Demetrius Qal-aca

Where could he be?


Employed by Teemo the Hutt as a driver, Demetrius had settled into a comfortable position. That was until a simple salvage claim of a crashed Corellian Corvette. The team he was tasked with transporting to the site first coerced him to alter the itinerary and drive his repulsortruck one kilometer off-course to check out some debris that hit the ground. The debris turned out to be an escape pod, though heavily armored by the looks of it. Inside was a beautiful woman and two soldiers. She turned out to be someone of importance, so maybe the diversion was not too terrible. Another salvage team showed up to lay claim, but then the group started acting very suspicious, speaking in hushed tones and huddled together. Then they went to the main wreckage, where they found a number of survivors, including the ship’s captain. The suspicious activity continued, culminating in overhearing talk of the group leaving Demetrius at the wreck to fend for himself against the sandstorm and incoming Imperial troops!

His world went black.

When he woke again, he found himself in a crude and cramped medical facility.

Demetrius Qal-aca

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