On the Edge of the Empire

Session 019

Lurking in the darkness ...

While the Rebel salvage team gathers material from the ruined pirate camp, Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler Kerand steer the borrowed MSP100 Pteropter airspeeder to search their surroundings from a higher vantage point.

They feel a draw as they look northward, towards a series of waterfalls shimmering against snowy mountains in the distance.

  • observed evidence of an attack on the Rebel base
  • Ensured salvage team had sufficient protection to be left on their own
  • returned to base and assisted to fend off 3 Evarian soldiers and swarms of riled dream shimmers
  • Aggril examined the remains and analyzed the behavior of the creatures: this was no ordinary attack; further investigation required
  • briefing with rebel leaders
  • 3 sensor placement teams have not reported back, and Var Narek was on one of those teams; find them and ensure Narek was not responsible for the attack
  • Bossco will lead the investigation and calls for volunteers: Aolen, Aggril Tafan, HK-8H, Kyler Kerand, (Human), (Trandoshan), (Twi-lek), (Wookiee)
  • Kyler and (Trandoshan) pilot the 2 allow airspeeders
  • locates the remains of one team and a damaged sensor relay
  • While Aggril and HK-8H repair the sensor, the bodies are returned to base, and a brief report given
  • Sensor functional; tunnels located nearby, and the log indicates the frequency may have caught the attention of the Evarians; frequency adjusted to something different
  • Exploration of the tunnels; some from the team feel creepified and wait outside
  • Aggril determines a cave-in will not be worthwhile: the creatures are efficient diggers and won’t even blink at a cave-in
  • take both airspeeders into the large tunnels; Aolen senses clear travels up to a divergence in the tunnels, while Kyler begins sensing … something … someone … coming for … him?
  • Change course, exit the tunnels; blocked in by converging Evarians
  • Aggril frags one, while HK-8H snipes another
  • (Human) takes the controls to high-tail out of there; snagged by a strangely low-hanging vine
  • (Trandoshan) disagrees as an affront to the Scorekeeper; disembarks, launching at an Evarian and skewers it with his Ryyk blades
  • Aolen ignites his sabers and eliminates 2 more Evarians
  • Kyler senses … him, and challenges a reveal; accepted, though not what expected
  • Kyler insists the others leave, while he remains behind; Bossco exerts his influence to coerce otherwise (DSP used)
  • The creature accepts the exit of all, for a duel at another time; await further instructions and no harm shall come to the base or their friends
  • returns to base and deliver full briefing.

Reward: 21 XP (including attendance)


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