Wen Digo


The Wookiee’s life was saved during the Clone Wars on Kashyyyk by a Jedi Bendu, and of all species, a Trandoshan. Wen Digo pledged a lifedebt to the Jedi as a whole after the Knight fell in combat. While in his company, the Wookiee found honor in the way of the Scorekeeper, a kind of spirituality for Trandoshan warriors. He could not go home, for fear of exile by his own people.

During the Jedi Bendu Purge, he went underground, seeking survivors of the Jedi Bendu. He trained with vigor and dreamt of stalking the ultimate apex predator and murderer of the Jedi … Darth Vader!

Not until the Outer Rim world Tatooine more than a decade later did Wen Digo find a Jedi … Obi-Wan Kenobi. He soon encountered the apex predator and lost an arm in the process, protecting padawans and allowing them to escape. With the aid of the crew of the Solace, the warrior and the Jedi Bendu reached Yavin and the Rebel Alliance.

He has pledged his lifedebt to be fulfilled by assisting the Jedi Bendu, and he will follow them unto death.

Wen Digo

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