and discuss the matter in-person. Agreeing to the terms, each vessel locks onto the docking ports, Solace to larboard and Kath Hound to starboard. Boarding parties prepare and then make their moves.

Dall slices the docking portal, and as Senton starts towards the interior, he smells the three occupants and explosives. The Cathar raises his heavy blaster and fires a volley towards the barricade providing cover for the central lounge. As the Imperials begin blasting open the portal entry across the way, the trio activate explosives and slam the emergency airlock shut. a few stormtroopers are thrown around like rag dolls and torn to pieces within the trapped corridor. The remainder push through and quickly bind the targets. Meanwhile, Raymus detaches the F-LER from the Solace to patrol the assembled ships, prepared to fire upon any opposition if necessary.

Bajder challenges for jurisdiction, stating that if the Castillian is unable to meet him face-to-face within a minute, he will kill the trio and be done with them once and for all. Ji’Ar charges to the door, works his fingers into a seam and pushes the door open with great Force. Then he tosses the Imperial uniformed Bothan into the ship. Dall athletically rolls and stands to his feet, almost as though he planned it that way. Ji’Ar and Senton, fully covered in armor, stride up behind as intimidating support.

Despite the claimed CorSec agent meeting the challenge, the Human Imperial Customs Officer denounces the rival legitimacy on the account of being a Bothan. Baj’der sentences the trio to execution, ordering the surviving six stormtroopers to raise their blasters and prepare to fire. Thunderfist interrupts by providing overriding authorization, stating Customs Officer Baj’der has overstepped his rank and privilege, and placing him under arrest. The stormtroopers comply with the override, aiming their blasters instead at the Customs Officer. Senton binds the officer and escorts him aboard the Solace to the passenger quarters, sedated, and further bound.

Basil Castillian dismisses the stormtroopers to the Imperial Customs Frigate, allowing them to collect their fallen comrades, and return to their own jurisdiction. Ji’Ar seals the airlock behind them. Moments later, the Imperials detach and withdraw from the system.

With the Customs Frigate departed, Raymus comes face-to-face with Baj’der, the trio and their collective past. Raymus Ardellian introduces Shepherd as Jhayn Booq, Starstriker as Erlii Lyons, and Flameseeker as Wal Zo-yee.

Raymus states his belief that they were killed out in the field when the Empire assisted the government and bombed the valley. The trio in turn relay belief in Ardellian’s death.

They recount serving together during the civil war on Seren, combating against the oppressive government in the box canyon known as Solace Valley. They regale stories from their stationing at Independence Training Yard VII, colloquially known there as Seren ITY 7.

Senton interrupts the reunion by attesting to following through with the bounty on their heads; they are still known criminals. The trio first interjects, attesting that after crawling out from the hell that was the ruined valley, they struck at the Galactic Empire and its allies ever since. In their own way, the war never ended, and anyone against the Empire is deemed a criminal. They then present a counter-offer of more-than-comparable riches reaped from a lost treasure they’re tracking down.

The survivors from Seren ITY VII decide they must first deal with the traitor, Baj’der. They agree to place him back aboard the Mudder’s Milk unbound but still sedated, then blast a hole in the hull to present the appearance of a pirate attack. Ardellian and Dall work up a distress call and recovery report implicating Lun Umbra as the offenders.

They tow the vessel to the next system and selling the hulk for scrap. Ardellian negotiates for 75kcr, then divides the shares by seven, though presenting the trio with a collective one share. 10,500 is allocated for each share, and the Solace share of 12kcr.

Onward to the Treasure Hunt!

Along the way, Dall learns the trio has a cred chip much like the one the crew of the Solace acquired from pirates in the Corellian Sector. Reviewing the contents, he pieces together that the two chips are halves of the same set of clues. Plugging in both chips to his datapad, a more comprehensive trail forms, leading to …
Galactic Coordinates: S13/14 (pan handle in Hutt Space)
Mountainous with silty and clay mudflats
Major production settlement: Tancon

Raymus agrees to the jaunt, though his behavior becomes more on edge and cagey. Adding to this, he covers himself nearly completely, similar to when the crew visited the Corellian Sector. When confronted, he responds with a summarized account of his previous visit more than a year ago.

“I had a load of cargo I had to get off world before the Imperials showed up. I made a quick hop, accidentally losing my cargo, and narrowly escaped.”

Dall cross-references the account to a rise in exports from the planet. Perhaps it was merely coincidence, but a sudden development of crops previously non-native to the world thrived. As a result, the vegetation became a cash crop that exported very well for high prices. Raymus claims ignorance of the plants as not a product he would have been trying to smuggle.

Shortly after setting down at the docking port, the crew and trio exit onto a plaza. All of the visual cues direct the visitors to a statue surrounded by a well-kept garden. Everyone except Ardellian stops and stares, and with the scoundrel looking around nervously at passersby.

The Hero of Tancon

“Ray, why is your visage looking down at us like we owe it somethin’?” Zo-yee directs at Ardellian, with more than a suspicious expression on her face.

“I don’t know, Wal.” Raymus directs his attention at the statue. “But let’s get inside before someone looks at us funny.”

Even more than earlier, Ardellian peers around nervously and attempts to keep his identity unknown. Senton guides the way to a suitable watering hole, the Cathar utilizing his keen sense of smell, yet grimacing with the need to wade through such an odorous environment. They navigate the winding sun-baked clay streets until they reach a suitable option, and together they duck into the cool interior.

The group selects a shadowy corner to review their next course of action. ji’Ar takes drink orders and excuses himself to collect them from the barkeep. He soon returns with a tray of fired clay mugs, each filled with turbid and heady liquid.

Before they can discuss anything further, one of the locals calls for attention for a song that needs no introduction. The bard strums a few chords on his quintolium as the opener. The crowd within the establishment immediately erupts into a roar and applause, then quickly settles.

The man they call RAY!
He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the IMPs and gave ‘em what for.
Our love for him now, ain’t hard to explain,
The hero of Tancon, the man they call RAY!

The ballad continues with another musician starting up on a Piqfidolin. Then the crowd joins in singing along, their enthusiasm rising with each verse. At the corner table, everyone turns to the crudely disguised scoundrel, watching his expression change and contort with each passing line of the folk tale. By the end, none of them are certain what to make of the incident, even Raymus feeling more confusion and anxiety, yet strangely elation.

Ji’Ar and Senton both feel anxious, as though something very bad may happen. Instead of exploiting this turn of events, the group agrees to exit quietly. They lock down the Solace at the docking bay, taking only the F-LER out for a survey of the landscape.

Three-hour Tour

They register the flight as a three-hour sightseeing tour and receive the necessary pass without incident. Following their leads in search of the treasure, Dall plugs in both cred chips into the nav-comp to provide additional guidance. Ji’Ar and Senton look out over the landscape, with the former gladiator feeling more and more a sense of deja vu. Both, however, continue to feel more and more uneasy as they approach the Bothan’s extrapolation for the coordinates.

Over a rise of dusty hills, a jagged mountain range looms into view. Dall calls out to make an adjustment to the course; simultaneously Ji’Ar and Senton point to an erosion formation. Dall jokes about the Force, resulting in a series of awkward expressions.

Raymus sets down the F-LER at the base of the formation. Everyone suits up for the initial survey, taking only what they need. Senton collects his heavy blaster canon anyway, stating he always prepares for hostile encounters. Sa’fran assures the team that she can carry the portable medical suite, and proceeds at the rear.

While exploring the rocky ground, Ji’Ar locates a strange pointed rock sticking up from a lower portion of the alluvial fan. Near the point is a shallow impression that, from the casting of the light and fall of shadows across its surface, seems to be more than mere imperfections in the rock. He clears away the inhospitable soil to reveal more defined etching. With a little Force, he reveals an obelisk.

“The temple must be nearby!”

Senton allows his tracking instincts to take over, his mind wandering to some of the glyphs depicted on the cred-chips. Before long he finds an opening at the peak of the alluvial fan.

For a few moments he notices a cool breeze emanate from the narrow cave entrance, then a low vibration before the ground gives out from under him!

Senton falls into the darkness, and slowly his eyes adjust, a thin ray of sunlight eeking into the chamber from the crack above. He looks around to see a series of statues against an engraved temple façade. Densely packed soil and rock surround what appears to be a courtyard, and there seems to be no entry into the rock. Perhaps this is all that remains of the structure.

Raymus carefully relocates the F-LER closer to the opening, while the others unfurl a synthrope in to the recess. Dall drops a glowrod into the darkness. They secure one end to the vehicle and then descend one by one. Ji’Ar climbs part way, then feels a surge of adrenaline. He releases the rope and jumps the rest of the way, exerting his will to soften his landing.

Sa’fran checks Senton’s wounds from his unexpected entry into the chamber, and she determines only minor abrasions and superficial injuries. She catches the Cathar when he wobbles for a moment, a wave of nausea suddenly overwhelming him. By the completion of her treatment, Senton feels rejuvenated, like a million credits.

While the trio and the majority of the crew look around for easy-to-grab valuables, Ji’Ar explores his sensation of deja vu with the location. He clears sand and dirt away from certain places, revealing carvings of symbols, and then he traces them with his fingers. He cannot shake the feeling that he has been here before, despite no solid memory of the place. he decides to give the chamber a solid examination from against the wall of a nondescript, yet seemingly focal point between two pillar-like statues. The wall begins to shift inward, opening to a deeper cavern.

Everyone feels an immense sense of dread emanating from the new discovery, accompanied by low growling …

Everyone except the trio quickly climbs the synthrope to return to the surface. Despite the urging from the others, Starstriker, Flameseeker, and Shepherd are adamant to remain and claim the treasure. As they pull themselves out, Senton senses something, and out of the corner of his eye, something moves in the shadows. Before anyone has an opportunity to react further, Ji’Ar stands up suddenly, looking past the F-LER and warning of Imperials approaching.

An Imperial speeder pulls up to the far side of the cargo hauler, and a female figure exits with a flourish. She assesses the scene. When Dall sets into position, straying upon the uneven ground to fire his blaster, she reaches towards him, and the Bothan begins gasping for air and clutching at his throat.

Ji’Ar notices a weapon hanging from her flank, and he reaches out to pull to his own hand what he believes to be a lightsaber. The action distracts her from the distanced grip long enough for Dall to roll and take cover behind the F-LER; however, she reacts with an astonishing leap on top of source of cover. With her readjusting, Raymus takes a shot, which she deftly deflects by drawing and igniting the lightsaber; the shot and her crimson saber tear into one of the thrusters, ejecting enough exhaust in her own direction to knock her off and roll a few meters down the alluvial fan.

The sound of a gargle and groan echos up out of the cavern as Erlii is mauled from an unidentified creature.

The others gather around the F-LER and open fire upon the hostile stranger. With acrobatic flair she avoids some of the blaster fire, with the rest causing superficial damage. Senton switches his ammo source setting to deliver a lobbing deluge of explosive rounds.

An excruciating scream emanates from the cavern below as another creature rips and tears Zo-yee apart, a satisfied howl following soon thereafter.

After bouncing several times, the stranger pulls her bloodied body to her full height, swinging her arms up with the movement. The cargo hauler lifts from its resting position, soaring through the air at the group. Ji’Ar rolls ahead of the crew, sets his feet firmly into the soil, and raises his arms to catch the improvised projectile. The hull barely touches the palm of the brute’s hands before hurtling back at the aggressor.

Her eyes widen with surprise. The hulk lands hard, pinning her to the ground, with loosened soil filling into the depression around her. Senton nearly doubles over from a massive migraine, as though the air pressure around him suddenly increased. Sa’fran suddenly becomes ill, nearly retching where she stands.

A final shriek and wail rise out of the cavern as the creatures catch up to and feast upon Booq’s reptilian hide.

Raymus rushes over to the F’LER to check its damage. Ji’Ar and Dall check on the body of their attacker. Senton and Sa’fran remain where they are to recover from whatever affected them both.

From the weight of the ship and force of impact, both the lightsaber weapon and their opponent are crushed. Some life remains in her, and she weakly opens her eyes as Ji’Ar kneels down. Their eyes lock, and for a moment their breath stops, the breeze pauses.

“Jace?” her voice cracks.

Past him, she watches the Bothan quickly drawing a holdout blaster and then firing without remorse. Her living material rips apart with ease and speed, breaking down to the molecular level, leaving behind only a smoking pile of ash.

“What the hell was that?!” Raymus runs around after the sound of the blaster settles. He observes Dall holstering a weapon as the former gladiator incredulously looks at the Bothan. “The last time I heard that sound, we were getting shot at in the office on Nemoidia.”

The Bothan casually responds by indicating only the guard was shot, though he was aiming for the official.

After stopping the pressure in his skull, Senton rallies the others to recover the bodies of the treasure hunters, his bounties. Through careful and strategic attacks, they manage to eliminate enough of the creatures in the temple structure to allow some exploration. The crew hoists up the dead and accomplish a small degree of artifact collecting.

They load the items into the righted F-LER, then pile into the stranger’s Imperial speeder. Ji’Ar concentrates on holding the cargo loader aloft, while Raymus carefully maneuvers them sufficiently back to the outskirts of Tancon.

Treasure Haul

There they inventory the haul and place the bounties on ice while they arrange for repairs.

  • clone war era datapad
  • holocron (bonus on content)
  • clone war artifacts (Jedi exiles)
  • some bladed weapons (bonus: one Sith sword)
  • robe tatters and some armor
  • 3 small statues

Dall attempts to access the datadrive from the datapad; however, he is unable to extract the hard drive, though he does diagnose the need for a battery. He scours the mechanics bay from when Gavin resided on the Solace and manages to locate a suitable battery. He reviews the content in private after fiddling with the access sequence.

Ji’Ar takes interest in the gladiator-like blade from the haul, some of the armor that fits, and the polyhedron object. Senton hangs around while the former gladiator sets down at the dejerik table to attempt to figure out the object.

Raymus and Sa’fran seek out a mechanic …

Empire Day!

While attempting to arrange for repair of the F-LER from a Besalisk named Dexon Tressex, word of Ray’s return spreads throughout Tancon. The turn of events proves to positively affect the repairs; however, undesired scrutiny and an altercation occur from the Imperial presence in the town … and just in time for Empire Day or as some others prefer … Remembrance Day!

Reaping Rewards

Senton, along with the crew of the Solace and their guest, deliver the corpses of the bounties, which are suitable enough to confirm identities and reap full reward.

Utilizing CREDITORs connections, the crew identify and locate a suitable buyer for the artifacts they are willing to part with.

Session 014
Consequences of reputation ...

The crew of the Solace has recently collected a series of debts and completed repossessions for their current employer, the CREDITORS! Since succeeding in beating his previous record for completing the Kessel Run, Captain Raymus Ardellian has received increased attention and fame, drawing more attention to the crew than they expected or desired. Now an encoded message awaits decryption …

Dall decodes the message and traces it back to Coruscant, Sector 1313.

Captain Raymus Ardellian and the collective crew of the Solace … First allow me to congratulate you on your accomplishments thus far.
As a compliment and a warning … your reputation precedes you more than you know.
With that said … your services are required to complete a task of imminent importance and of a sensitive nature.
An individual of particular importance is missing, and for the time being this fact has been suppressed.
A contact has provided a location … one which exceeds the capabilities of resources on hand.
Direct action would result in … unfortunate consequences spanning the galaxy … This is where your notable talents apply.
Embark to the location … gain entry … and secure the individual … and above all else, utilize discretion.

The crew agrees to take the assignment and request the amount reward.

You will not regret this decision … Your reputation will be bolstered by your success … and you will be amply rewarded … Coordinates and intel will be sent presently.
Target Former Galactic Senator and business tycoon Laamjev Oolmerooj
Location Shadowport Omega (remote waystation in the Outer Rim)
Intention A third-party agent will deliver the ransom. Before that scheduled transaction; however, your goal is to break in and collect her before delivery arrives in two days time.
Consequences Should the Empire or general public become aware of this incident, her company stock options could experience significantly decreased value.
Reward 25k credits each (negotiable of equal value)

Raymus notes the direct payment from his Orzon investment to his ship debt, and he decides to dip into his personal funds to finish off the debt in full. The CREDITORs register and acknowledge the account as resolved in full and wish him well. Temporarily changing the IF transponder to Hungry Tribble. Then upon arrival at Shadowport Omega, Captain Ardellian negotiates a cheap tune-up for the ship, using his new found reputation a boon for the transaction.

Senton attempts to reach out with his feelings but feels an ominous presence reach back. He withdraws further mental exploration.

Jace looks through the Force to catch a vision of their target. He sees her in a room, seated in a chair, and though unrestrained, she appears unwilling to stand up. She is surrounded by armed men. He overhears the sounds of a casino from another chamber.

Dall scopes out the cantina and learns that someone was seen being escorted under duress into the Unlucky Token Casino.

Senton remains outside on watch for any suspicious activity, and keeping his heavy blaster, while Dall, Ji’Ar, and Raymus enter to investigate. Dall registers his public blaster pistol, keeping his handheld disruptor safely concealed on his person. Ji’Ar leaves his pike with Senton and otherwise enters without weapons. Raymus skipped back to the ship for a moment to lock his blaster in his quarters and check in with the mechanic and advises Sa’fran to make sure he doesn’t do anything unsorted with the Solace.

Dall and Ardellian play some hands at dice, the Captain placing a bet pool of 100 credits, while the Bothan places a decidedly more risky bet pool of 1000 credits. Dall rolls a two-fold win, while the scoundrel broke even on the first round. Their roles reversed during the second throw. During the third throw, Ji’Ar strides by and waves his hand after one chance cube stops on a less fortunate face, becoming instead a more fortuitous outcome. The fourth throw results in two-fold winnings for them both.

The floor manager arrives on the scene and accuses the captain of cheating during the third throw. Security starts over by gesture of the manager; however, a ruckus breaks out at another game, the table of which goes flying. Soon a full riot ensues, with one of the guards thrown into their own table, sending the chips flying in all directions. Raymus scoots chips over towards the Bothan, who had grabbed a sack from under the dealing table to scoop up as many tokens as he can.

Senton hears the commotion and rushes in without concern for the “no weapon” rule. With more pressing matters inside, no one hinders his advance. He spies the Bothan hugging the wall, heading for the manager’s office. The others converge with him, and they enter the office, closing and locking the door behind them.

The sounds of the casino echo through the hall and are merely muffled by closing the door behind them. The group progresses down the hall, observing a minor medical station in one of the rooms, where there is a doctor examining superficial wounds to another patron. Dall strikes up a conversation while the others proceed to examine the rest of the rooms.

At the end of the hall they locate the manager’s office. Senton takes charge, quickly opening the door at the ready, glimpses four armed guards set behind the desk and a fifth tough exiting through a rear door. As the security notices the Cathar, raising their blasters, the bounty hunter unleashes a powerful blast into the middle one on his left, creating a splatter pattern across two other guards, the floor, wall, and desk. Momentarily startled, Ji’Ar makes use of the advantage to exert his will upon the desk, slamming it against the guards. Raymus rushes over, feigning concern for their well-being, gently disarming the guard still standing, and then he proceeds to disarm the rest of them, keeping one blaster for himself and handing the other three to the crew. When the doctor and Bothan catch up, they tend to the wounded, applying sedatives to prevent further trouble.

The rest of the team prepares to enter the room Ji’Ar earlier observed through communing with the Force. Aware of the expected opposition, the heir of Krath rips the door from its hinges and moves it in stride several paces ahead of him into the room, turning the makeshift shield ninety degrees. He slams it into the closest opposition, though maintains its levitated position to provide cover.

The leader of the hostage-takers demands the team to lower their weapons or the seated woman will be killed. Senton dips low and unleashes his heavy blaster into him, splattering his remains across several thugs and even the hostage. With the primary threat neutralized, the rest lower their weapons to offer no further contest.

“Where did you learn to negotiate like that?” Dr Temu absently inquires on his way to inspect the hostage for injuries. “I am appalled that this facility would resort to hostage capture to make money.”

As they begin to withdraw Laamjev Oolmerooj, the hallway fills with station security. The doctor quickly realizes he is in over his head, and unable to recover his belongings and research under current conditions, he hastily arranges passage aboard the Solace.

“Looks like there’s no way out that way.”

Ji’Ar moves the door, still in horizontal position, to bar easy passage into their current chamber, and he ensures the ends of the door bend into the structure to securely seat the makeshift blockade. Meanwhile, Dall questions one of the thugs for a back way out, resulting in opening of a maintenance tunnel in the shadows. The team allows the surrendered thugs to follow along with them, so long as they pose no opposition. Knowing they would otherwise meet their death at the hands of the security guards, the thugs agree to the terms.

As they progress single-file through the narrow tunnel, the security guards trace their trail, sending blaster fire to sway resolve. Defending the rear, Ji’Ar is unfazed by the security’s attempts, the bolts deflecting off of his armor. Unfortunately, some of the deflections breach a coolant pipe, flooding the tunnel with noxious gas.

The business tycoon can’t hold her breath long enough, instead engulfing a lungful of the gas, and immediately falls unconscious. The doctor makes a quick grab for the Bothan’s breath mask, and while unsuccessful and gasping for air, he claims he’s the most qualified to revive anyone should they succumb. He pushes through to unpack a repulsor stretcher from his med-backpack. Just wide enough to fit within the maintenance tunnel.

The former hostiles clamor for safety, despite warnings to maintain stillness in order to lessen exertion, leading to extended held breath. As a result, they soon succumb to the gas extending farther through the tunnel. They fall over each other like chance sticks on the throw.

With the repulsor sled erected, Raymus finally exhales and falls unconscious from the gas rushing into his lungs. He gracefully joins the damsel on the gurney. Senton hurries ahead to locate an exit, trying to escape the coolant leak. The Cathar locates an access panel to the rear of an establishment in the commerce zone. He urges the others forward, which snaps Ji’Ar out of his breath-holding trance. The team, however, leaves the thugs behind.

The doctor resuscitates Raymus and the woman while the others scope out the stock room of what appears to be a closed clothing shop. The team searches for an escape route. Ji’Ar finds an evacuation map with routes leading to emergency exits and the hangar bays. The team plans from their hiding spot to the Solace They collect disguises for everyone, though Dr. Temu declines on principle, instead choosing to remain as he is and defend his integrity as a gentleman and a former scholar.

A lone security approaches the doctor, whom they question as looking lost. Dall quickly sedates the inquisitive security; however, two others notice him and give chase. The Bothan gestures for the others to continue, then he sets off on a run.

He leads them on a merry chase, losing them after ducking into a side passage, followed by the female fresher. Dall exits the wash room when the coast is clear. A moment later, a woman in a crimson jumpsuit departs as well, casting a long look and a smirk in his direction.

Returning to the Unlucky Token Casino, Dall requests to redeem the chips he recovered. He idly scans the interior as he is led back to the manager’s office. The establishment appears to have been entirely cleaned up from the earlier riot. The door shows no signs of being ripped off of its hinges, the rooms have a different paint job, and the mess from earlier is nowhere to be found. He mumbles a remark about the service crew working really fast.

The Toydarian manager looks at the chips, informing him that there must be some mistake, as the tokens should not be in his possession and are not of the correct variety currently distributed. he apologizes for the inconveniences, and they reach an arrangement to reimburse the Bothan’s initial wages of 1k cr.

The rest of the team encounters little difficulty securing the ship and arrange for prompt departure. Sa’fran reports no funny business on the part of the technician and enjoyed the opportunity to paint her toenails. The mechanic charges them only minimal credits for the tune-up and wraps up the job, needing only as much time as it takes Dall to return.

After safe departure from Station Omega, Laamjev Oolmerooj retires to the passenger suite for the duration of the trip. En route to the rendezvous, the crew interviews the Doctor about his background. The tall tattooed human reveals he is the Chair of the Xenobiology Department at the University of Kalla, on sabbatical. His field of research is Xenobiology, working closely on nanotechnology research with specific applications regarding bacta recovery. His research requires significant funding to fuel further breakthroughs. With consideration to his sabbatical …

Dall interrupts with an important factor of the Doctor’s tenure: he is no longer employed by the University and was instead dismissed following a formal investigation of an affair with his assistant … an intern student.

Dr. Temu turns the situation around to present his services for a share of crew profits earned henceforth. Captain Raymus leads the discussion to determine his worth. as a formal doctor on board the Solace. Despite Sa’fran’s protest, the doctor is voted onto the ship roster, with the Twi’Lek as his medical assistant.

Delivery of the former Galactic Senator and business tycoon proceeds without further incident. Considering the doctor’s previous non-inclusion of the terms, yet integral role in maintaining her safety, terms of payment are quickly and painlessly renegotiated. Her representative hands out credit chips, each with the promised 25k credits.

Shortly thereafter, a representative for the party who hired the crew presents himself and discusses the crew’s desires and aspirations for future opportunities …

Excellence, Silence, and Loyalty
Crew of Kar’Naj

Having obtained a freighter from the Creditors for a great price and the modifications by Gavin almost finished, all I need is a crew.

The problem with living crew, is every sentient has their price. Finding individuals whose price is too high and morally flexible enough for the job is difficult in the best of circumstances. Given my line of work, Excellence, Silence and Loyalty are paramount, which makes the search even harder. I might settle on a living crew eventually, but I have to find the right individuals first.

In the present, a droid crew is a viable alternative. I save on food; they don’t get bored and cannot be bribed.

I searched my favorite bazaar on ORD Mantell. There, I found a fixer that made me an offer I could not refuse: a highly specialized Astromech, and an exceptional Pilot droid for the low low price of some Glitterstim sticks. He would throw in a third droid for free, if the stuff was pure.

I should have known better than to accept droids from a drug addict. He delivered what he promised… unfortunately he delivered only what he promised. The droids are the most autistic, dysfunctional heaps of metal that I have ever encountered.

Let’s start with L4-RY. He is obviously an old LE-V0 enforcement droid, not the class II I was expecting. He’s had all his plating replaced, so he is not much better protected than your average protocol droid. He fancies himself a gunslinger, and has started carrying two blaster pistols from my armory while speaking with a ridiculous drawl. He has also started calling the ship “My Precious”. In addition he cannot astrogate. My PILOT droid CANNOT astrogate.
For all his faults, he can sure fly. He can turn any nerf into a ballerina, both in space and the atmosphere. I’ve patched his gunnery skills into the ship’s weapons slave circuits, in the hopes his attachment to the ship will give him extra incentive to fire true.

M03 on the other hand looks just like an R2 unit… a surprisingly clean one. He is scary with a wrench, so much so I think Gavin feels threatened by it. It doesn’t help that the droid is Surly and likes to preen. It turns out M03 is a fount of knowledge on many topics both useful and not. He is also surprisingly knowledgeable in medicine (Oddly, I am glad of his aversion to dirt, nothing like catching sepsis from a scalpel covered in engine oil). He called Himself a “renaissance droid”, whatever that means.

CR-lY was the bonus droid. I did not expect much from an outdated class V labor droid but given the hidden skills the other droids had I was hopeful. I was delighted to find out that the replacement parts required security clearances; apparently they were for class IV droids… I had to call in a few favors to get him running again. Regrettably his brain sustained damage sometime in the past and was beyond repair. Anything more than lifting stuff and putting it somewhere is beyond his capability. Hopefully sturdiness and hardwired security protocols will keep him running long enough to fire his weapon a couple times and not shoot friendlies.

When left alone the droids seem to bicker a lot, often to comedic effect. It might be worth recording them and selling the vids on the net. I’d call them “A trio of stooges”. These droids are without doubt the stupidest, loudest, and most naive bumbling bunch of overspecialized excuse for parts in the galaxy. Hopefully together they can avoid blowing up the ship.

Session 015
Ride the Lightning ...

Captain Raymus Ardellian and the collective crew of the Solace … Your services are requested once again … This time for supply collection.
This should be a simple supply run … however, the intended cargo will assuredly exceed the capacity of the Solace
Dall Oktra’lon … perhaps you will agree to provide the Wayward Sun as a collection resource?
Senton Blacktear … perhaps you will agree to provide the Griffin as armed escort?

After agreeing to the job, the three captains receive further details for the task. Located in the Outer Rim at the edge of Wild Space lies the world Farat, a colony housing diverted Imperial supplies and equipment, which require delivery to a more strategic location. A vague list of types of items requests collection of former Imperial equipment, medical supplies, and foodstuffs, with some of the items marked with scan codes for shipment from the prestigious Blue Sun Corporation.

Raymus Ardellian, Ji’Ar Wyn, and Sa’fran prepare the Solace for departure. Dall Oktra’lon, Dr. Temu Shepro, and the Bothan’s three droid crew prepare the Wayward Sun for departure. Asa and Senton prepare the Griffin for departure.

  • Colony arrival
  • Landing at the warehouse
  • Warehouse ruse
  • diversionary tactics; Sa’fran faints, blow a hole in the side, set a fire
  • load up cargo and prototype TIE
  • Reaver Pirates attack and escape; some humanitarian effort
  • The Griffin hangs back to pose distracting fire and requires activation of the tractor beam to the Wayward Sun in order to catch a quick escape through hyperspace
  • rendezvous at safe location; receive coordinates for delivery; inventory most cargo
  • converge at the space junkyard; IFF identifies it as PURGATORY
  • Meet Ber’dnao and M-3D; negotiate payment and release of cargo
  • agree to relinquish some medical supplies, foodstuffs, libations, and Imperial disruptors
  • agree to terms of 1m cr payment in ship parts, gems, and physical currency equivalency
  • keep the survivors to drop off elsewhere
  • Dall contacts the Rebels, and arrange for a rendezvous at Polis Massa base
  • Deliver remaining supplies, except some medical equipment for the Wayward Sun
  • Turn over the saved people to the rebels for resettlement
  • Dr Temu, Sa’fran, and M-03 inspect the refrigerated cargo container
  • negotiate payment
  • Rogue comet on intercept course!
  • divert the comet; while the Griffin investigates the interior
  • Locates interior temple chamber; rotating crystal; linkshares cam with the team
  • flash of white … then barren landscape

Session 016
Just another day on the job ...

Another band of misfits set off for adventure!

On board the Gozanti-class cruiser Mjölnir , Xexto pilot Kid Kessel, Chandra Fan co-pilot, and Human commando Tychus Huren have chartered a supply run to the secret Rebel base on Ventar III. The charter includes several passengers. Aolen is a refugee displaced by the Empire, and he has booked passage with almost all of his saved credits just to travel somewhere outside of Imperial control. Bossco of Bossco Investigations is on board for a job, tracking a lead for a client requesting to meet with the elusive Rebel General Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Xexto former podracer manually brings the cruiser in through the desert cliff valley due to technical difficulties syncing with the base control tower. He manages to smash into one of the landscape spires and scrapes the ship along into a muddled landing in the docking port. He even flourishes the landing with a swift 180 degree turn into the auxiliary hanger.

After the landing, Aolen and Bosco thankfully immediately depart the ship and request to talk to the people in charge. The Toydarian comes right out, stating the base is a Rebel cell, and prompts to be connected with General Obi-Wan Kenobi.

meanwhile, the dock hands inspect the damage recently delivered to the ship, stating the base doesn’t have the appropriate supplies to fully repair the cruiser. The lead auxiliary hangar tech offers to check upcoming shipments and identify where new parts may be.

Related to the previously experienced technical difficulties, one of the base techs requests to use the recordings from the Mjölnir to personally inspect the sensors. Kid Kessel and Tychus volunteer to join the mission. The mystery of the investigation encourages Bosco and Aolen to tag along. Kid summons his modified floating Q7 droids to assist with any required repairs. They requisition use of some sandspeeders to facilitate the trip.

The first relay displays signs of damage, which is easily repairs and system synced with base command.

The second sensor reveals an Imperial jammer, and when they attempt to deactivate the device, a pair of blasting probe droids approach. Bosco boldly reaches out and causes some loose rocks to fall on one of the droids. Tychus and Kid take pot shots, lining up a strike by Aolen. While slicing the transmitter and recalibrating the sensor, one of the Q7s is fried.

The other Q7s comes alive with a proximity warning …

Three Imperial Star Destroyers are seen approaching the planet, and a pair of TIE fighters screech by chasing what looks like a highly modified and damaged Corellian Corvette.

The majority of the party heads back to base while Kid forges ahead to fix the last relay. Tychus gets winged by stray shots, but makes it back to base first, flying at full speed.

A series of repetitious thuds echo through the canyon, indication of the presence of Imperial AT-ATs. The hulks accompany several AT-STs, a throng of desert infantry, and several sets of speeder bikes. A highly modified AT-ST leads an elite squad of infiltrators, which can only mean Commander Hadrik has personally entered the fray.

Session 017
Calm before the storm ...

Two transports managed to evacuate and were not shot down during the escape. They are preparing the next base of operations.

Commander Leia Organa remains on-base, along with her retinue and transport, IV Reborn, parked in the main hangar bay. As senior-ranking operative, she has ordered radio silence until further notice.

Two X-Wings, one A-wing, and the four damaged sandspeeders are all that remain of the starfighters for the base, and only two A-Wings remain from the IV Reborn starfighter complement. The rest of the fighter bay has been converted for bringing in the dead and wounded, separating gear, and hauling in parts to be distributed elsewhere, including Hadrik’s busted advanced scout walker.

Hadrik himself is currently held in a bunk, converted from one of the soldiers who perished during the recent assault. The Imperial commander has been uncooperative. Access to him for interrogation is limited to the leadership staff.

Mjölnir remains parked in the auxiliary hangar and has received sufficient repairs to enter space, though some parts remain needed for certain repairs, parts which are not currently available. For as long as the crew remains on Ventar III, their services are utilized.

Session 018
That new base smell ...

Escaping the onslaught at Ventar III to the next Rebel base location on Jagomir, the crew of the Mjölnir, most of the Rebel officers, and some base staff engage a series of hyperspace jumps. The engines took a blast from an ISD, and with each jump the propulsion systems are further and further taxed to their limit. Kid Kessel knows that even with his death-defying piloting skills, the landing is will be less than pleasant. In preparation, the each of the four escape pods are loaded with essential equipment, and assigned passengers, with the intention to launch as close as possible to the intended base camp.

Pod 1 Pod 2 Pod 3 Pod 4
Setenna Hase Gen Ran Niall Cmd Danel Qurno Leia Organa
Var Narek Major Yalor Dr Lorren Morrick Organa Agent 1
Slade Urel Haydon Tychus Organa Agent 2
Cmd Hadrik Clik Stims Organa Agent 3
(Comm Supplies) (Cmd Supplies) (Med Supplies) (Supplies)
(Supplies) (Supplies) (Supplies) (Supplies)

Remaining on board
Kid Kessel

Crashed the Mjolnir, ejecting 2 escape pods along the river and 2 close to Resolute base.
Evarrian swarm encounter at crash site, and Kyler shows up to help, having spotted their crash-in-progress.
Bosco attempts to influence the ones breaking through the bridge into thinking Kid Kessel was a female to compete and preen over.
Kyler gets poisoned from the Evarrian; used a Destiny point for some Kelari flowers to be at the base and not require gathering.
Aolen experiences flashes of something watching them from afar; insert eye of Sauron imagery, but shadowy instead of flamey.
Kyler experiences some Dark Side flashes that convince him his lead on a temple site is correct.
They went with the team to the pirate base ruins to see if there was a stronger read on the Force site.
Anyone who was there was dead a long time ago. blaster-like marks (but not quite lightsaber marks) indicate some conflict that occurred. Vines grown over and through a lot of the structure.
Bossco got a decent view to believe caves are behind the shimmering falls.

Session 019
Lurking in the darkness ...
While the Rebel salvage team gathers material from the ruined pirate camp, Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler Kerand steer the borrowed MSP100 Pteropter airspeeder to search their surroundings from a higher vantage point.

They feel a draw as they look northward, towards a series of waterfalls shimmering against snowy mountains in the distance.

  • observed evidence of an attack on the Rebel base
  • Ensured salvage team had sufficient protection to be left on their own
  • returned to base and assisted to fend off 3 Evarian soldiers and swarms of riled dream shimmers
  • Aggril examined the remains and analyzed the behavior of the creatures: this was no ordinary attack; further investigation required
  • briefing with rebel leaders
  • 3 sensor placement teams have not reported back, and Var Narek was on one of those teams; find them and ensure Narek was not responsible for the attack
  • Bossco will lead the investigation and calls for volunteers: Aolen, Aggril Tafan, HK-8H, Kyler Kerand, (Human), (Trandoshan), (Twi-lek), (Wookiee)
  • Kyler and (Trandoshan) pilot the 2 allow airspeeders
  • locates the remains of one team and a damaged sensor relay
  • While Aggril and HK-8H repair the sensor, the bodies are returned to base, and a brief report given
  • Sensor functional; tunnels located nearby, and the log indicates the frequency may have caught the attention of the Evarians; frequency adjusted to something different
  • Exploration of the tunnels; some from the team feel creepified and wait outside
  • Aggril determines a cave-in will not be worthwhile: the creatures are efficient diggers and won’t even blink at a cave-in
  • take both airspeeders into the large tunnels; Aolen senses clear travels up to a divergence in the tunnels, while Kyler begins sensing … something … someone … coming for … him?
  • Change course, exit the tunnels; blocked in by converging Evarians
  • Aggril frags one, while HK-8H snipes another
  • (Human) takes the controls to high-tail out of there; snagged by a strangely low-hanging vine
  • (Trandoshan) disagrees as an affront to the Scorekeeper; disembarks, launching at an Evarian and skewers it with his Ryyk blades
  • Aolen ignites his sabers and eliminates 2 more Evarians
  • Kyler senses … him, and challenges a reveal; accepted, though not what expected
  • Kyler insists the others leave, while he remains behind; Bossco exerts his influence to coerce otherwise (DSP used)
  • The creature accepts the exit of all, for a duel at another time; await further instructions and no harm shall come to the base or their friends
  • returns to base and deliver full briefing.

Reward: 21 XP (including attendance)

Session 020
Dueling fate ...

Having agreed to a duel with the mysterious creature, Kyler Kerand studies his resources and prepares to the best of his ability alongside his recently acquired comrades, Aolen, Aggril Tafan, Bossco, and HK-8H. Little does he know the test is not just for him, but for the fate of the entire rebel camp.

Meanwhile, Kid Kessel and Tychus Huren have recovered from their injuries. They work furiously with Sprocket to complete essential repairs to the Mjölnir, preparing departure from the planet. Commander Organa secures seating aboard the departing vessel, informing base leadership that she is needed elsewhere. Slade and his charge Hadrik and Stims accompany them to monitor their health. The Mjolnir departs after two month’s time.

Then, that night an eerie chilly, yet humid fog roils through the forest to settle upon the valley. The thick mist obscures visibility to anything a little more than a meter away. A foul, swampy odor permeates the air, causing nearly everyone to gag when not using a rebreather. By morning, several Rebels have succumbed to the noxious gas and lost consciousness; they are brought to the infirmary for care and observation.

Session 021
Hide and seek ...

Negotiation presented Bossco using the cover company of Acquisitions Inc employing the crew of the Apparition. They are pursuing a cloakshape named Rogue Dragoon that was stolen from Kyler. The salvagers agree to grappler dock the (masked IFF Apparition) and piggyback, and assistance for the cost of 20k cr.

They track the cloakshape to a station outside the Jaga Cluster … Port Nowhere. However, the Imperial Star Destroyer Revenant is present. The salvagers go their separate ways, desiring no Imperial entanglements of their own.

The Apparition reveals their IFF genuinely (which the salvagers note for later use), then they accept docking protocol. During the process, they locate the Rogue Dragoon, which has an Imperial escort in a hangar across the way. Aolen feels an oppressive sensation of claustrophobia. They lock down the ship.

Kyler and the medic seek the status of the cloakshape. They observe the claokshape with 2 escort TIE fighters, 12 stormtroopers, and 2 officers interacting with Var Narek and a sedated Setenna Hase. They will soon transfer her to the ISD.

Meanwhile Bossco, Aolen, and Aggril head to the nearby cantina to discern the reason for the Imperial presence. 2 Imperial officers and 2 Stormtroopers enter the cantina. Eavesdropping and conversing, the party learns that the Revenant has arrived at the shadowport for a few reasons:
1) repairs of a faulty engine part (which has been subjected to sabotage)
2) collection of Var Narek and his prisoner, Rebel commander Setenna Hase
3) to strike at a Rebel cell located on a nearby planet

The party convenes near the ship and discusses plans. They decide to follow the cantina Imperial guests to incapacitate and disguise as to delay the required repairs (since the tech is assigned to the job of locating and acquiring the engine part and then leading the repair duty) and gain disguised access to the ISD. Once on board, they plan to escape with Hase without the rest of the Imperials being any the wiser. At least, that’s the plan.

Bossco successfully influences the stormtroopers to investigate a room for Rebels, in which they encounter Aolen, who knocks them out and strips them of their gear and armor. Then Bossco convinces the techs they are more inebriated than they thought and should sleep it off. Then they relieve them of their uniforms and gear.

They collect:
2 laminate armor sets (not quite the right sizes)
2 Imperial Navy Tech Officer uniforms (not quite the right sizes)
2 code cylinders
2 blaster pistols
2 E11 blaster rifles
4 handheld comms

The human pilot/gunslinger Jaxo Kor and his Q7 droid companion observed the interactions in the cantina and followed the Imperials, only to witness the party incapacitate the techs and troopers while discussing their plan. he will then swoop in touting his prideful skills with piloting. “Sounds like you require the services of a skilled pilot. Look no further!”

As the crew of the Apparition acquired a new pilot of great skill, Jaxo, they decided to land upon the imperial star destroyer. Jaxo proved his worth and expertly landed upon the ship with no issues. From there the crew donned space suits and made their way to a service airlock while keeping a sense of their surroundings.

Aggril provided skills in opening and closing the airlock without setting off any warnings. Though before they group could get the stolen uniforms on, they heard the footsteps of some stormtroopers coming. Thinking quickly, they ducked back into the hatch to hide, with Bossco almost sneezing.

Once the coast was clear, Aggril again provided his skills and provided two different paths to take. Once Aggril was done, Kyler looked for a way to possibly shut down systems in case of an emergency. Weighing in the options with the rest of the crew, he decided to return the computer to it’s normal standby set up and tried his best to conceal their presence.

Before they made their way, Kyler made mention that there might be an odd man out to take the walk back. Bossco rejects the idea of attempting to acquire an extra ship. They then decided to take the elevator and with some help with Bossco and well played false movements, trick the three men at the entrance to believe that the transfer was legit.

With the disguised Jaxo and Aolen ‘escorting’ Bossco with a guard to let them in, Kyler tries to play out a natural inspection of the systems to get him and Aggril time to turn off the cameras. The remaining guard doesn’t buy it and as he is asking for identification, Bossco, Aolen, and Jaxo make their own attempt to create a distraction with an ‘attempted escape’ that disables the original guard with them.

The suspicious guard thinks Bossco is a bigger threat than the impostor imperials and rushes to help with the other two guards further down leaving the commander of the brig alone with Aggril and Kyler. Deciding to try to give Aggril time, Kyler attempts to talk the man into helping but fails as he is determined ot call for help. Aggril at the time tries to get to the computer, knocking the man’s hand away and in a position for Kyler to use the force to influence it to fall on the camera switch to turn them off.

Aolen and Jaxo together disable the three remaining guards with a rifle butt and a sweeping stun baton strike. The men couldn’t control Bossco and they fell unconscious. With the camera’s off, Kyler pistol whips the commander in the back of the head but unfortunately knocks the man out and onto the comm to call for help. Trying to play off as an accidental hit of the switch, Kyler then fails to turn comms off without signalling something is wrong. Aggril takes control of the computers, releasing the prisoners while Kyler puts on the commander’s uniform, having it a bit more tight fitting to his discomfort.

Once the prisoners all come out, Kyler sees red as he identifies the man who stole his ship. First aiming to shoot the guy, Bossco talks some sense into Kyler, who instead punches him. The man is more disoriented and simply assumes it is more Imperial harassment instead of impostor sending on a rescue mission. They then placed the guards and captain in cells.

After sorting out the unconscious guards, the two prisoners introduced themselves as Yox, a female Pyke, and Baxtyn (pronounced Bastion), a human. After some searching on the computer as well as Bossco talking, the group discovered that Baxtyn was the saboteur who disabled the engines, and Yox accused of being a Rebal sympathizer and tortured. Using the remaining limited time before the investigation squad would arrive the group decided to appear as if they were finally getting everything under control.

After getting situated, the officer and fifteen stormtroopers came. With some subtle manipulation and assistance from the Force through Bossco, the officer left, but left six stormtroopers just in case. While the infiltrators tried to figure out how to deal with these new issues silently, there was a tapping sound coming from down the prisoner corridor. Taking action, Kyler, pretending to be the detention center commander, ordered the troopers to escort Bossco and Yox down separate cell corridors. Motioning to the disguised Aggril to take over, Kyler himself went down the middle corridor, allowing one of the troopers to take point.

With Bossco, Aolen, and Baxtyn, the troopers were dealt with by simple Force persuasion and Aolen forcing the unaffected one into the opened cell. Aggril simply sealed the door behind them. Blaster fire from one of the other cell blocks encouraged their return main hub. Meanwhile, down the middle corridor, Kyler made quick work of the unsuspecting trooper with a quick slash of his saber. Everyone soon learned that Jaxo, Hase and Yox gunned down the two guards with them with only poor blaster fire dealt in return.

Gathering together, they got to work adjusting their disguises and additional ones for their new comrades. As they were about to leave, Aggril tried to seal off the detention block on a timer to cover their tracks, but instead set off an emergency protocol. Barely escaping the detention blocks via the maintenance shafts, the group took the time to decide the next plans for buying the Rebel base more time. It was voiced that Baxtyn, Aggril, and Yox could go rig the hyperdrive in engineering, essentially finishing the job the human had started, their aim to enter a hyperspace jump that would set them off course. Jaxo, Kyler, and Aolen voiced interest to check the hanger for Kyler’s cloakshape, as well as a secondary ship in case of an emergency. Bossco and Hase agreed on the need to visit the communications tower, their intention to send a coded message to the Rebel base and warn them to evacuate. The group then assessed their three benchmark goals.

Together they decided to first move to the comms tower, then maintenance, and finally the hangar. Shortly after asserting their Imperial cover and gaining access to a discreet comm terminal, they ran into HK-8H, though the droid was elusive on how and why it arrived on the ISD. After some computer work, Agril and 8H succeeded with encoding and sending a message to the rebel base on Jagomir.

Location compromised. ISD Revenant inbound. Evacuate. Attempting to delay.

After completing the message the group sent Hase and Yox to lie low on board the Apparition, while the rest made their way to engineering. Once there, Baxtyn led the way and helped Bossco find a gonk droid to hide him in and control. Baxtyn nearly raised the alarm with a crew member recognizing him from his previous attempt at sabotage, but Bossco made the man confused through some persuasion, then HK delivers a single fatal percussive blow to his head.

Aggril and Baxtyn worked together to rig the hyperdrive to first send the ship to Klatooine, then to burn out the primary hyperdrive. This would then resort the star destroyer to rely upon the back up hyperdrive to reach the command crew’s intended destination, buying even more time for the Rebels to evacuate.

The crew of the Apparition followed Kyler’s intuition of his cloakshape, Rogue Dragoon, was on the ISD Revenant. Kyler himself used the force to feel the pull of the holocron in the hidden storage of his ship. With the location of the forward part of the rear hanger bay, the crew made their way toward the hanger, hoping to be closer to escaping the Imperial assault cruiser.

Continuing to be disguised as Imperial officers and stormtroopers, the group located the hangar bay command deck and used the acquired code cylinders to gain access. They agreed to eliminate the crew stationed there prior to accessing the hangar. Aolen, Kyler and Bossco initiated the neutralization of the seven men in there with two saber strikes and slamming two together. It dropped the group in charge of the command center to two left. HK-8H, Aggril, and Jaxo killed those left living after a brief return fire to Aolen and Kyler. Kyler was able to successfully in disabling the alarm console.

After securing the command center, Aolen and Kyler felt something sinister as they reached out to access the Force to sense more of what was going on in the hanger; Bossco just had a bad feeling, choosing to not reach through the darkness. Together, though, they determined that the ship was an illusion and the holocron was being activated by someone … someone familiar with the Force.

Aolen and Jaxo descended to the floor of the hangar while Aggril, HK, and Kyler worked the consoles to send the thirty troopers out of the hangar with a diversion, then lock the blast doors behind them, and finally rig the command center to blow. They also sent loading droids out to attack those in the hangar who remained. The combined effort dropped the threats from thirty-nine to just four, discounting the droids. Feeling that all was done, Those that remained in the command center left for the floor of the hangar to aid Aolen and Jaxo.

On the floor, Jaxo reached the Lambda shuttle. HK took aim at the remaining officer, taking a solid shot and killing him. Bossco called upon the Force and wrested the holocron from the grip of the Force user within the illusion Afterwards, the image faded, revealing him to all. Aolen leapt across the at the guy, presenting himself to duel.

“So the rumors are true. The Dragoon has gone off to form his own band of followers, and joined the Rebellion as well. Such a pity.”

While the force users prepared for a fight, Aggril, Jaxo, and Baxtyn make their way to the shuttle. HK stayed put above in a sniper position, ready to provide cover. Bossco secured his place and the holocron. Kyler descended from the console trellis while Aolen paced around the Force user. The Inquisitor presented the offer of returning to the Sith order, which they summarily refused.

Continued from Aolen’s perspective


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