Jekk De'li


Jekk De’li was on the sandcrawler that investigated a crashed Corellian Corvette. It was a trap, and the Empire was there waiting. The stormtroopers opened fire once the crawler arrived. There was a massive sandstorm that swept in shortly thereafter, obscuring the region. In the chaos, he was separated from the crawler, which escaped the into the obscuring sands. Survivors from the crash rescued him; however, the reprieve was short-lived, as the the Stormtroopers overtook the wreck and started taking prisoners. Instead of killing the Jawa, however, they traded him to Teemo the Hutt, the local gangster who owned the nearby Mos Shuuta settlement.

There he became indentured into service of the Hutt, making use of his technical aptitude in the workshop, while training him to be an unassuming assassin. Teemo indebted the outlaw tech by providing the necessary components to assemble the required gear for his new career. Beyond the debt, the gangster threatened to turn in the Jawa to the Empire should he not perform any assigned duties or targets.

The Jawa received a new name by the Hutt: Black Jack

The outlaw tech joined the crew of the Solace and started working out efforts towards repaying debts to the CREDITORS. After finding the Meeknu clan on Raxus Prime and the contingent who joined the Korandalorians, however, Black Jack decided to go with them.

Jekk De'li

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