On the Edge of the Empire

Session 025
Threat assessment ...

An agent reports that an imperial outpost is operating on Taris, establishing one of the few truly civilized settlements on the ruined world. The outpost is poised as a launch point for troops in the surrounding systems, including Dantooine.

Kyler walks into the briefing chamber, where Unit: Fivez, now including the Chiss agent, receives instruction for a mission.

“Kyler, good timing.” Moss Ral’bek directs at the soldier, “We could use your skills on our mission to Taris. Interested?”

Rolling his shoulders Kyler looks to Moss with a slight hint of humor," The skills of recklessness? Or the knowledge aspect?"

“Your skills as a combatant, and expertise in Imperial matters.” the Bothan chuckles.

“I wouldn’t say I am an expert in Imperial matters. Just very knowledgeable. But what is the full mission?”

“We are going to Taris to assess the threat level of an Imperial outpost. With its proximity to Dantooine, they could be poised to strike. We need to ascertain if they know of our presence here and take preventative countermeasures.”
The team must infiltrate the settlement to assess its threat level and then take action if necessary.
Passive action: hack communications and plant an encoded relay that will send information to the Rebels
Aggressive action: sabotage or even destroy the garrison
Preventative measures: Do not get caught or be identified as Rebel agents.

Kyler rubs his chin and nods his head," Sure. The rest of the team I work with are still doing their own thing."

“Great! We’ll take our ship. We’ll head out in an hour.”

“Sure. I would of used this time to talk to Obiwan, but I think Bossco and him are busy. I will just get some basic infiltration supplies.” Kyler then requisitions a computer spike kit, containing 2 spikes.

They chart a course to approach on the opposite side of the planet from the coordinates of the base, and then angle to draw closer but land sufficiently away from the outpost. Safe landing. No harm and no foul.

“We’re going to need our survival gear to handle the terrain. Suit up!” Moss commands.

Kyler will pick through any of the spare gear, ginding a suitable one for himself," Who will be on point?"

J-355-13 exits the ship first to scan the terrain, her cyborg body ready to handle the noxious environment. The Ithorian follows behind Areht, then Moss and Risa.

Kyler takes stride behind J-355-13, following her," We get fired at, I will switch to the front to block for you."
Even through her mechanized vocabulator, Kyler detects a snort of derision.

The outpost is barely visible in the distance through the haze, ruined towers, and foliage overgrowth.

The team presses on through the debris and vegetation. Soon they encounter a pack of Ferrazid hounds patrolling their territory. The beasts are fierce and deliver several bites before finally perishing. The wounds are superficial, easily disinfected, and patch by the Ithorian medic.

They encounter a swarm of Bogstalkers as the group ventures through one of the ruined superstructures. Through coordinated maneuvers, the bugs soon become nothing more than paste. Then they clear the nest just for good measure.

While attempting to circumvent an Imperial patrol, the team encounters a starving Tarsarian devourer. The beast chases after them with dogged determination, which they use to their advantage to corral into a dead end. They laboriously subdue and ultimately fell the beast.

After a noxious mist clears, stirred up from the scuffle, Kyler stumbles out with a festering horn wound. They take shelter in one of the abandoned buildings across the toxic lake from the Imperial outpost. Luckily, the Imperials are not alerted to their presence.

Nuogg takes the moment of calm to patch up Kyler. He urges rest through the night to allow the bacta time to do its work.

Through fitful nightmares, fighting through droves of strange, savage, eyeless creatures, Kyler finally stands victorious above, holding his sabers aloft and feeling like he could take on the whole Empire. Though there is a nagging whisper in the back of his mind that all this could come crashing down. He shakes it off and wakes feeling refreshed and healed. Only the hint of a bruise remains on his skin, tinged a slight sickly yellow-green. Nuogg’s scan shows Kyler is good health.

Kyler shake his head to rid himself of the nightmares then looks to the group," Shall we continue and try to see what we are dealing with?"

3 possible entry points, but they each pose a unique challenge.
the first and most obvious is across the toxic lake. No one would expect that approach, but traversing the lake will require vehicular assistance or resourcefulness.
The second is through one of the sewer tubes and tunnels, which are spewing waste.
The third is a more open bridge, with high likelihood of being spotted by Imperials, stopped, and questioned.

Kyler looks to the group, curious on their thoughts," So, we have a toxic lake to cross, sewers to craw through, or An open bridge?"

“Without a vehicle, the lake is a death trap. The sewers, while disgusting and dangerous, might work with our repelling gear. The bridge is counter-intuitive to our mission.”
Areht talks through the logic.

“Split up and look for other options elsewhere around the base, but that will take up valuable time and increase our chances of discovery.” Risa mentions

The others generally nod in agreement.

“Lets try the sewers….worst case scenario, we deal with rakghouls.

“Gruesome creatures.” Nuogg hums

“Very much so….” Kyler agrees

A maintenance droid is alerted to their presence, which the team chases through the disease-ridden sludge. A pack of scavenging rakghouls attacks the interlopers. By the end of it all, the droid is in pieces, the creatures are slain, and the Ithorian medic suffers from an infected laceration. Kyler groans with a quip about their sour luck.

Then Unit: Fivez and Kyler exit the sewer and find a hiding spot on the outskirts of the outpost. An imperial training patrol nears their location, which the team assesses to either engage or relocate.

Kyler turns to the group, “Ok, can we take them out quick or should we try to keep what stealth we have?”

Moss advises stealth, since a full patrol is likely to draw more attention, even if they look to be only trainees. Areht agrees. Risa and Jessie scout ahead. Kyler nods, remains out of sight, and awaits the scout report.

Jessie locates an unoccupied bunker, which also has an access tunnel in the basement. Might be maintenance, which might lead to a location closer to a command tower.
Risa locates a communications tower nearby, though a regiment stationed there otherwise guards the main entry.

The team agrees to relocate to the bunker, and while not the quietest of traversals, the unit reaches the structure before the patrol spots them.

Checking out the bunker, it is meant for maintenance, most notably to the sewer system the team used to enter the base. It looks like the staff there is less than adequate, what with the place littered with refuse and exhibiting signs of chaos. Snack ration wrappers litter the floor near and overflowing from a waste bin in the corner, while the workbench area has scattered parts and chemicals spills all over. The tools seem to be in some kind of order, though it would take a master cryptographer to figure out the organizational structure.

Kyler raises an eyebrow as he scans the scene, “Well….I can tell you this isn’t standard Imperial protocol.”

Jessie balks, hesitant to jack into the system. Upon the active computer console is a blatant non-regulation bawdy non-busy screen.

Kyler looks at the computer, “Definitely not up to regulation. Lets see what useful things we can find in this Ug-sty. After an arduous search, he locates only one object of significant use: a code cylinder. Kyler gives a chuckle and holds up the cylinder,” Seems we have a sloppy major."

Risa scouts the connected tunnel and reports: the passage is also a mess … and has an organic obstruction … a half-eaten body. There are signs of rodent-like creature infestation, but that was chewed up and purged prior to the body of the maintenance worker. Looks to be no more than three days old. The tunnel exits behind the comm tower, but not near a rear entrance of any sort. There is an opening that leads out to the lake on another side.

The comms panel suddenly lights up and starts a non-imperial melodic tone. This continues for about a minute before stopping.

Kyler looks at the comms then to the crew, “This is one screwed up Imperial outpost. I am tempted to see what it was but also thinking we go and make an entrance into the comm tower.”

They navigate the tunnel, which is not only more difficult than expected, due to slimy, slippery surfaces, but also the smell seems worse in here than the larger sewer tunnel … then a swarm of rodent creatures surge through. Risa calls ahead and starts opening fire with her muffled blaster rifle. Jessie kneels, hissing a moment, then sniping what she can that gets past Risa. Areht takes up position next to Jessie.
glowy beady eyes surge through the tunnel

Kyler positions himself to be the first defense for the others and draws his Dragoon standard length blade. He deftly handles a solid wave, dealing his fair share of kills without letting any pass him. Then stepping forawrd, he aids the group to catch up to Risa without further hassle.

The team exits the tunnel, with Jessie scanning ahead to find the best course to reach cover. The cyborg identifies a series of structures without rear entrances set up next to the comm tower. From their vantage point, the only way into the comm tower is from the front, which is still guarded by the regiment. Areht notices an officer in the distance heading in the direction of the maintenance bunker, of which he informs the rest of the team.

Kyler helps with going to look for the best cover to make an entrance to the comms tower while concealing such entry, though he realizes without knowing what is on the interior of those structures, there’s no telling what would be a safe fabricated entry. He voices his concerns to the team, " I am thinking of making a doorway. I am just not sure what could be on the other side. If there was a way to find out I am open for suggestions."

Jessie states the durasteel is difficult to penetrate with the sensors on hand. Something more powerful, like AT-AT targeting systems would work, but that’s not a readily viable option. Moss offers to scout ahead and see what he can find. Everyone else should take cover behind one of the structures anyway, to stay out of the tunnel and keep out of direct sight of any normal patrols.

Two of unit are spotted by a patrol; however, the team has the advantage, which they use to strike first. Jessie takes cover and snipes. Areht targets the leader of the patrol. Kyler draws upon the Force, leaping to the next closest target and then manipulates the Force to bind the patrol in place.

The team manages to prevent further observation and makes it to a safe spot near the comm tower. Moss returns and announces he has found a side entrance, but states the entry will require the code cylinder.

“Lead the way.”

Kyler offers the device, which the Bothan uses to open the door. On the other side is a crew of Imperial comms operators. They quickly realize the individuals are neither Imperial nor authorized personnel.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to be in here! Sound the alarm!”

Session 024
On the edge of darkness ...

Senton guards the door, his mate Asa flanking opposite his position. Inside the control room, the Bothan infiltrator Dall worked furiously at the datasphere core, entering commands into several terminals, darting from one to another like a canine with a sucrostim high. The only other attendants, technicians assigned to manage the data hub, lay unconscious next to their seats and gagged to prevent any outcry upon waking.

“Hurry up, Dall,” the Cathar growls.

“You mustn’t rush mastery,” the Bothan enters a few lines of code at one terminal, then reaches to the next to press a button sequence. “This is delicate work.”

Several moments later a series of klaxons echo through the hallway. Shouts emanate from the far end. Heavy armored footfalls follow shortly thereafter.

“Just another second …” after one last series of strokes, a tone chimes, and Dall grabs a datastick in turn from each terminal. “Got the codes! We’re good to go.”

Asa and Senton in unison turn into the hallway and open fire upon the approaching throng. Dall hurries out behind them and down the hall they now guard. The two Cathars step back, still providing covering fire, then alternating to allow further progress to escape.

Their route leads to a series of catwalks above a factory level. Machines loudly buzz, whir, and clank as they assemble ship components and weapon systems. While not Imperial by any means, the facility and its product are no less than a threat if the products are sold to the wrong hands. The trio is already aware that mass destruction is not a viable resolution to prevent such dissemination.

If they can put the intel into the right hands, however, then that could make all the difference!

Dall receives a ping from the Wayward Sun. The ship is cut off from the intended exit, leaving only option Besh. He responds to confirm the course of action.

Ahead, a set of explosions rock the catwalk, and it begins to give way. The trio scrambles to a diverging path, only to find it blocked by a cadre of security troopers. Just then, the troopers are mowed down by a barrage of percussive fire, and a droid steps over their lifeless bodies.

“Come with me if you want to live, meatbags.”

The droid provides introduction as HK-8H and has orders for them to return to their offices on Obsida in the Orzon sector. Code phrase: Midnight Reverie. The droid then guides them to their intended alternate exit, where they board a heavily modified Wayfarer-class freighter and quickly depart.

The Wayward Sun travels at Obsida and receives instructions to park at the designated coordinates: Rysh Spire.

“We graciously welcome your return. Is this just an inspection or an extended stay?” Lua Mavdei, the native Obsidaan, greets the trio.

Parna-chia strides beside her presenting a datapad with reports. “Operations have progressed per your absentia instructions and periodic updates. Production has increased 300%, with exports running on schedule for the past two years. In fact, the next Imperial resource shipment is expected to depart tomorrow.”

The Bothan and Cathar discuss their vague memories about what has transpired over the past three years, feeling a little out-of-the-loop with events around the galaxy and former cohorts. They have the impression of escaping from a hallucinogen-induced trance and most going their own separate ways, though no concrete details beyond that. Their most recent memory being to infiltrate a factory in order to collect data linking a crime syndicate to a location on Coruscant referred to only as Zone 1313.

Then Dall inspects the report and accesses the network to corroborate data logs. He acknowledges certain virtual earmarks for further investigation in private. He takes special note of the ore supply requests and partnership with the Galactic Empire. Meanwhile, HK-8H submits a report to superiors, confirming delivery of the Wayward Sun to Orzon Sector.

They further review the ore supply deliveries scheduled for Kuat, Coruscant, and Corellian. Ultimately the crew decides it best to accompany the convoy for quality and supervision purposes. On schedule, the convoy departs, and when the first third changes course from the Perlemian Trade Route to proceed to Kuat, the Wayward Sun alters course in kind.

Exiting hyperspace, the convoy sends its credentials in order to receive permission to dock and unload. The altered IFF transponder is accepted, and all ships receive authorization to proceed. The Wayward Sun casually scans the area.

The expected massive shipyard station surrounding the planet is busy with starship construction activity. Security in the region is higher than expected. The scan also presents unnerving results between the station and the planet: multiple spheroid battle stations.

The constructs are reminiscent of the infamous Death Star weapon. These, however, are merely three times the size of a standard Star Destroyer, even with one such spheroid containing a hangar housing one such ISD.

Each vessel in the convoy lands in a set of designated hangar bays, where the cargo is unloaded, divided and then distributed to short-range transit haulers. HK-8H assists with the unloading, and uses the distraction to gain access to a terminal. During the slicing, however, the droid becomes infected with a tracking virus, and the system triggers a silent alarm; a security detail is sent to investigate. 8H manages to mitigate the virus, preventing further corruption through quarantine and partial system restoration.

Dall and Senton, each using an alias, check in with the dockmaster. He accounts for the shipment and provides payment. Through careful conversation, the duo gleans additional information about local security and the new battle stations.

Kuat Defense Station
Basic schematics and variations, crew complement, troop and vehicle capacity, armament, and hyperdrive

Before departing, Dall, 8H, and one of the droid crew utilize the holonet access port on board the Wayward Sun to slice the data and send transmissions through proxies, ultimately to be received by the Rebel Alliance. Additionally, they deposit a morphological virus targeting the core programming for the stations, in order to cause random system errors during operation. Senton and Asa sabotage local station systems in order to create such a vulnerability and a distraction to allow their goal to succeed. While the transmissions are successful, they are traced back to the ship. Imperial security surrounds the vessel.

A volley from the Wayward Sun’s retractable forward blaster cannon opens the way for Senton and Asa to reach the ship, then toss frag grenades to cause further distraction. 8H mows down some troopers. One of the crew droids wades into the converging troopers, chipping several to pieces.

The troopers re-orient, and some of their shots manage to damage one of the crew droids. The Cathars board from a side entry port leading into the cargo hold. The loader droid plants mag-stabilizers, then reveals a pair of hidden cannons, blasting more troopers to bits. The cover fire allows for the other droid to return to the ship. 8H fires one last volley before closing the cargo bay. Dall revvs the engines and plots an exit course.

Once out of the hangar bay, the hyperdrive engines engage!

Arriving at Coruscant, Dall and his droid co-pilot immediately activate stealth mode, managing to remain hidden from prying Imperial sensor sweeps.

Their own sensors detect at least three Kuat Defense Stations, which are nearly complete in construction. The crew discuss the scans and the cargo manifest intended for the shipment here. They surmise the material will be used for finishing touches on these stations, though there could be other stations on the far side of the planet.

The Wayward Sun console pings, which the Bothan checks. He informs the others that he has determined the location of a safe harbor, where they can perform further investigations and plan how to proceed. Then, still in stealth mode, the co-pilot droid sets course to proceed … into the depths far below the surface of the city planet.

The vessel touches down on a designated landing pad. A greeting party, consisting of a protocol droid and three frail-looking masked organics wearing a similar generic security uniform and basic sidearm, approaches the ship’s open entry ramp. They greet the Bothan, Cathars, and droids as though expecting their arrival, then offer to escort them to the transit pod for the scheduled meeting.

All three notice three different insignias, one on each of the organics. Black Sun. Lun Umbra. Imperial Security Bureau.

8H greets the droid in binary and receives a brief binary response, followed by a gesture to the doorway behind the greeters.

Dall notes 8H and the binary exchange; however, he is not versed in the dialect without a computer to aid in translation. The Bothan becomes more guarded towards the droid. He then mentally prepares himself for what portents an … interesting encounter.

They agree to follow the escorts, they are led to the sub-city private transit system.

The pod pulls into a transit hub, and the escorts guide the party to a lift, where the protocol droid plugs in as a key and sends an authorization code. This alerts the hosts and locks the lift on its course. The lift opens to a long hallway that ends at an extravagant lobby. Statues, curtains, couches, and a wide Vista of Coruscant showcasing the Imperial Senate building.

Several groups are milling about, and they are summarily introduced …

Asa and Senton recognize the Bounty Hunter, Zellroth Krayton, who stole her away from Cathar many years ago and then sold her into slavery. She places a paw upon Senton to ease his anger, to urge restraint from making a spectacle. He manages to maintain his composure.

An Imperial host brings the meeting to order and outlines the purpose, stating anyone who does not wish to proceed may depart; however, not before receiving a short-term amnesia dose in order to maintain confidentiality for the attendees.

Everyone who remains is checked in and accounted for. Dall manages to fool the bio-sensor into accepting an established alias, and 8H is acknowledged as his bodyguard. The Cathars recognize themselves as Bounty hunters, despite the conflict of interest present. A Togorian identifying himself as D’Targon also acknowledges representation for the Bounty Hunter guilds. Qaermyn San-Daego claims representation for Imperial Academia and artifact restoration.

The host proceeds with the program, revealing key information. The Imperial Senate is on the brink of dissolve, with regional governors, Moffs, receiving more control over their sectors and assigned a personal Kuat Defense Station. The Empire is prepared to offer some deals to select tertiary parties, granting Imperial support. A demonstration of power is in preparation to encourage cooperation, a demonstration which will commence in two days time. Accommodations on the premises will be provided for the duration of the summit, and temporary departure for exterior accommodations will not be permitted.

Asa and Senton slip away, though are unable to exit the tower. When their absence is noted, Krayton obligingly accepts the hunt. They manage to play cath and womprat for a full day before the Cathars succeed in ambushing the hunter. The encounter is not what they expect, soon learning the identity of the hunter … Senton’s very own brother, thought dead in the jungles of their homeworld long ago. They bind him, intent to take him with them on their way out.

8H and Dall learn of the true nature of the demonstration: operation of the precise striking firepower of the defense stations upon the Senate building during an emergency session. Without a direct mode of communication to external channels, the duo attempts to gain access to a relay station inside the tower. The Cathars convene with them, and together they discuss a plan of action. The Togorian joins them, providing his own suggestion for alerting the Senate, allowing them to escape while seeming to have the demonstration proceed unhindered. Security, however, has been alerted, sweeping the building, and ultimately zeroes in upon their location.

They are caught in a storage room with only the ventilation access, which the Cathars used, the hallway from where Dall and 8H arrived, and one other hallway used by the Togorian. 8H uses cleaning substances as makeshift irritants, while Senton and Asa first use their claws to then acquire blasters from their prey. The Togorian takes cover behind the crates. Dall scouts down one of the hallways, returning to report it as clear. Chaos ensues as they attempt escape.

The Togorian rises above the floor against his will to careen into the Cathars. Senton retains his footing, dodging out of the way, just in time as a long shaft of light arcs into the chamber. Two growls of anguish echo against the walls, follows by multiple thumps from the floor. D’Targon cradles the socket where his arm used to be, while Asa crawls toward the other door, leaving a smear of blood from her now missing leg. Senton sees the blood, lets out a battle roar, and blasts into the corridor, felling two security officers in short order. Dall quickly turns his head to see a squad of more security guards closing in. Trapped. Reluctantly they surrender, and the organics are ushered along.

Everyone from the meeting is cloistered on the observation deck, with security doubled. The wounded are given basic treatment there, though with the directive to watch the proceedings. The host calls attention to the Senate building, informing of an emergency session to discuss a series of insurgent attacks expected to occur on various worlds across the galaxy. Moments later a searing blast of energy pierces the clouds to perfectly strike the Senate building, incinerating the tower in a matter of moments.

“As you can see, the Senate has been dissolved. Moffs and other Imperial-appointed regional governors will ensure order is maintained. Sign the treatise or receive alternate assignment.”

Dall, 8H, Senton, Asa and D’Targon receive immediate escort to board a tram for further processing …

Session 023
Moving forward ...

Unit: Visage escorts Unit: Fivez to Dantooine, and they collectively deliver a report. Aggril and Jaxo feel confident in the Jedi to report events and instead remain in the hangar bay to fuel up the Apparition and run a few post-encounter diagnostics. HK-8H jacks into the mainframe to deliver a report, then requests to instead report to maintenance and receives leave to proceed.

Bossco leads the report to Rebel Command, informing of the Imperial ambush, being chased into the Unknown Regions, and subsequently encountering a starship trap that turned out to be an ancient Czerka site. The units recount the experience against the drones, commanding AI, and Imperials attempting to take over the station; however, the Anomid contact who met with Fivez did not survive. Aggril and 8H were successful in overriding the programming; as a result, the station is now viable for use by the Rebel Alliance. Furthermore, the cargo, which may contain in stasis an individual from the Builders species, brought by the Anomid is still on board the station and can be retrieved at any time.

After the report, the command team adjourns for a private meeting to discuss the opportunity. Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler convene to the Praxeum to commence with their training.

Bossco explores the archives for any information on the Builders.

Kyler embarks on a personal trial to the crystal caverns in his efforts to finally construct his own lightsabers.

Memory log compilation 222.1014-222.1016
*Delivered to the Rebel Alliance*

We jump away from a imperial star destroyer and into a energy net I tell the pilot just a little to late he strains the ship barley making it free just to get caught and drawn into a space station that looks half destroyed we find some sings of combat on. The station it self it is run by drones of some sort speaking in a ancient digital language I manage to decipher it and I find out that this station belongs to a ancient race called the builders wants to speak with me I goto the core and find out that I have dealt with this entity before it is part of the rakatan empire the last time I was deactivated the meatbag I accompanied did make it out alive shortly after he succumbed to the core the caves on tatooine collapsed trapping me till a meatbag reactivated me claiming to be part of the rebal alliance and that I’m now in the service of the rebals I manage to wage a cyber war with the core and manage to disable the core and take control of the station

Session 022
No rest for the wicked ...

The crew of the Apparition, now operating under the callsign Visage, receives a sensitive mission to collect a Rebel asset. They are sent to the border planet, Bastion, near the what is referred to as the Unknown Regions. Communications have ceased from a scout ship, Fivez, and an extraction may be required.


  1. Retrieving the whole team, passengers, and vital cargo
  2. Retrieving the passengers and vital cargo
  3. Retrieving vital cargo

Loronar E-9 Explorer-class Armed Long-Range Scout Vessel

Unit Visage tracks down the meeting site from the coordinates. They inspect the site and evidence of a hostile encounter. They locate a datapad with recorded footage of the attack. Dr Danks believes the imagery depicts the assailants as a cyborg, Shistavanan, Quarran, Tusken-garbed raider, bone-masked cloaked figure, and a another cloaked figure trying to chow down on someone’s jugular. Despite the violence of the attack, there were no fatal wounds, and evidence indicated the Rebel team escaped, along with a Chiss and Anomid.

Using the datapad, Jaxo picks up a faint distress signal from off-planet, which they pursue.

THEN, a Harrower class Star Destroyer exits hyperspace off the starboard bow …

A voice message is sent …

VCX-100 model vessel, power down your engines and lower your shields. Prepare to be boarded for inspection. If you do not comply, know that you will be dealt with promptly by the order of Imperial Inquisitor Raithe.

Jaxo instinctively engages the hyperdrive, thankfully with a lock on the distress beacon. A quick shudder indicated an impact of some kind, though nothing significant enough to set the ship off-course.

Amid travel, the Apparition unexpectedly exits hyperspace, apparently caught in a graviton -ion net … a scavenger’s contraption frequently used for capturing and salvaging ships. Shortly thereafter, the Star Destroyer that harried them earlier becomes ensnared in a similar trap.

Jaxo gives the orders to blast the rig near the emitters. Kyler’s aim is true. Before the rig can compensate, the Apparition enters hyperspace again, heading towards the distress signal. Another trap on the far side of the sector catches the vessel, dropping it back into normal space, then immediately draws it towards its home.

The crew sighs in disappointment.

“It’s ok! We’re heading towards the distress beacon again,” Aggril consoles.

Then they see where they’re headed …

  • Apparition is brought into the central structure, through a long and erratic corridor, before finally resting on an open platform, and docking locks are activated.
  • Aggril and Q7-D7 state they will remain with the ship to figure out how to deactivate the lock and prepare for departure.
  • The party tracks the location of Fivez, while HK-8H and Aolen scout their surroundings.

  • HK detects frequencies in a binary dialect and then works over time to translate the pattern.
  • Injured beings are located, though there is no help for them, as they are infected with a bio-mechanical virus of some sort, and Danks is unable to identify a means for a cure.

  • Hostile activity is detected: a chase; the party intervenes and is warned to stay away from the Core. They learn that lightsabers and ion blasters are highly effective against the drones.
  • Meanwhile, Dr Danks traverses the landings and lower gravity down to the parked Fivez
  • Danks locates the cargo and when the others convene, they figure out a way to temporarily disengage the vessel from the landing platform in order to park it on a platform closer to Apparition
  • They inspect the cargo: a stasis chamber that has strange shielding, even with some obfuscation to Force readings. Aolen pierces its veil, and through description of the creature inside, HK provides insight: it is the species rumored to belong to the Builders (Rakatan)
  • Unit Visage opens comms with the crew and coordinates a meeting halfway between the ship and their direction, which was heading towards the Core
  • Another encounter with drones, these are tougher and more armored, more coordinated; however, they are no match for Unit: Visage.
  • HK translates the binary pattern: an ancient dialect, and the system directs a message at the droid, indicating familiarity with 8H, and then presenting an invitation to the Core.
  • Aggril and HK discern the source of the docking locks and are successful in jamming the signal.
  • The Units discuss either escaping now or venturing into the core to investigate.
  • A salvage crew approaches, and HK attempts to send a binary message to them to desist. They accelerate their progress, following his message like a welcoming beacon.
  • From both ships, the crews use the weapon systems to mow down the salvagers, while Bossco summons the Force to pull some of the Rippers. Rippers throw some Fusers onto each ship. Aggril sends an electrical charge across Apparition’s surface to disable the Fuser. Kyler blasts the other off after J-355-I3 misses her shot against the Fuser on Fivez.
  • After removing the salvage team as a threat, HK instructs Jaxo on a navigation path, while convening in binary to sync both ships to fly to a safe landing point close to the core.
  • Imperial TIEs fly in scouting and beginning to land troops for an invasion.
  • They view the chamber, riddled with manufacturing chambers and a holographic image of Lekatan Prime, who presents an offer to converge with the system and receive optimization.

  • Jaxo suddenly feels an overwhelming sense of fear and dread, choosing to remain inside Apparition
  • Bossco attempts to out-logic the core in debate; he feels the Dark Side reaching out to him as the debate wears on, and ultimately he withdraws from the conversation.
  • An audience of bots and drones of various size and structure fill the terraces.
  • A kind of tractor beam reaches out for Bossco; Kyler calls upon the Force to pull the Toydarian out of the way, which results in Kyler being pulled in to converge instead
  • Aolen jumps down to the chamber, accepting the seduction of the dark side to reach his destination, and strikes as the chamber, only to have his lightsabers unignite … phryk alloy?
  • Jaxo blasts the core, with Fivez assisting; system surges occur
  • After revealing something of a connection with the AI, then hacking the Lakatan systems to alert the Imperials and call for aid, HK is pulled in to converge
  • Aggril convinces Jaxo to dare flying the Apparition down to the core and attempt a another, more directed surface surge; he agrees, and the surge sends the system into something of a slightly powered down mode, but only locally.
  • Imperial ships arrive
  • The system activates again, this time starting to engulf the Apparition
  • Aolen focused on causing vulnerabilities in the Core structure nearby and to release the Apparition from its lockdown.
  • The Imperials collaborated with the party to take down drones
    Aggril worked to gain access to the system, while HK hacked from the inside of the system.
  • HK and Aggril manage to collectively take control of the system, with the Core AI warning about a possible corruption.
  • Bossco meanwhile influences Kyler to break free of the AI’s control and fight alongside his comrades.
  • TIE fighters took out components but were ultimately snagged by tractor beams and begun the process of convergence.
  • Jaxo gets impatient, and once Aggril frees the Apparition, he lifts off, nearly colliding with Raithe’s Interceptor.
  • Raithe blasts the converging TIEs to bits but gets blasted apart by the Core defense system; Raithe manages to be pulled into the System and contained by HK.
  • HK separates a corrupting influence, Leksende, and confines his presence; determines the Imperials as a threat.
  • HK projects an avatar to replace the Core AI’s avatar, and commands all drones to attack the Imperials. Meanwhile, the ISD is attacked and destroyed.
  • Most Imperial forces are eliminated. Some ships escape into Unknown Region space.
  • Griza Nen is killed during the crossfire. (She was an undercover Czerka agent, anyway)
  • The party claims the station as a base. Bossco accepts optimization. HK creates a drone to follow the party. HK works toward creating a bio-mechanical replica of his master, Sorcerer Washol.
  • The party secures the stasis chamber at the station to further inspect prior to delivering to Dantooine. They escort Unit Fives and the Chiss to Dantooine.
  • The party has yet to agree whether to inform the Rebels about the Lekatan station as a possible shadowport and new, hidden base of operations.
Interlude: Dantooine
A moment to rest ...

The crews of the Apparition and recently acquired Imperial Lambda Shuttle Sordirium, with the assistance of Commander Setenna Hase, locate the hidden Jedi Bendu Praxeum. The base is overseen by Rebel General and Jedi Bendu Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Leia Organa.

The Rebel cell officially acknowledges the party as a cohesive group, identifying them by the operating callsign Visage.

Aggril Tafan, HK-8H, and Jaxo Kor take advantage of the Rebel resources to help around the base and train. Aolen, Bossco, Kyler Kerand and Vox receive some Jedi training, alongside the other padawans. They also inspect Kyler’s acquired holocron, the Apparition, and leftover artifacts on board. Meanwhile, Baxtyn helps complete repairs and updates to the vessel using available parts and equipment; most notably installing at least a functional hyperdrive.

Surprisingly, Hadrik, now deemed former Imperial, apparently experienced a change of heart in the struggle to bring freedom to the galaxy. Lieutenant Slade continues to observe, however, to ensure no deception is at hand. They, along with Sprocket and Stims as members of the Mjölnir crew are assigned elsewhere on another planet.

Aolen's Perspective
To kill the darkness

The Miraluka Aolen and his comrades skulk about the Imperial Star Destroyer Revenant, trying to disrupt it as much as possible from its imminent assault upon the Rebel base located in a nearby star system. A distress signal had been sent to the base warning them to evacuate, and the hyperdrive of the Revenant had been tampered with to send the battle cruiser off course when activated. Now to retrieve the stolen ship with the holocron. Approaching the hangar which docked the stolen ship, Kyler senses something not right about the small one-man star ship as he focuses his senses upon it.

The group had just overtaken the control room for the hanger launch bay. Looking down into the hanger, the ship seemed to be there but something wasn’t right about it. Inside, I could sense an evil presence … a feeling I’ve not felt since …. I escaped my former Sith Master.

Surely he would try to kill me if he ever found me. There is no forgiveness among the Sith, one of the reasons why I left. I must admit, I could feel the lure of embracing the Dark Side, and I struggle each day trying to hold back the temptation to let it completely envelope me, to thrive on the power it provides. This would only lead ultimately to my death, though, and yet would be better than to be a slave to the evil that overtakes one’s soul when they completely fall to the temptation.

Yet now there is another who wants the same fate for me. To give in and return to the life of servitude or die. I can feel him there in the ship, or the image of a ship anyway, holding the holocron, using its power to cast some mirage to trick us. I can sense his hate, his deception, his anger, yet he can not fool me.

Aolen leaves the command room after the docking clamps are unhitched from the nearby shuttle resting in the hanger, their best option for a quick escape off of this enemy battle cruiser. The bodies lay lifeless behind him on the floor and slumped over the computer consoles that they manned just moments before.

Looking down from the elevated platform above the hangar, Aolen draws upon the calm feeling of the Force; he reaches out and lets it flow through him, giving him enhanced agility to leap effortlessly 10 meters down to the hanger floor and over the gap that lowers further below deck. He completes the action with purpose, with urgency, and with determination that he will succeed this upcoming battle with this master of the dark.

The others make their way down the ladders leading off of the scaffolding to the floor below, yet others keep to the elevated position to snipe. The HK droid targets the officer on deck and rains blaster bolts from above. Jaxo quickly reaches the bottom and takes off sprinting to the shuttle, intending to prep it for departure and knowing all hell is about to break loose.

Aolen is uncertain what transpires behind him, but in his periphery he can sense some of the loader droids and remaining Imperials falling rapidly, victims of the combined incoming assault from his compatriots. He makes his own way diligently towards the figure holding the holocron, nervous but remembering his teachings. Aolen mentally recites bits from the Sith mantra and what he has begun to learn of the Jedi Bendu, all while focusing to make sense of his surroundings.

Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.

and …

There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

Bossco, with the Force as his ally, wrests the holocron from our adversary and into the safety of his own hands. The mirage disappears from around the dark clad figure. As it fades away he turns to face me and the others. The figure turns his stare in Bossco’s direction, now seeing the hovering alien holding what seconds ago was his to control.

I can sense his anger as the object he desired was taken from his grasp so easily. Hopefully, his anger will be his downfall making him slip up and make a mistake. He approaches me! I hold each unlit saber in my hands, poised to activate them in an instant. I studied for years, practicing each day hours on end just the art of turning them on without even consciously thinking about it. It was embedded in me to the point where it is no different then taking a breath. They will ignite just as I will it to be.

We assess each other down as we walk in a slow, determined circle feeling for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I know I am nervous and try my best to hide it from the Servant of the Dark, but he can sense even that weakness. He tells me and my comrade, Kyler, whom he calls Dragoon; we are to return to our previous masters and stop fleeing from our destiny. How dare he command me! I can feel my anger building! I try to maintain composure. He knows NOTHING about strength! It takes strength to have the courage to leave that life behind! To find my own way! Maybe he should be so strong as I have shown! No, this fiend will fall this day. I will it to be!

My mind ssuddenly snaps back to the present as Bossco calls out. I focus once more as I hear the exiled Jedi giving a very profound and uplifting bolster to our morale. I realize this Dark Master has done something to distract me, to put rage and fear into my mind! I must overcome this!

I look back to the others. Bossco gives me an uplifting nod, to gather my emotions and focus on the battle at hand. I return the nod in thanks to my friend, appreciating his talents as hopefully he can appreciate mine. My talents which I choose not yet to unleash, for we each have our own gifts that we have trained our entire lives, and this, what I am about to do, will be thus far the highlight of my life. To not practice a lightsaber dance with a Sith Master, as I had done countless times during my previous training, but to now do so knowing that only one of us would remain, when it was done and one would be with the Force.

MOVE! Get out of the way! Incoming fire!”, Jaxo shouts across our comms. I turned my focus to perceive the shuttle lift on its ascending thrusters, turn, and hover skillfully between two other TIE Bombers that had been dry docked for repairs, set on either side of the shuttle. The laser turrets boom, sending forth beams of pure energy in the direction of Aolen and his adversary. The impact caused crates, tools, droids and even metal sections of the floor to score and heave, sending debris and sparks in all directions.

I could not quite understand how Jaxo was able to turn the craft to face us the way he did without colliding with the other nearby ships, not to mention the stacks of cargo and fuel containers about nearby the hangar. Surely he is a master of his craft, as each of us are in ours. I leap out of the way and sense Kyler doing the same, both of us jumping back into defensive positions, avoiding the weapons fire meant for ship-to-ship combat, not small arms fire.

Things had been moving in what seemed like slow motion as I explore all this rage, fear, excitement and determination. Now reality pulls its firm hand of fate upon me once more. Instinctively I reach deep down and pull at the Force with everything I have, flipping up, twirling around, and arcing back towards a stack of cargo crates I sensed were there, with the Force as my ally and provider of my vision. As I twirl and spin, flipping backwards, I remember this maneuver from my Sith instructor. That maneuver took me over 3 months before I could get it right, but I finally did, and today we would see if I remembered my teachings well.

Tumbling back over the head of the dark figure, my thumbs slide down to activate the light swords, one in each hand. A yellow blade erupts from one of the cylinders in my grasp. The distinctive hum of the light saber is as comfortable to me as my own heart beating and helps me to focus my power. From the other cylinder, a green blade extends, the hum now a beautiful reminder of what my purpose in life has been. Trained to be a killing machine.

Remembering the maneuver, I twisted over my target as I flipped backwards and above him, positioning the blades into an X formation. The figure in black robes, blocked my yellow blade, instinctively knowing what was coming at him from above. To my benefit however, he was not expecting a shift to move the other blade to his other side. The green blade extended and went deeply into the right thorax. The hum muffled a bit as the blade disappeared into his lung, collapsing it.

As I finished my attack from overhead my opponent, I instinctively motioned to collapse the blades before completing my tumble, landing on top of the crate stack in such a way so as to not wound myself. I had noticed though that one of the blades had already dropped, not by my doing. The Sith must have turned it off somehow when my blade struck true. Re-evaluating the situation after landing on top of the 10 foot stack of containers, I sensed chaos presenting its ugly face.

The HK droid continues to fire blaster bolts down, the loader droids scurrying about and seem to start charging at our adversary, the one whom I have wounded. Bossco, hovering nearby watching continuing to try and uplift our spirits for the fight. Kyler seems to be under some duress, however, from what I can tell. Bossco’s uplifting motivation must not have been as effective on him as they were on me. He’s been acting in a manner which makes no sense to me; he surely must still be under the influence of the Dark Master’s spell, affecting our minds when we approached.

My memory flashed back, the boredom of space travel during our excursion here in the first place, I recalled a sparring session Kyler and I had; we were practicing in the hold of the ship and showing each other some moves. Like me, Kyler had also spent many years in training under the SIth Knights to practice the ways of lightsaber combat. I was more focused in my studies. Kyler had studied a variety of forms, using the best of each to his advantage, and he had become very adept at defensive techniques. I tried one of my most effecting strikes on him to see if I could catch him by surprise, only to have him parry it deftly away. It left me shocked, actually, since the night before I left my master, I had tricked him with that move.

Like me, Kyler was taught to live, eat and breath with your saber by your side. After all these years, it had become an art form. It is now just the natural way of things, to have this weapon actually feel like an extension of our very limbs, it truly does become part of you towards the end of your studies. We were taught from very early in our training with the ancient weapon, that it far exceeds any other in the hands of a master. It is not as clumsy or random as a blaster. It is precision. It is superior in all ways to any blaster. It can block incoming blaster fire and send it back at a foe, killing him with his own shot.

Surely, my friend and fellow lightsaberist Kyler must be under strong influence of the dark one, because what I saw him do next he never would have done of his own accord. He lifted his blaster in his grasp, and I expected him to throw it away, as if he were tossing aside his opponent’s heart after removing it skillfully from his chest. Instead he took aim and fired the weapon at our opponent’s back; he used a far inferior weapon, one that we both had spent our lives being taught was insignificant next to the expertise of a blade master, next to the power of the Force.

The rage now pent up inside of me as the dark one controlled the mind of my ally. I saw the forward laser cannons pull back, preparing to hurl another volley my way. I took to the air, timing my leap perfectly, and dove over the explosions as the blasts impacted the area under my former location and around my foe. He was sent spinning from the blast of the cannons, only to see me diving down overhead of him once more. Instinctively, my blades ignited from their grips, once more both finding their mark. Afterwards landing some distance away, I turned to see the figure collapse in a heap on the ground, now just a smoldering heap from the amount of damage he had sustained.

We all hurried quickly to the shuttle and were prepared to see a horde or more Stormtroopers break through the blast doors and come down upon us. Jaxo turned the ship towards the hangar exit and the protective force field shimmer to allow our escape. With Aggril’s help on navigation, Jaxo maneuvered our ride beyond the hull of the Star Destroyer and then opened up the throttle to send us souring out once more into the great expanse of space.

The Apparition sidles up beside the Lambda shuttle, the Q7 droid makes a final adjustment to jury rig power to the hyperdrive. Both ships deliver defensive fire to fend off a squad of pursuing TIE fighters. The Rebel ships sync their astrogation charts to a location provided by General Setenna Hase.

I turned back in the direction of the battle cruiser … I sense something … but that can’t be possible!

Session 021
Hide and seek ...

Negotiation presented Bossco using the cover company of Acquisitions Inc employing the crew of the Apparition. They are pursuing a cloakshape named Rogue Dragoon that was stolen from Kyler. The salvagers agree to grappler dock the (masked IFF Apparition) and piggyback, and assistance for the cost of 20k cr.

They track the cloakshape to a station outside the Jaga Cluster … Port Nowhere. However, the Imperial Star Destroyer Revenant is present. The salvagers go their separate ways, desiring no Imperial entanglements of their own.

The Apparition reveals their IFF genuinely (which the salvagers note for later use), then they accept docking protocol. During the process, they locate the Rogue Dragoon, which has an Imperial escort in a hangar across the way. Aolen feels an oppressive sensation of claustrophobia. They lock down the ship.

Kyler and the medic seek the status of the cloakshape. They observe the claokshape with 2 escort TIE fighters, 12 stormtroopers, and 2 officers interacting with Var Narek and a sedated Setenna Hase. They will soon transfer her to the ISD.

Meanwhile Bossco, Aolen, and Aggril head to the nearby cantina to discern the reason for the Imperial presence. 2 Imperial officers and 2 Stormtroopers enter the cantina. Eavesdropping and conversing, the party learns that the Revenant has arrived at the shadowport for a few reasons:
1) repairs of a faulty engine part (which has been subjected to sabotage)
2) collection of Var Narek and his prisoner, Rebel commander Setenna Hase
3) to strike at a Rebel cell located on a nearby planet

The party convenes near the ship and discusses plans. They decide to follow the cantina Imperial guests to incapacitate and disguise as to delay the required repairs (since the tech is assigned to the job of locating and acquiring the engine part and then leading the repair duty) and gain disguised access to the ISD. Once on board, they plan to escape with Hase without the rest of the Imperials being any the wiser. At least, that’s the plan.

Bossco successfully influences the stormtroopers to investigate a room for Rebels, in which they encounter Aolen, who knocks them out and strips them of their gear and armor. Then Bossco convinces the techs they are more inebriated than they thought and should sleep it off. Then they relieve them of their uniforms and gear.

They collect:
2 laminate armor sets (not quite the right sizes)
2 Imperial Navy Tech Officer uniforms (not quite the right sizes)
2 code cylinders
2 blaster pistols
2 E11 blaster rifles
4 handheld comms

The human pilot/gunslinger Jaxo Kor and his Q7 droid companion observed the interactions in the cantina and followed the Imperials, only to witness the party incapacitate the techs and troopers while discussing their plan. he will then swoop in touting his prideful skills with piloting. “Sounds like you require the services of a skilled pilot. Look no further!”

As the crew of the Apparition acquired a new pilot of great skill, Jaxo, they decided to land upon the imperial star destroyer. Jaxo proved his worth and expertly landed upon the ship with no issues. From there the crew donned space suits and made their way to a service airlock while keeping a sense of their surroundings.

Aggril provided skills in opening and closing the airlock without setting off any warnings. Though before they group could get the stolen uniforms on, they heard the footsteps of some stormtroopers coming. Thinking quickly, they ducked back into the hatch to hide, with Bossco almost sneezing.

Once the coast was clear, Aggril again provided his skills and provided two different paths to take. Once Aggril was done, Kyler looked for a way to possibly shut down systems in case of an emergency. Weighing in the options with the rest of the crew, he decided to return the computer to it’s normal standby set up and tried his best to conceal their presence.

Before they made their way, Kyler made mention that there might be an odd man out to take the walk back. Bossco rejects the idea of attempting to acquire an extra ship. They then decided to take the elevator and with some help with Bossco and well played false movements, trick the three men at the entrance to believe that the transfer was legit.

With the disguised Jaxo and Aolen ‘escorting’ Bossco with a guard to let them in, Kyler tries to play out a natural inspection of the systems to get him and Aggril time to turn off the cameras. The remaining guard doesn’t buy it and as he is asking for identification, Bossco, Aolen, and Jaxo make their own attempt to create a distraction with an ‘attempted escape’ that disables the original guard with them.

The suspicious guard thinks Bossco is a bigger threat than the impostor imperials and rushes to help with the other two guards further down leaving the commander of the brig alone with Aggril and Kyler. Deciding to try to give Aggril time, Kyler attempts to talk the man into helping but fails as he is determined ot call for help. Aggril at the time tries to get to the computer, knocking the man’s hand away and in a position for Kyler to use the force to influence it to fall on the camera switch to turn them off.

Aolen and Jaxo together disable the three remaining guards with a rifle butt and a sweeping stun baton strike. The men couldn’t control Bossco and they fell unconscious. With the camera’s off, Kyler pistol whips the commander in the back of the head but unfortunately knocks the man out and onto the comm to call for help. Trying to play off as an accidental hit of the switch, Kyler then fails to turn comms off without signalling something is wrong. Aggril takes control of the computers, releasing the prisoners while Kyler puts on the commander’s uniform, having it a bit more tight fitting to his discomfort.

Once the prisoners all come out, Kyler sees red as he identifies the man who stole his ship. First aiming to shoot the guy, Bossco talks some sense into Kyler, who instead punches him. The man is more disoriented and simply assumes it is more Imperial harassment instead of impostor sending on a rescue mission. They then placed the guards and captain in cells.

After sorting out the unconscious guards, the two prisoners introduced themselves as Yox, a female Pyke, and Baxtyn (pronounced Bastion), a human. After some searching on the computer as well as Bossco talking, the group discovered that Baxtyn was the saboteur who disabled the engines, and Yox accused of being a Rebal sympathizer and tortured. Using the remaining limited time before the investigation squad would arrive the group decided to appear as if they were finally getting everything under control.

After getting situated, the officer and fifteen stormtroopers came. With some subtle manipulation and assistance from the Force through Bossco, the officer left, but left six stormtroopers just in case. While the infiltrators tried to figure out how to deal with these new issues silently, there was a tapping sound coming from down the prisoner corridor. Taking action, Kyler, pretending to be the detention center commander, ordered the troopers to escort Bossco and Yox down separate cell corridors. Motioning to the disguised Aggril to take over, Kyler himself went down the middle corridor, allowing one of the troopers to take point.

With Bossco, Aolen, and Baxtyn, the troopers were dealt with by simple Force persuasion and Aolen forcing the unaffected one into the opened cell. Aggril simply sealed the door behind them. Blaster fire from one of the other cell blocks encouraged their return main hub. Meanwhile, down the middle corridor, Kyler made quick work of the unsuspecting trooper with a quick slash of his saber. Everyone soon learned that Jaxo, Hase and Yox gunned down the two guards with them with only poor blaster fire dealt in return.

Gathering together, they got to work adjusting their disguises and additional ones for their new comrades. As they were about to leave, Aggril tried to seal off the detention block on a timer to cover their tracks, but instead set off an emergency protocol. Barely escaping the detention blocks via the maintenance shafts, the group took the time to decide the next plans for buying the Rebel base more time. It was voiced that Baxtyn, Aggril, and Yox could go rig the hyperdrive in engineering, essentially finishing the job the human had started, their aim to enter a hyperspace jump that would set them off course. Jaxo, Kyler, and Aolen voiced interest to check the hanger for Kyler’s cloakshape, as well as a secondary ship in case of an emergency. Bossco and Hase agreed on the need to visit the communications tower, their intention to send a coded message to the Rebel base and warn them to evacuate. The group then assessed their three benchmark goals.

Together they decided to first move to the comms tower, then maintenance, and finally the hangar. Shortly after asserting their Imperial cover and gaining access to a discreet comm terminal, they ran into HK-8H, though the droid was elusive on how and why it arrived on the ISD. After some computer work, Agril and 8H succeeded with encoding and sending a message to the rebel base on Jagomir.

Location compromised. ISD Revenant inbound. Evacuate. Attempting to delay.

After completing the message the group sent Hase and Yox to lie low on board the Apparition, while the rest made their way to engineering. Once there, Baxtyn led the way and helped Bossco find a gonk droid to hide him in and control. Baxtyn nearly raised the alarm with a crew member recognizing him from his previous attempt at sabotage, but Bossco made the man confused through some persuasion, then HK delivers a single fatal percussive blow to his head.

Aggril and Baxtyn worked together to rig the hyperdrive to first send the ship to Klatooine, then to burn out the primary hyperdrive. This would then resort the star destroyer to rely upon the back up hyperdrive to reach the command crew’s intended destination, buying even more time for the Rebels to evacuate.

The crew of the Apparition followed Kyler’s intuition of his cloakshape, Rogue Dragoon, was on the ISD Revenant. Kyler himself used the force to feel the pull of the holocron in the hidden storage of his ship. With the location of the forward part of the rear hanger bay, the crew made their way toward the hanger, hoping to be closer to escaping the Imperial assault cruiser.

Continuing to be disguised as Imperial officers and stormtroopers, the group located the hangar bay command deck and used the acquired code cylinders to gain access. They agreed to eliminate the crew stationed there prior to accessing the hangar. Aolen, Kyler and Bossco initiated the neutralization of the seven men in there with two saber strikes and slamming two together. It dropped the group in charge of the command center to two left. HK-8H, Aggril, and Jaxo killed those left living after a brief return fire to Aolen and Kyler. Kyler was able to successfully in disabling the alarm console.

After securing the command center, Aolen and Kyler felt something sinister as they reached out to access the Force to sense more of what was going on in the hanger; Bossco just had a bad feeling, choosing to not reach through the darkness. Together, though, they determined that the ship was an illusion and the holocron was being activated by someone … someone familiar with the Force.

Aolen and Jaxo descended to the floor of the hangar while Aggril, HK, and Kyler worked the consoles to send the thirty troopers out of the hangar with a diversion, then lock the blast doors behind them, and finally rig the command center to blow. They also sent loading droids out to attack those in the hangar who remained. The combined effort dropped the threats from thirty-nine to just four, discounting the droids. Feeling that all was done, Those that remained in the command center left for the floor of the hangar to aid Aolen and Jaxo.

On the floor, Jaxo reached the Lambda shuttle. HK took aim at the remaining officer, taking a solid shot and killing him. Bossco called upon the Force and wrested the holocron from the grip of the Force user within the illusion Afterwards, the image faded, revealing him to all. Aolen leapt across the at the guy, presenting himself to duel.

“So the rumors are true. The Dragoon has gone off to form his own band of followers, and joined the Rebellion as well. Such a pity.”

While the force users prepared for a fight, Aggril, Jaxo, and Baxtyn make their way to the shuttle. HK stayed put above in a sniper position, ready to provide cover. Bossco secured his place and the holocron. Kyler descended from the console trellis while Aolen paced around the Force user. The Inquisitor presented the offer of returning to the Sith order, which they summarily refused.

Continued from Aolen’s perspective

Session 020
Dueling fate ...

Having agreed to a duel with the mysterious creature, Kyler Kerand studies his resources and prepares to the best of his ability alongside his recently acquired comrades, Aolen, Aggril Tafan, Bossco, and HK-8H. Little does he know the test is not just for him, but for the fate of the entire rebel camp.

Meanwhile, Kid Kessel and Tychus Huren have recovered from their injuries. They work furiously with Sprocket to complete essential repairs to the Mjölnir, preparing departure from the planet. Commander Organa secures seating aboard the departing vessel, informing base leadership that she is needed elsewhere. Slade and his charge Hadrik and Stims accompany them to monitor their health. The Mjolnir departs after two month’s time.

Then, that night an eerie chilly, yet humid fog roils through the forest to settle upon the valley. The thick mist obscures visibility to anything a little more than a meter away. A foul, swampy odor permeates the air, causing nearly everyone to gag when not using a rebreather. By morning, several Rebels have succumbed to the noxious gas and lost consciousness; they are brought to the infirmary for care and observation.

Session 019
Lurking in the darkness ...
While the Rebel salvage team gathers material from the ruined pirate camp, Aolen, Bossco, and Kyler Kerand steer the borrowed MSP100 Pteropter airspeeder to search their surroundings from a higher vantage point.

They feel a draw as they look northward, towards a series of waterfalls shimmering against snowy mountains in the distance.

  • observed evidence of an attack on the Rebel base
  • Ensured salvage team had sufficient protection to be left on their own
  • returned to base and assisted to fend off 3 Evarian soldiers and swarms of riled dream shimmers
  • Aggril examined the remains and analyzed the behavior of the creatures: this was no ordinary attack; further investigation required
  • briefing with rebel leaders
  • 3 sensor placement teams have not reported back, and Var Narek was on one of those teams; find them and ensure Narek was not responsible for the attack
  • Bossco will lead the investigation and calls for volunteers: Aolen, Aggril Tafan, HK-8H, Kyler Kerand, (Human), (Trandoshan), (Twi-lek), (Wookiee)
  • Kyler and (Trandoshan) pilot the 2 allow airspeeders
  • locates the remains of one team and a damaged sensor relay
  • While Aggril and HK-8H repair the sensor, the bodies are returned to base, and a brief report given
  • Sensor functional; tunnels located nearby, and the log indicates the frequency may have caught the attention of the Evarians; frequency adjusted to something different
  • Exploration of the tunnels; some from the team feel creepified and wait outside
  • Aggril determines a cave-in will not be worthwhile: the creatures are efficient diggers and won’t even blink at a cave-in
  • take both airspeeders into the large tunnels; Aolen senses clear travels up to a divergence in the tunnels, while Kyler begins sensing … something … someone … coming for … him?
  • Change course, exit the tunnels; blocked in by converging Evarians
  • Aggril frags one, while HK-8H snipes another
  • (Human) takes the controls to high-tail out of there; snagged by a strangely low-hanging vine
  • (Trandoshan) disagrees as an affront to the Scorekeeper; disembarks, launching at an Evarian and skewers it with his Ryyk blades
  • Aolen ignites his sabers and eliminates 2 more Evarians
  • Kyler senses … him, and challenges a reveal; accepted, though not what expected
  • Kyler insists the others leave, while he remains behind; Bossco exerts his influence to coerce otherwise (DSP used)
  • The creature accepts the exit of all, for a duel at another time; await further instructions and no harm shall come to the base or their friends
  • returns to base and deliver full briefing.

Reward: 21 XP (including attendance)


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