Senton's Mandalorian mate


Asa fell in love with Senton, third son of one of the lesser warrior clans, and the two secretly chose each other as mates. The Cathar mate for life, to the extent that when one mate died, the survivor never had a relationship with another. Gar Izen, Asa’s father and tribe Elder, was furious when he found out what the couple had done.

In rage, he exiled Senton from the Tribe. He felt his daughter should mate into a higher standing than the Blacktears. Asa followed Senton, running away from the Tribe. They lived off the land as best they could, and for a time found their own happiness outside the boundaries and rules of the Tribe Elders. Gar Izen, sent many scouts and hunters out looking for Senton, ordered to bring him to justice and to return his daughter. On the run, Senton learned the ways of the land to survive, thus those sent in search of the mated pair returned with nothing to show for their efforts.

The Elder sought a solution from off-world. He hired a Hunter, who captured Asa by separating her from her mate. He returned with the prize of the daughter, though left the male in the wilds. Upon his return, the hunter was dissatisfied with the reward, instead choosing to depart from the planet, taking Asa with him to sell her as a slave and earn his due.

The exotic Cathar female was sold to Batooda the Hutt and flaunted in various courts throughout Hutt territories. That was until a band of pirates detoured and stole the caravan before arriving at Tatooine. Their victory was short-lived, however, as an Imperial vessel happened upon the pirate cruiser and sequestered the spoils.

She would have languished in confinement or worse had one of the Imperial commanders not interceded. Jahnuus Koran claimed her for his own. Then the scarred Human did something Asa could not have expected: he added her to his unit, and gave her a new life. He taught her the Mandalorian creed, and in time she earned the right to be called a Mandalorian.


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