Tychus Huren

Veteran Commando from the Clone Wars and current Mjolnir security.


When in non-combat situations Tychus can be described as a stoic and thoughtful individual. But as soon as he feels threatened a switch is flipped that turns him into a wrathful and relentless combatant.

He stands well over 6ft when inside of his armor but just under 6ft when in his civvies. Usually sporting a blaster rifle and a vibrosword Tychus is read for almost any thread that can be thrown at him or his allies. His facial and bodily scaring stand as reminders of the physical trials he has faced so far in his life.


Tychus fought in the Clone Wars, in favor of clone rights to independence. His survival is a testament of his prowess on the battlefield, though he did not survive unscathed. Psychologically he operates best in combat, and the surge of adrenaline helping him to feel alive, while down time hits him with spouts of restlessness and depression. Various physical scars across his body and a cybernetic eye are constant outward reminders of the turmoil he faced in the war.

He has since joined up with a rebel group known as Lun Umbra.

Tychus Huren

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