On the Edge of the Empire

The crews of the Apparition and recently acquired Imperial Lambda Shuttle Sordirium, with the assistance of Commander Setenna Hase, locate the hidden Jedi Bendu Praxeum. The base is overseen by Rebel General and Jedi Bendu Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Leia Organa.

The Rebel cell officially acknowledges the party as a cohesive group, identifying them by the operating callsign Visage.

Aggril Tafan, HK-8H, and Jaxo Kor take advantage of the Rebel resources to help around the base and train. Aolen, Bossco, Kyler Kerand and Vox receive some Jedi training, alongside the other padawans. They also inspect Kyler’s acquired holocron, the Apparition, and leftover artifacts on board. Meanwhile, Baxtyn helps complete repairs and updates to the vessel using available parts and equipment; most notably installing at least a functional hyperdrive.

Surprisingly, Hadrik, now deemed former Imperial, apparently experienced a change of heart in the struggle to bring freedom to the galaxy. Lieutenant Slade continues to observe, however, to ensure no deception is at hand. They, along with Sprocket and Stims as members of the Mjölnir crew are assigned elsewhere on another planet.


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