Ji'Ar Wyn

Former gladiator for Teemo the Hutt, now security aboard the Solace


Aside from his name, Ji’Ar retains only sparse memories prior to being turned over by the bounty hunter Zellroth Krayton to Teemo the Hutt. Enslaved to the gangster, Ji’Ar was pitted against gladiators in the palace arena, coerced to fight and live or die. Then the palace was stormed by the Empire. Though he had seen the officers in grey and black seated amongst the audience while he dueled, this aggressive act filled in him new anxiety. At first the gladiator thought they were coming for him, but when they left him to his bout in the arena, instead pursuing and killing the slug lord, that’s when Ji’Ar felt his fate change.

Soon thereafter he learned that in the wake of Teemo was an investment left on his life … as property … turned over by default to the CREDITORS. One group, the crew of the Solace, presented an opportunity to fly free from the gladiatorial arena and make something better of his life. With them as comrades, he paid off the debt.

Ji'Ar Wyn

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